Tuesday Jun 16, 2015

Coming Up, the next London Coherence SIG on 2nd July 2015

The next London Coherence Special Interest Group (SIG) meeting will be on Thursday 2nd July at the Oracle London City Office. This is a unique Oracle Coherence event, where customers, engineers, architects and product managers will provide an overview of innovative features, the Coherence Cloud Service, integrations with complimentary technologies and a preview of what's coming up in the next release.

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Monday Jul 15, 2013

Coherence SIG in London and Chicago

We have two upcoming Coherence Special Interest Group events in London (July 18th) and Chicago (July 25th) . Take the opportunity to meet Coherence architects, engineers, product managers, customers and partners to discuss what is new in Coherence 12c and the Coherence community. Representatives from Oracle, C2B2, RBS, Deutsche Bank, Push Technologies and Union Pacific will be presenting.

Thursday Apr 18, 2013

Bay Area Coherence SIG on May 1

Come meet Coherence engineers, product managers, partners and customers at the Bay Area Coherence Special Interest Group (CSIG), Wednesday, May 1st, 5:30 pm PT at the Oracle Conference Center, 350 Oracle Parkway, Room 203, Redwood Shores, CA.

Topics include:

  • Coherence Roadmap and Community Update (Craig Blitz, Senior Group Product Manager, Oracle)
    • In this talk, Craig will discuss the next Coherence release, including the new GoldenGate HotCache feature for synchronizing with databases and Managed Coherence Servers for full cluster and container management. He will also discuss the new community development process that extends the popular Incubator model. Finally, we will discuss some projects in the labs slated to be delivered in upcoming releases.
  • Oracle NoSQL Database and Coherence Integration - A Solution For Big Data Problems (Dave Rubin, Director, Oracle NoSQL Database Development)
    • Dave will present a technical overview of Oracle NoSQL Database, a massively scalable, transactional key-value store. Also presented will be big data use cases that provide a rationale for an integrated solution and explain why such an integrated solution is key to meeting the stringent latency and scale requirements in these scenarios.
  • Session Management with Oracle Coherence- Coherence*Web Usage Patterns and Features (Torkel Dominique – Principal Member of Technical Staff, Oracle)
    • Coherence*Web is being used by companies looking for the scalability, operational agility, and availability benefits that come with managing sessions in a separate tier. This talk will present how Coherence*Web is being used today, and will then dive into some of the more powerful features of Coherence*Web, including session models and locking options.

 Be sure to keep up with the CSIGs in your area on our wiki.

Tuesday Apr 02, 2013

New York Coherence SIG on April 10th

Come meet Coherence engineers, product managers, partners and customers at the spring edition of the New York Coherence Special Interest Group (CSIG) next Wednesday (April 10th).

Topics include:

  • What's New In Coherence - Including New Incubator Site and Community Process (Craig Blitz, Brian Oliver - Oracle)
  • Partition-Level Transactions (Al Saganich - Oracle)
  • Oracle NoSQL Database and Coherence Integration - A Solution For Big Data Problems (Mark Noyes - Oracle)
  • Creating your own Server-Side Services with Coherence 12.1.2 (Brian Oliver - Oracle)
 Be sure to keep up with the CSIGs in your area on our wiki.

Thursday Mar 21, 2013

Oracle Coherence Special Interest Group Presentations Published

There were a number of great presentations at the latest Coherence Special Interest Group in London (November 15th, 2012) and this time around we had the opportunity to record them. We have just uploaded them to our YouTube channel and added them to the new CSIG playlist for all to enjoy.

Included are:

Here is the talk on the Oracle Coherence MessageBus to get you started: 

 Attending the CSIGs is a great way to stay in touch with what is going on with Coherence and the lively community surrounding the product - meet Coherence engineers and architects, network with other Coherence users and customers. See all upcoming events on our wiki.


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