Thursday Jan 31, 2013

Monsanto Increases Throughput by 100x with Oracle Coherence

In the video below Andrew Montgomery, Solutions Architect at Monsanto, how Monsanto uses Oracle WebLogic Server and Oracle Coherence to drive new products forward. Andrew give Coherence credit for increasing the throughput of one their application by 100x, being the cornerstone of horizontal scalability and a major piece of technology in new applications at Monsanto. Take a look: 

2013: The Year of The Data Grid and Beyond

The SDTimes just published an article entitled "In-memory data grids see 2013 as a big year" predicting that the in-memory data grid market will hit the $1 billion mark by 2016. While the article includes a number of perspectives on reasons for such growth and the future direction of the market, this singular point hits home for me and puts the past twelve years in perspective.

As employee #1 at Tangosol, I have seen the Coherence product come into being, watched it define a new market, innovate and lead that new market. This market continues to mature, customers continue to find new ways to apply the technology, influence and define new markets such as NoSQL and BigData and the ecosystem around Coherence continues to grow at a rapid pace. I personally look forward to 2013 and beyond as Coherence continues to lead the market growth towards the $1 billion mark.

I would be remiss if I did not point out one final quote in this article:

"[Oracle Coherence is the] in-memory data grid cited as the most popular by [Massimo] Pezzini [vice president and fellow at Gartner Research]"

Monday Jan 28, 2013

Pegasus Solutions increases customer response time by 20-30x with Oracle Coherence

In this video Chris Neal, Systems Architect at Pegasus Solutions, Pegasus Solutions uses Oracle Coherence to increase availability and response time and reduce the cost of processing transactions. Chris also discusses the background on the need for an in-memory data grid solution, the process behind selecting Oracle Coherence and their various use cases including the use of Elastic Data.

Thursday Jan 17, 2013

Focus On The Community: Best practice when using Coherence Cache Listeners

Coherence cache listeners are a useful and popular feature that enable applications to react in real-time to events. Though easy to use they can also be misunderstood or abused. Here Alexey Ragozin explains how cache listeners work and provides some useful advice about how to avoid some pitfalls.

Asynchronous Cache Listener

Essential reading for anyone thinking of using this feature.

Wednesday Jan 16, 2013

Focus On The Community: Avoiding Multiple Simultaneous Database Calls When Using the Cache Aside Pattern

There are certain scenarios where you are not able to us Coherence's Read-Through capabilitiesIn such cases the Cache Aside pattern is most commonly used.

The "cache aside" pattern is perhaps the easiest way to introduce caching to an existing application. It usually requires the least disruption to code and can even be "injected" without code changes using AOP. Although it can seem trivial there are a few "gotchas". For example, when using the cache aside pattern, multiple simultaneous cache requests for the same piece of data across your environment will result in multiple database requests.

Here you can find a great article by Andrew Wilson from RBS explaining how this pattern has been implemented in a "real-world" solution and how to avoid these potential problems. 

Cache Aside Pattern

Friday Jan 04, 2013

Turkcell: Processing 70 million messages per day with Coherence and WebLogic

Mike Lehmann, Senior Director of Product Management at Oracle and Niyazi Fellahoglu Senior Expert, Application & Web Server Administrator at Turkcell discuss how Turkcell, Turkey's leading mobile phone operator is using Oracle WebLogic Server and Oracle Coherence throughout the organization.

Take a look at the post on the WebLogic Server blog for some highlights. 


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