Monday May 04, 2015

Frozen Compensation Data? Let it Go!

By Chad Atwell


“There is nothing permanent except change.”

- Heraclitus

Imagine a HR system where you can’t change or update any of the employee data. It sounds downright absurd, but compensation professionals know exactly what I’m referring to when I ask them, “Do you freeze your data?”

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Monday Aug 04, 2014

Compensation Coming Out of Its Cave

By Chad Atwell

wowOne of the peculiarities I’ve noticed through my own career in Compensation and of others in the profession is how easily we can become isolated in organizations. Compensation professionals can be a fairly reclusive bunch, but there are often very good reasons for why they might keep to themselves.

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Wednesday Jul 16, 2014

Reducing Human Intervention from the Compensation Allocation Process

By Anadi Upadhyaya

wowCompensation is a sensitive topic for both employees and businesses, so when you talk about reducing human intervention from this process, it may not instantly generate favorable responses. But this post is not about removing human intervention, it’s about checking your readiness to reduce human intervention with the help of process automation. A well know fact is - automation doesn’t replace us, it just makes us better.

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Monday Jul 07, 2014

The Frog at the Bottom of the Well, or: How Integration is Changing the Face of HCM

By Jeff Haynes


A very well respected Singaporean HR professional (and a true friend!) once told me a story . . .   a story of a frog sitting contently in the bottom of a well.  

The tale goes something like this:

Once there was an old frog who lived inside a deep abandoned well.  

The Frog was so happy with his home that he never came out. 

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Wednesday Jul 02, 2014

Payroll for the People

By Anke Mogannam


Every organization has the same goal: an error-free, efficient, and effective payroll department. But ways to accomplish this goal vary, based upon industry, an organization’s internal priorities, and culture. For some, establishing strict deadlines for when employee timesheets are turned in is important for the sake of efficiency and cost control. Such organizations may have rules that, for example, forbid cutting checks in the middle of a cycle.

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Wednesday May 14, 2014

Collaborating on Compensation

By Chad Atwell


Of all the roles I’ve had in various organizations, the one of Product Strategy Director is actually the most straight forward for me to explain. I can only say this because the first couple of stages in my career were working in the area of compensation management. 

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Wednesday Mar 12, 2014

Datafication of Compensation Distribution

By Anadi Upadhyaya - Originally posted on TalentedApps


Is your data science providing you enough indications that challenge your existing compensation strategy?  Does it reveal that the art of compensation distribution performed by your managers is not in accordance with your compensation strategy? 

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Friday Mar 07, 2014

Compensation in the Crosshairs

By Chad Atwell


If you peruse the latest headlines, tweets and blogs on the topics of compensation, you will no doubt find a lot of bad press. There is a persistent drumbeat in the media railing against the unfair pay practices of corrupt corporations and malicious management. Once limited to launching criticisms at the ivory tower of executive pay, the public dialogue and controversy has now expanded to include many of the foundational strategies used by reward practitioners around the globe.

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Tuesday Mar 04, 2014

An HVAC Guy and an Investigative Reporter Walk into a Bar…

By Jeff Haynes


The Bartender says, “Hey the two of you make a nice couple, what kind of work do you two do?” The HVAC Guy says, “I design and maintain systems that keep organizations productive – I keep things cool in the summer, and warm in the winter – nobody complains, everybody stays focused and engaged in the buildings I maintain.” The bartender then turns to the lovely Investigative Reporter.  

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Tuesday Feb 25, 2014

The Advantages of Differentiated Compensation

By Anke Mogannam - Originally featured in Talent Management Excellence Essentials

wowToday’s compensation and talent management professionals are looking strategically at the role of performance-driven rewards as a key lever for engaging and retaining top performers. There are numerous strategies for creating a high-performance culture, and today’s technological advances have created major opportunities for looking at compensation structures differently than in the past. 

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Tuesday Nov 26, 2013

Managing Compensation to Win the War for Talent

By Jeff Haynes - Originally posted on Oracle Applications


If there’s one thing HR and Compensation departments have learned since 2008, it’s that the budgets for rewards programs are anything but set in stone. Many historically well-funded merit and bonus pools were slashed as corporate performance waned. A clear emerging trend coming from this down turn is that you can’t make mediocre compensation decisions with thin budgets. Wise and well-informed decisions that impact your highest performers and those with the hottest and most critical skill sets can go a long way towards competing and winning the war for talent.

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Thursday Jun 14, 2012

Economist Intelligence Unit to Present Preliminary Survey Findings at OHUG

Oracle and IBM are sponsoring a luncheon at OHUG in Las Vegas for an exclusive preview of the forthcoming C-level perspectives of HR function: An Economist Intelligence Unit research program sponsored by IBM and Oracle. Speaking will be Economist Editor, Thought Leadership, Gilda Stahl, who will provide a preview of the study's findings and insights into whether CHROs are playing a central role in aligning companies' talent strategies with long term business goals, and how technology innovation can help

Seating for this event is limited. Please register asap.

Wednesday Jun 06, 2012

TODAY! Oracle Cloud and Oracle Platinum Services Announcements, 1pm PT

Please join Larry Ellison and Mark Hurd for important Oracle announcements. Be among the first to learn about new developments in Oracle’s cloud strategy and game-changing advances in Oracle Support.

Register for the Live Webcast.

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Sunday Jun 03, 2012

Staying Ahead of the Curve - Deloitte's 2012 Human Capital Trends Webcast | June 13th

Businesses today are calling on HR to leap ahead and help to manage change in the face of complex challenges that touch so many parts of the enterprise. This webinar will provide an overview of eight major Human Capital Trends surfacing in 2012. Understanding the trends — what they mean for both leading HR and for leading the business — is an opportunity for organizations to be proactive and stay ahead of the curve.

June 13, 2012
12:00 p.m. – 2:00 p.m. CT

Featured Speakers:

Michael Gretczko
Principal, Deloitte Consulting LLP,
Human Capital Practice

Dan Helfrich
Principal, Deloitte Consulting LLP,
Federal Human Capital Practice Leader

Greg Vert
Senior Consultant,
Deloitte Consulting

Evite & Registration:

Thursday May 17, 2012

Tailoring in Oracle Fusion Applications Sets Stage for Better User Experience

Leave it to Kilian Evers and Kristin Desmond to explain how you can extend and tailor Fusion Apps with Oracle Fusion Family of Composers

Oracle is the Human Capital Management solution of choice for more than 13,500 Oracle customers in over 140 countries, including 8 of the top 10 Fortune 500 companies and 30 of the top 40 innovative companies.


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