Tuesday Mar 08, 2011

Who Sez Macho Is Dead?

Thank God we still have Spain.

Not ones to be outdone by our Spanish brothers, OTN has formed a new team called Los OTN Matadores.

Our outfits are marvelous!

Although our practices are somewhat circumscribed by local animal rights ordinances (No Bullfighting In The Parking Lot!), we have adapted. The matador who loses the rock-paper-scissors game has to make the Sign of the Bull with his hands on his head and charge the rest of us, who wave red tablecloths borrowed from the cafeteria, though sometimes we have to make do with khakhi.

When we're not practicing for La Corrida, we create virtual images of your favorite technologies so you can upload them in a tidy little package that you could probably squeeze into your very own matador outfit, which we hope is suitably flamboyant.

But we want to know which other VM's you'd like to have. Would you like a standalone Linux VM? How about Solaris 11 Express plus Solaris Studio? Please use the comments to tell us what you think.

- Rick

Wednesday Jan 26, 2011

Hands On Labs: Installing Solaris 10 on VirtualBox

image courtesy of http://www.squidoo.com/labrador-retriever-dog-training

The prolific and well-traveled Brian Leonard, author of the popular Observatory blog, has just finished creating a new hands-on lab:

HOL: Intall Solaris 10 on VirtualBox

This lab is a prerequisite to several upcoming labs. It installs a Solaris 10 10/09 appliance image on Oracle VM VirtualBox on your system. Instructions and prerequisites are provided for Windows, MacOS, Solaris, and Linux. Use this and future hands-on lab to evaluate and become familiar with the operation of several Oracle Solaris technologies. You can find them under the Resources Pages heading in the right column of our Home Page (you might need to scroll down a bit).

You never know. One day it might save you from appearing outclassed by the common household objects of a rival species.

Send us feedback

- Rick
System Admin and Developer Community of the Oracle Technology Network

Tuesday Jan 25, 2011

Is Someone Spying on Your Virtualized Environment?


Virtualization is one of those hot topics that dominates the thoughts of systems architects. Of course, the newer and more visible a technology trend, the more likely it is cyber pests are looking to exploit some weakness.

Oracle VM Server for SPARC (previously called Sun Logical Domains or LDoms) technology is one implementation of virtualization based on the UltraSPARC T1, T2, T2 Plus and SPARC T3 processors. It's been around for a while, so we have the advantage of a more mature implementation with associated security best practices. Oracle engineer Stefan Hinker has written a comprehensive paper, Securing Oracle VM Server for SPARC, that addresses these issues in detail: it discusses the eleven threats you may encounter, along with a detailed discussion of the 28 countermeasures you can take.

Security Needs

Finally, this paper lays out three deployment scenarios based on your security needs. How do you assess that? Simple: Security Needs=Value of Data∗Probability of Breach. This paper is one of those critical references you should read and keep it close. Because, someone may be watching you...

- Kemer

Wednesday Jan 05, 2011

Resources for VirtualBox 4.0

Virtualbox is geek manna: a bunch of computers in one. As long as you have enough memory, LOL. Version 4.0 was just released. Here are some resources.

Download: Oracle VM VirtualBox 4.0
Download VirtualBox 4.0 for Solaris 10 5/08 and later, 32- and 64-bit versions of Linux, Windows, and MacOS. Freely available. No license required. Note the license requirements for the operating systems you install on VirtualBox, however.

Blog: What's New in Version 4.0
The Fat Bloke describes what's new in Version 4.0, including the revamped VirtualBox Manager and other usability improvements, increased throughput, virtual appliance sharing, support for new virtual hardware, and more.

OTN Live video: VirtualBox and Oracle's Virtualization Story
Wim Coekaerts describes how the combination of Oracle's Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, VirtualBox, and Sun Ray systems provide a complete desktop to datacenter virtualization story.

VirtualBox 4.0 User Guide
How to intall, configure, and use VirtualBox 4.0. How to manage virtual storage, networking, and remote virtual machines. API's, troubleshooting, and security.

Blog: Changes to Configuration Files In Version 4.0
The Fat Bloke describes how version 4.0 configuration files have changed, including where virtual disk and snapshot files are saved.

The VirtualBox Community
Virtualbox.org is the VirtualBox community, where you can download source code, contribute code, read documentation, and get the latest news about VirtualBox.

- Rick

Thursday Dec 16, 2010

A Real Cutting Edge

BladeWhat could be more "cutting edge" than a fine blade?

Blade server architectures blend the enterprise availability and management features of vertically scalable platforms with the scalability and economic advantages of horizontally scalable systems by providing higher compute density, reduced complexity, and improved availability, serviceability, and power efficiency. It's no wonder that blade architectures are cutting into traditional enterprise server architectures.

To bring you up to speed with Oracle's blade solutions we have recently published two technical papers worth a serious look. The first is a refresh of our hardware architecture overview, Sun Blade 6000 Modular Systems from Oracle. This comprehensive paper tells you everything you need to know about our complete solution, from the powerful chassis to the wide selection of blade modules: you have a choice of chip design, Intel Xeon or Oracle SPARC.

The second blade paper is hot off the press: Best Practices and Guidelines for Deploying the Oracle VM Blade Cluster Reference Configuration. The Oracle VM blade cluster reference configuration offers a simple approach that speeds deployment and reduces risk. It is a single-vendor solution for the entire hardware and software stack and can be deployed in hours rather than weeks. The reference configuration has gone through Oracle Validated Configuration testing, resulting in a pre-tested, validated configuration that can significantly reduce testing time as well as the time-consuming effort of determining a stable configuration. This paper provides recommendations and best practices for optimizing virtualization infrastructures when deploying this powerful and flexible cluster reference configuration.


Wednesday Dec 15, 2010

What Day Is It And Why Am I Wearing a Little Furry Skirt?

This morning I woke up singing Bohemian Rhapsody. A hostile dude wearing a little furry skirt and a biker lid with a broken bull horn was glaring at me from the bathroom mirror. He had a battle axe. My dogs were both staring up at me, demanding in the way that dogs do, to guess what they were thinking. The shower, which somebody had turned on, was in a grimy Belarus apartment and the beer-belied landlord, in a threadbare ribbed tank-top that had once been white, was insisting that I pay my back rent. Now. I glanced at my wife. She was asking me what I wanted to buy our daughter for her birthday. Then at my empty bowl of oatmeal with a spoon sticking out of it. Had I eaten breakfast already?

I hate jet lag.

You might have better luck figuring out what's going on, at least about Oracle VM Templates, if you watch this video of Wim Coekaerts. (Does that sound Swedish to you?) It's a replay of an OTN Live show in which Wim Coekaerts (it sounds Swedish to me!) explains to Justin how VM Templates make deploying an application stack onto a new virtualized server a lot simpler than the old process of rowing across the ocean and doing you-know-what to the beleaguered virtual server. (Weren't the vikings from Sweden?)

Don't let Wim's rather innocent appearance fool you. His ancestors were probably Budweiser swilling-Viking dudes like the one in my mirror. So when he shifts gears and starts talking about Oracle's Unbreakable Linux Kernel, he's probably gonna mention battering rams and catapults, and maybe even the coolest medieval weapon of all, the trebuchet. The Vikings did their damage before the Middle Ages, though, didn't they?

Oh well, Justin is sporting a slick new sweater so the show, trebuchet or no trebuchet, is definitely worth your while.

Here's a couple more OTN Live shows that might also interest you:

I'm going to pour myself another bowl of oatmeal and try to find the stairs.

- Rick

Thursday Jul 29, 2010

Oracle Solaris, OEL, and Oracle VM Available on All Certified non-Sun Hardware

(updated with new headline to include all Solaris-certified hardware vendors.)

This has been a big question for fans of Solaris on non-Sun hardware, but it's finally been answered.

Oracle Solaris can be certified and resold by Dell, IBM, HP, Fujitsu, and any Solaris-Certified hardware vendor on their own hardware.

So can Oracle Enterprise Linux and Oracle VM.

Oracle Premier support is available for Oracle Solaris, Oracle Enterprise Linux, and Oracle VM.

A few quick resources:

More info later....

- Rick

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