Monday Nov 03, 2014

What is the Most Important Attribute of an HR System?

By Richard Doherty

wowI posted this question to the LinkedIn group HR & Learning Technologies Forum (just under 40,000 members) about a month ago. The question certainly seemed to resonate with the group and generated lots of comments and discussionIt is of course a very difficult question to answer and many people struggled to limit their answers to a single attribute, often slipping in 3 or 4 under the guise of a single attribute.....

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Wednesday Oct 29, 2014

The New HR: Accountable, Measurable, Analytical

By Aaron Green

wowThe past decade has seen HR professionals charged with delivering ROI back to the business. With HR traditionally viewed as the softer, subjective area of an enterprise, companies need to change their approach to human resources to gain the benefits of real ROI from HR.  The ones which take a more measurable, numbers-based approach to HR are the ones which experience successful business transformation in today’s competitive environment. 

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Monday Oct 27, 2014

HR and IT Partnership: Observations from a Veteran CIO

By Rick O'Herron - Originally posted on NetSuite Magazine


Companies looking to differentiate themselves are turning to HR technology as it becomes clear that attracting and retaining skilled talent is key to providing superior employee experiences. Technology companies are delivering HR systems that make it easier to find and onboard the best employees and retain them by providing more streamlined and engaging experiences.  

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Friday Oct 24, 2014

5 Reasons Why You Need to Reinvent Your Recruitment Process

By Gessica Chies

wowLooking at the new waves of change in the way people are approaching the job marketplace, let’s summarize here the reasons why you should re-consider your Recruitment process and make it evolve, using the new challenges as opportunities.

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Wednesday Oct 22, 2014

Can HR be an Agent of Change?

By Anu Kurian - Originally posted on people matters

wowAaron Green, VP HCM Strategy-Oracle, talks about how HR adopts change and if embracing cloud has simplified HR functions.Technology has changed the way we deal with our personal lives. From Facebook to Whatsapp to Reachout in China, we manage our personal lives in a very digital world and that means there is a shift in demand from the GenY or the millennial workforce. 

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Monday Oct 20, 2014

Oracle Employee Experience Journey Mapping at OOW

By Hajer Mabrouk


We are very excited to let you know that the first Employee Experience journey mapping workshop took place at OOW this year!!! We had 27 attendees participate in this dynamic workshop. They embraced the concept immediately and walked in the shoes of an employee to map their journey, identify the moment that matters, and focus on employee needs to build a better experience. 

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Wednesday Oct 15, 2014

People Shopping: Social HR and Recruiting

By Mike Stiles - Originally posted on Oracle Social Spotlight

wow“We have an opening.  I’d better start looking for somebody.” If those words ever ran through your head, you confirmed you’re already behind the 8-ball when it comes to social HR and social recruitingToday, you should ALWAYS be scouting and courting talent. It’s a perpetual process, and because it is, social is at the forefront of it.

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Wednesday Oct 08, 2014

Predictive Analytics: If Only I Knew Then What I Know Now

By Alka Asthana


What’s the next game-changer for businesses? Ever wondered about this? It was and will always be - the human capital! (Next is almost redundant - deserves to be crossed out)

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Monday Oct 06, 2014

Do You Understand What Makes Your Workforce Tick?

By Richard Doherty


If I was to tell you that over half of your employees would give up higher pay for the opportunity to learn new skills would you be surprised? According to the 2014 Kelly Global Workforce Index, 57% of the workforce is more interested in gaining new skills than getting more money. I’m sure that’s given many of you food for thought. Spend less money on pay rises, spend more money on skilling your workforce. 

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Wednesday Oct 01, 2014

Social Sourcing: Dive Into New Talent Pools

By Janie Smith - Originally posted on HC Online


As an HR professional, it’s one thing to promote your organisation to an existing “customer base” of potential job candidates – but how do you go about attracting a whole new base? Social sourcing is the key, according to Oracle vice president of human capital management, Aaron Green.

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Monday Sep 29, 2014

Hey Friend—Could I Catch a Lyft?

By Jim Lein - Originally posted on Oracle Midsize


San Francisco-based Lyft isn’t just one of the hottest brands in the emerging rideshare industry—it’s also an intriguing startup story in one of the most competitive talent markets in the country.

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Wednesday Sep 24, 2014

Thinking About Moving HR to the Cloud?

By Richard Doherty

wowAccording to recent Oracle/ research, up to 68% of organisations, of all sizes, do not have Cloud HCM apps. We excluded Cloud recruitment solutions given their prevalence and maturity which we felt would have skewed the results. So it’s still relatively early days for the Cloud and HCM apps with 32% of organisations with HCM apps in the Cloud or in the process of implementing them.

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Monday Sep 22, 2014

Are You Working with Robots?

By Anadi Upadhyaya

wowThis post is not about robotics but about the humans who are prisoners of patterned thinking which blinds them from leveraging the next big idea. Let’s start with a timeless tale which is very well connected to people from different walks of life.

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Wednesday Sep 17, 2014

Banishing the Unicorn

By Christine Mellon

wowWith organizational appetites for technology upgrades growing, the HR function is more frequently finding itself in the long sought position of selecting new human capital tools that will elevate talent and facilitate the achievement of business objectives.  This brings an unprecedented opportunity for HR to display strategic capabilities and dispel historic perceptions of a lack of business acumen.

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Monday Sep 15, 2014

How Modern is HR, Really?

By Richard Doherty

wowAs a technology and solution provider, it is Oracle’s responsibility to respond to emerging technology and market trends, to predict the future needs of our customers and design solutions that capitalise on the trends to deliver on those future needs. As with any new technology or solution there will be early adopters, the early majority, laggards and so on. 

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