Thursday Apr 18, 2013

Bay Area Coherence SIG on May 1

Come meet Coherence engineers, product managers, partners and customers at the Bay Area Coherence Special Interest Group (CSIG), Wednesday, May 1st, 5:30 pm PT at the Oracle Conference Center, 350 Oracle Parkway, Room 203, Redwood Shores, CA.

Topics include:

  • Coherence Roadmap and Community Update (Craig Blitz, Senior Group Product Manager, Oracle)
    • In this talk, Craig will discuss the next Coherence release, including the new GoldenGate HotCache feature for synchronizing with databases and Managed Coherence Servers for full cluster and container management. He will also discuss the new community development process that extends the popular Incubator model. Finally, we will discuss some projects in the labs slated to be delivered in upcoming releases.
  • Oracle NoSQL Database and Coherence Integration - A Solution For Big Data Problems (Dave Rubin, Director, Oracle NoSQL Database Development)
    • Dave will present a technical overview of Oracle NoSQL Database, a massively scalable, transactional key-value store. Also presented will be big data use cases that provide a rationale for an integrated solution and explain why such an integrated solution is key to meeting the stringent latency and scale requirements in these scenarios.
  • Session Management with Oracle Coherence- Coherence*Web Usage Patterns and Features (Torkel Dominique – Principal Member of Technical Staff, Oracle)
    • Coherence*Web is being used by companies looking for the scalability, operational agility, and availability benefits that come with managing sessions in a separate tier. This talk will present how Coherence*Web is being used today, and will then dive into some of the more powerful features of Coherence*Web, including session models and locking options.

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Thursday Apr 11, 2013

Thomson Reuters Oracle Customer Showcase, April 15-16, Eagan, MN

Don’t miss this opportunity to spend a day hearing about how Thomson Reuters uses Oracle technology to transform their business.

The Thomson Reuters Oracle Customer Showcase is an interactive event that will be held April 15-16 at Thomson Reuter’s office in Eagan, Minnesota. The showcase features a variety of presentations from Thomson Reuters, Oracle Executives and line of business experts, including how Oracle Coherence and Oracle Database powered Thomson Reuter’s WestLaw project (described in more detail below). There will be tours of the Thomson Reuters data center, a hands-on solution pavilion, breakout sessions and networking opportunities. And to top it all off, attendees will be treated to a Minnesota Twins Baseball game.

Thomson Reuters Westlaw Improves Scalability and Performance with Oracle Coherence

Thomson Reuters Westlaw is one of the primary online legal research services for lawyer and legal professionals, providing proprietary data services and information from more than 30,000 databases of case law, statutes, synopses, treatises, best practices, news articles and public records.

A million times a day, Thomson Reuters Westlaw provides lawyers with the answers they need about historical law and the latest cases from a day, week or month ago so they can address their clients’ legal issues quickly and accurately.

With the nature of search changing almost daily, Thomson Reuters Westlaw decided to optimize their infrastructure around Web 2.0 to deliver cutting edge performance and capabilities. Their first challenge was to create an advanced search algorithm that would identify relevant documents using term matching, legal concepts, document characteristics and search patterns, so lawyers could do research faster with confidence they were not missing anything.

Next, the team created a sleeker interface and other features to improve workflow and help customer keep better track of the information they found.

Then, they had to find enabling software and hardware that would scale quickly, be available 24/7 and that was flexible enough to evolve and scale to meet constantly changing client needs. After meeting with many vendors and evaluating their offerings, Thomson Reuters Westlaw selected Oracle technology.

Oracle Coherence and Oracle Streams addressed Westlaw’s data consistency needs enabling them to maintain high availability despite being more computationally demanding than previous versions of the application. This was made possible because Oracle Coherence and Oracle Streams share the cache across all nodes so, if a particular node fails, another node picks up where the other left off. Oracle Coherence and Oracle Streams also provide data consistency across functions i.e. a lawyer wants to search terms highlighted on both onscreen and printed results.

Oracle Coherence also addressed Westlaw’s need to scale to an unprecedented degree immediately. Coherence provided the ideal solution for scalable data management. Scaling both capacity and throughput was easily achieved by adding more nodes to the Coherence cluster.

Find out more about how the improved performance, scalability and availability Oracle Coherence provides helps Thomson Reuters Westlaw better serve their clients and create unique competitive advantage.

For More Information

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Visit the Homepage: Coherence

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Tuesday Apr 02, 2013

New York Coherence SIG on April 10th

Come meet Coherence engineers, product managers, partners and customers at the spring edition of the New York Coherence Special Interest Group (CSIG) next Wednesday (April 10th).

Topics include:

  • What's New In Coherence - Including New Incubator Site and Community Process (Craig Blitz, Brian Oliver - Oracle)
  • Partition-Level Transactions (Al Saganich - Oracle)
  • Oracle NoSQL Database and Coherence Integration - A Solution For Big Data Problems (Mark Noyes - Oracle)
  • Creating your own Server-Side Services with Coherence 12.1.2 (Brian Oliver - Oracle)
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