Tuesday Jul 14, 2009

Moving on and exploring a different aspect of SOA

The time has come for me to move on from Sun and onto something new that I had been hoping to do for sometime.  Something smaller in scope but just as interesting.  Adjoovo is the vehicle for this journey of discovery and future posts from me will be found over at http://adjoovo.com.[Read More]

Tuesday Nov 11, 2008

Components are king in the world of pluggable ESBs ...

In the world of light-weight pluggable ESBs supporting a SOA approach (or EAI, or MoM, ...) the richness of the component ecosystem is a very important aspect.  Part of Project OpenESB's purpose is to provide a standards-based framework onto which components can be fabricated and easily deployed.

Recently Frank implemented a nice page redesign that lists the components and allows you to select different views, such as by contributor, by status, etc.  Nice job Frank :)


Tuesday Oct 07, 2008

A few days ealier than expected ...

GlassFish ESB milestone 2 arrives.  It now includes Data Mashup capabilities and is feature complete.

Friday Sep 12, 2008

GlassFish ESB arrives ...

Our first milestone for GlassFish ESB is now available. This commercially supported form of our open source community technology has been a regularly requested step for us to make.  We would have done it sooner but had been busy with the major release of our larger Composite Application Suite which shares the same foundation. More on the timeline for our final release and the contents of GlassFish ESB can be found here.

Monday Sep 08, 2008

Growing our appeal ...

One of our big goals for Project OpenESB is to extend the development domains to which it is applicable.  ESB have traditionally been associated as platforms to support message-oriented-middleware (MoM) and more recently service-oriented architecture (SOA).  SeeBeyond also pioneered bringing very strong EAI capabilities to its' ESB with ICAN. However the range of application segments keeps expanding with very notable areas of growth in the web-build-out (Web2.0, "web as a platform"), event-processing (EDA), etc.

Some of these new terms try to better define or put a new spin on established ways of doing things, some are more "marketectures" to help highlight key advantages of certain platforms to certain problem domains.  What is true is that many of these new "styles of development" do contain valuable principles and patterns that have broader applicability.  Our goal with Project Open ESB is to create a platform that encompasses as many of these styles as make sense.

We believe that we can more easily achieve this with our modular, micro-kernel architecture based on JBI and being evolved through Project Fuji.  As of today OpenESB supports: MoM, SOA and EAI patterns and in the very near future we will be adding "event-driven-architecture" (EDA) to our platform with our soon to be released IEP service engine component in October'08.  The IEP leverages research from Standford and others on event stream processing techniques and the continuous-query-language (CQL).  If you want to find out more about event processing you might want to read this paper published on JDJ written by Bing and Prabhu who work on the IEP.

Saturday Sep 06, 2008

Establishing OasisEbb

R6 and NetBeansOasisEbb is established and is my first public blog.  I will use to to track our teams progress in creating new levels of innovation with tools and platforms for delivering SOA and Business Integration solutions on an ESB framework.  I couldn't think of a great name for the blog so I resorted to finding an anagram of the core themes that I will be discussing (SOA, ESB and BI).  By using the helpful tool I got the answer! If only all things in life where so easy! :)

I returned to Sun just over 2.5 years ago after Sun acquired SeeBeyond.  Since then I have been working on our SOA and Business Integration products, leading our team to reinvent the core product while providing an evolutionary roadmap for our existing customers.  Back in June this year we released the latest version of the Java Composite Application Suite, the ESB Suite and a new MDM Suite.  Very soon we will be releasing our new, light-weight ESB product GlassFish ESB.

GlassFish ESB will be our teams first product to be 100% derived from our open source communities: Project OpenESB, NetBeans and GlassFish.


William Wilkins


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