Wednesday Oct 08, 2014

Predictive Analytics: If Only I Knew Then What I Know Now

By Alka Asthana


What’s the next game-changer for businesses? Ever wondered about this? It was and will always be - the human capital! (Next is almost redundant - deserves to be crossed out)

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Friday Aug 08, 2014

HCM Partner Q&A with Capgemini: How to Leverage a Changing Global Workforce

Originally posted on Profit


Capgemini helps Oracle customers get optimal value from the innovative features of Oracle Human Capital Management (Oracle HCM). Capgemini’s Jan Richards, Global Oracle Alliance Leader, and Mary Murphy, North American Oracle HCM Leader, discuss how the right solutions can help human resources (HR) organizations effectively address today’s workforce challenges.

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Wednesday Mar 19, 2014

Top 10 Best Practices for Global Human Capital Management

By Stacey Harris & Lexy Martin


As globalization continues to rise, organizations looking to increase market share across boarders find themselves not only competing for business, but for talent and sustainable labor costs as well. Human Resources (HR) is at the center of this global revolution—involved in both acquiring and deploying talent necessary to achieve global expansion goals.

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Wednesday Nov 27, 2013

Global HR and the Next Act of Transformation

By Bertrand Dussert - Originally posted on Oracle Applications


Over the past decade, well more than half of large organizations have rolled out some sort of HR transformation program. The exact number is closer to two thirds of the very largest global firms that have adopted some flavor of globalized / centralized HR service delivery and governance in that timeframe These efforts initially started with a desire to create scale and consistency in the HR function, as well as improve the overall economics of HR.

Many of these initiatives included the establishment of shared service capabilities that were either managed in house or outsourced to HRO providers. When fully implemented, a number of these initiatives delivered cost / transaction improvements of 15-20 percent, and sometimes, considerably more when manager and employee self-service tools were first leveraged.

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Tuesday Feb 12, 2013

New Study Details C-Level Perceptions of Human Resources Executives in Western Europe

Economist Intelligence Unit Survey Indicates CEOs and CFOs Value Relationship with HR Leaders but Look for Better Understanding of Business, More Strategic Alignment

  • A recent study conducted by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) and co-sponsored by Oracle and IBM looks at the perceptions C-level executives in Western Europe have of their HR leaders and helps identify areas of opportunity for HR leaders to help their organizations meet their strategic goals.
  • The EIU surveyed 235 C-level executives, 95 of whom were based in Western Europe, including Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland and the UK. Fifty-seven percent of all 235 respondents identified themselves as CEOs or the equivalent and 43 percent identified themselves as CFOs or the equivalent.
  • The executive summary, “C-level perspectives of the HR function in Western Europe,” determined that many CEOs and CFOs in the region believe that the HR function’s expertise and experience in people issues can help companies make difficult but crucial staffing decisions in challenging economic times.
  • The study also determined that executives in Western Europe value their relationship with senior HR leaders, with 69 percent of respondents saying that their relationship is “close and trustful” and 63 percent saying their relationship with the head of HR is “highly valued.”

For the full press release and access to the studies, click here.

New Study Details Ways Human Resources Executives Can Take a Bigger Role in Driving Growth

Economist Intelligence Unit Survey Highlights Role of HR Leaders in Helping Organizations Grow, and HR’s Complex Relationship with C-Level Executives

  • A recent study conducted by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) and co-sponsored by Oracle and IBM highlights the role of HR leaders in helping organizations drive growth, and HR’s relationship with C-level executives.
  • The EIU surveyed 235 C-level executives from organizations around the world of varying sizes and industries, and found that while human capital is increasingly important as a strategic differentiator, there are important actions senior HR leaders need to take to place themselves at the heart of the debate on a company’s strategic direction.
  • EIU supplanted the report with a series of in-depth interviews with senior executives from major companies and other experts around the world to deliver context and best practices on improving the relationship.
  • The report found there is an opportunity for senior HR leaders to expand their positive relationships with CEOs (57 percent of respondents) and develop more productive relationships with CFOs (43 percent of respondents) by playing a larger role in corporate strategy and planning.

For the full press release and access to the studies, click here.

Monday Oct 22, 2012

Webcast - C-level Perspectives on How HR Can Take on a Bigger Role in Strategic Planning

The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), on behalf of IBM and Oracle, recently surveyed a number of C-level executives in North America and Western Europe to understand how HR can take on a bigger role in driving growth. The resulting reports highlight the actions senior HR leaders can take to place themselves at the heart of the debate on a company's strategic direction.

In this session, IBM and Oracle HCM specialists will review the findings of the EIU research reports and provide guidance on how technology innovation can help to align talent strategies with long term business goals.

Participants will gain an understanding of the following:

  • Results of the Economist Intelligence Unit study around "Executive Perceptions of the HR Function"
  • Differences in perspective between CEOs and CFOs
  • Identify how the HR professional can take a bigger role in driving business growth

Join us on Thursday, October 25 for a live webcast.

Gina Wells

Global Oracle HCM Leader
IBM Global Business Services

Michelle Newell
Senior Director, HCM Applications Marketing

Register Here For the Webcast on Thursday, October 25.

Thursday Sep 13, 2012

Summary of Mark Hurd Keynote on Oracle HCM at TaleoWorld

At Taleo World 2012, Oracle President Mark Hurd outlined the ways that executives can use HR intelligence to help them make better business decisions, shape the future of their organizations and improve the bottom line. This is a recap of the twitter feed conversation from his keynote from September 12, 2012.

Monday Apr 30, 2012

New Research from CedarCrestone - Lessons Learned from Going Global

Lexy Martin, who for the last 15 years has run CedarCrestone's annual HR Systems Survey, has put together a new and very insightful whitepaper about going global and which management model contributes to the best financial performance.  Lexy looked at financial performance for over 338 organizations with global operations using Multinational, Global, International, or Transnational organization types and found that one outperformed all the others. 

Read more on Lexy's blog and download the paper today.



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