Friday Mar 29, 2013

Be Part of the Conversation: Plan to present at Oracle Open World or JavaOne 2013

Have you ever attended conference sessions and thought, “Gee, I know more about this topic—I could be the presenter!” Or, have you ever thought, “This conference is missing some topics I’d like to hear more about. Why don’t they have a session on “x”?”

Now is your chance to change that.

The Call for Proposals for Oracle OpenWorld and JavaOne, held September 22 - 26, 2013 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, is open until April 12.

We want to hear your stories. You are the one living these topics and the ones who have to apply the ideas back home in real life. Don’t miss this opportunity to share your thoughts, innovative ideas and experiences with your peers and other technology experts.

Here are some presentations from JavaOne 2012 to help get you inspired.

Using the new javax.cache Caching Standard.

Hear Greg Luck and Carmen Purdy’s describe how to:

Abstract your caching implementation

Use the rich and modern API

Use the new caching annotations from Java EE

Use javax.cache with existing Java EE 6 and Java SE applications

Plug in various implementations

Distributed Caching to Data Grids: The Past, Present, and Future of Scalable Java

Hear about the history of Java distributed caching and its most important innovations. Learn how this technology has become integral to enterprises building reliable and scalable large-scale distributed systems (including financial services, travel, online gaming, retail, and many others). Get a glimpse into how the technology might evolve and how enterprises will adopt it.

NoSQL Usage Patterns in Java Enterprise Applications

Chris Davis, Nike Engineering Director and Randy Stafford, Oracle Architect At-Large explore and codify numberous usage patterns that have emerged for NoSQL technologies in the context of modern enterprise application architectures, illustrated by examples drawn from launched production applications. They present a model and a vocabulary for describing various uses of NoSQL stores in Java EE applications and describe the consequences, both positive and negative, of each usage pattern.

Sharding Middleware to Achieve Elasticity and HIgh Availability in the Cloud

Cameron Purdy, VP Development, Oracle and Brian Oliver, Senior Solutions Architect, Oracle,
examine some of the fundamental and somewhat radical departures in system design when "sharding paradigm" is applied to traditional middleware. See how sharding is influencing the way enterprise products such as GlassFish, Oracle WebLogic, and Oracle Service Bus are designed.

Why There’s No Future in Java Futures

Hear Brian Oliver, Senior Principal Solutions Architect and Mark Falco, Consulting Member Technical Staff, examine how Java Future affects the design and implementation of highly concurrent multithreaded systems. Find out how, although being designed to facilitate concurrent programming, they often have the opposite effect, unnecessarily causing developers to burn threads and actually encouraging the development of blocking synchronous systems. Learn about several simple alternatives, including the notion of Deferreds and Collectors, together with a DSL-style framework for testing such implementations.

Submit your proposal today!

Oracle OpenWorld 2013 Call for Proposals

JavaOne 2013 Call for Papers

Thursday Feb 21, 2013

JavaOne 2012 Coherence Team Member Session Videos Now Available on YouTube


If you have not heard already all the JavaOne session videos are now posted on YouTube. If you are interested in the Coherence team members sessions you can now access them on the Oracle Coherence Channel via the "Coherence Team at JavaOne 2012" playlist.

Sessions include:

For information and links to all the JavaOne YouTube videos check out this GlassFish Blog post.

Also, it is never too early to start planning your trip to JavaOne 2013. If you sign up for information now and we will send you a special discount offer when registration is open: JavaOne 2013 sign-up.


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