Friday Jun 21, 2013

How Oracle Solaris Makes the Database Scream

Few things are as satisfying as a screaming burnout (image removed from blog). When Oracle Database engineers team up with Oracle Solaris engineers, they do a lot of them. Here are a few of the reasons why.

Article: How the OS Makes the Database Fast - Oracle Solaris

For applications that rely on Oracle Database, a high-performance operating system translates into faster transactions, better scalability to support more users, and the ability to support larger capacity databases. When deployed in virtualized environments, multiple Oracle Database servers can be consolidated on the same physical server. Ginny Henningsen describes what Oracle Solaris does to make the Oracle database run faster.

Video Interview: Why Is The OS Still Relevant?

In a world of increasing virtualization and growing interest in cloud services, why is the OS still relevant? Michael Palmeter, senior director of Oracle Solaris, explains why it's not only relevant, but essential for data centers that care about performance.

Interview: An Engineer's Perspective: Why the OS Is Still Relevant

Sysadmins are handling hundreds or perhaps thousands of VM's. What is it about Solaris that makes it such a good platform for managing those VM's? Liane Praza, senior engineer in the Solaris core engineering group provides an engineer's perspective.

Interview in the Lab: How to Get the Performance Promised by Oracle's T5 SPARC Chips

If you want your applications to run on the new SPARC T5/M5 chips, how do you make sure they use all that new performance? Don Kretsch, Senior Director of Engineering, explains.

Interview: Why Oracle Database Engineering Uses Oracle Solaris Studio

The design priorities for Oracle Solaris Studio are performance, observability, and productivity. Why this is good for ISV's and developers, and why it's so important to the Oracle database engineering team. Taped in Oct 2012.

- Rick

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Tuesday Nov 16, 2010

Not Your Mother's Favorite?

Neither was I.

But that's OK.

How many people do you know who can write massively parallel business-critical applications for the world's most secure data centers from their cell phone while their boss chases them around the storage racks with a chain saw?

Not many. Those of us in the Sysadmin and Developer Community of OTN think that's pretty cool. So we've gathered a few resources to make it a little easier for you to become familiar with Oracle Solaris 11 Express.

White Paper: What's New in Oracle Solaris 11 Express for Developers
How the development tools in Solaris 11 Express streamline the application development process, how Containers and ZFS simplify testing, how to migrate Solaris 10 applications to Solaris 11 express, and more.

OTN Live video: What's Great About Solaris 11 Express for Developers
George Drapeau, from Oracle ISV engineering, talks about the capabilities of Oracle Solaris 11 Express that will interest application developers, including the use of Solaris 10 branded zones and new DTrace probes. Also why a potential customer would want to run my application on Solaris 11 instead of Solaris 10.

Oracle Documentation: Software Developer Collection
Over a dozen developer guides for topics ranging from application packaging and device drivers to SPARC and x86 assembly language. A gold mine. Don't miss the complete set of manpages.

Don't forget the Sysadmin and Developer Community Home Page on OTN and the Solaris 11 Express Product Page on OTN

I'll post more resources over the coming weeks.

- Rick

Monday Jul 12, 2010

Don Kretch on Solaris Studio at OTN LiveCast

Afraid your application will prove too much for its server? 

Watch Don Kretch, senior director of software development for Oracle Solaris Studio, tell Justin how Studio has the highest-performing C, C++, and Fortran compilers.  Not to mention the coolest tools for making your application take advantage of the multi-core capabilities in Oracle Sun servers (SPARC and x86) - practically while you take a coffee break.  He may even demo the latest release

Have your questions ready....

June 13th at 10:00 am PT right here:

(In case you're not familiar with OTN TechCasts, they're live.  If  you  miss the live broadcast, you can watch the replay a few weeks later.  Kinda like Netflix.)

- Rick


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