Wednesday Dec 15, 2010

What Day Is It And Why Am I Wearing a Little Furry Skirt?

This morning I woke up singing Bohemian Rhapsody. A hostile dude wearing a little furry skirt and a biker lid with a broken bull horn was glaring at me from the bathroom mirror. He had a battle axe. My dogs were both staring up at me, demanding in the way that dogs do, to guess what they were thinking. The shower, which somebody had turned on, was in a grimy Belarus apartment and the beer-belied landlord, in a threadbare ribbed tank-top that had once been white, was insisting that I pay my back rent. Now. I glanced at my wife. She was asking me what I wanted to buy our daughter for her birthday. Then at my empty bowl of oatmeal with a spoon sticking out of it. Had I eaten breakfast already?

I hate jet lag.

You might have better luck figuring out what's going on, at least about Oracle VM Templates, if you watch this video of Wim Coekaerts. (Does that sound Swedish to you?) It's a replay of an OTN Live show in which Wim Coekaerts (it sounds Swedish to me!) explains to Justin how VM Templates make deploying an application stack onto a new virtualized server a lot simpler than the old process of rowing across the ocean and doing you-know-what to the beleaguered virtual server. (Weren't the vikings from Sweden?)

Don't let Wim's rather innocent appearance fool you. His ancestors were probably Budweiser swilling-Viking dudes like the one in my mirror. So when he shifts gears and starts talking about Oracle's Unbreakable Linux Kernel, he's probably gonna mention battering rams and catapults, and maybe even the coolest medieval weapon of all, the trebuchet. The Vikings did their damage before the Middle Ages, though, didn't they?

Oh well, Justin is sporting a slick new sweater so the show, trebuchet or no trebuchet, is definitely worth your while.

Here's a couple more OTN Live shows that might also interest you:

I'm going to pour myself another bowl of oatmeal and try to find the stairs.

- Rick

Friday Oct 08, 2010

Sysadmin Resources for Oracle Linux

Ducati missed a great opportunity to call the latest upgrade to my favorite sportbike the Ducati 848 Linux Edition. I think Larry needs to make a phone call....

To make up for Ducati's unpardonable slight to the entire Linux community, we've highlighted some Linux technical content on the front page of the OTN Systems Community, but front page headlines have a tendency to change quickly.

So here's a quick summary that you can slide into the map sleeve of your tank bag (or your Stich jacket if you prize function over form):

What's New

This page will let you know about Oracle announcements, new resources, community blogs or comments, and anything else related to Oracle Linux. Bookmark it someplace safe.


Get the new unbreakable kernel from Oracle's Public Yum Server or go to the Oracle Linux download center to select from a variety of Linux-related software.


  • Install Guides for Oracle Software on Oracle Linux
  • Oracle Linux 4 Release Notes
  • Oracle Linux 5 Release Notes
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux Documentation
  • Also click on the Reference link in the left nav bar of the Linux-Solaris CommandComparo for general linux reference material for sysadmins
  • Forums, Blogs, and Other

    Training and Certification

    Oracle University offers Linux sysadmin certification based on Enterprise Linux that closely maps to Oracle's Linux training offerings. To become certified, you must demonstrate a high level of proficiency with Enterprise Linux including system administration, networking, and security.

    Oracle Unbreakable Linux Network

    The Unbreakable Linux Network is a community that provides Linux software patches, updates, and fixes, plus information on up2date program and support policies. Only for Linux users with Oracle support subscriptions.

    Linux-Solaris Command Comparo

    This wiki shows the equivalent command syntax for common administrative tasks in Oracle Solaris 10 and Oracle Enterprise Linux 5 – especially tasks that have tricky syntax or that you frequently need to double-check. Add, complete, and modify entries to make the wiki more useful and accurate. Anyone can read it, but to make changes, first register and then log in.

    Other Oracle Linux Resources

    Here's Oracle's announcement about the Oracle Unbreakable Linux Kernel, in case you missed it.

    More reviews about the Ducati 848 Linux Edition here:

    - Rick

    Logan Rosenstein
    and members of the OTN community


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