Monday Apr 01, 2013

Oracle To Acquire Ducati


"To handle all that speed and power, today's high-performance motorcycles need traction control, active suspension, ABS, and a multitude of electronic systems that gather an enormous amount of data. Oracle Database is uniquely positioned to process that data at the speeds today's riders require to remain competitive. And, with the Oracle Cloud, that data and those services are available from even the most remote racing circuits on the planet."

Several well placed sources inside both companies confirmed high-level discussions and high speed laps around the streets of Bologna between Oracle and Ducati executives over the last few weeks.

"Oracle is obsessed with speed. Just look at what they did with the SPARC systems last week. And Ducati? Need we say more?"

Industry pundits agree that there is a natural symbiosis between the two corporate cultures. But that's not the only reason for an acquisition of Ducati by Oracle.

"The high tech industry is highly competitive and Oracle is always looking for ways to reduce costs. By joining forces with Ducati, the combined companies can realize a significant discount on red paint."

"Imagine the parties!" a member of the Oracle Technology Network said in response to the speculation. "Oracle Open World! World Ducati Week. Both in San Francisco. It blows my mind."

"We will not turn San Francisco into another MotoGP circuit," the mayor of San Francisco assured concerned citizens while behind him executives of both companies discussed the merits of different routes around, over, and through Nob Hill.

"Lombard Street on a Desmosedici? I'm coming back!"
- Valentino Rossi

As you can imagine, at the OTN Garage, we're thrilled by the possibilities, and we'll be following this story closely.

"Oracle does not comment on potential acquisitions. This is probably some dumb April Fools prank."
- Oracle spokesperson

- Rick

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Friday Dec 17, 2010

Which Version of Solaris Were You Running When ...

Do you remember which version of Solaris you were running when Voyager 1 first lifted off? I'll give you a hint: Voyager 1 lifted off from Earth on September 5, 1977. Since then it's been traveling a lot faster than the firebreathing Ducati Desmosedici. Well, the damn thing has reached a speed of about 38,000 mph (suck on that, California Highway Patrol!) and is nearly out of the Solar System.

Try to guess ...

  • n00b. Facebook hadn't even been invented yet!
  • BSD 2.10.1
  • SunOS 4.1
  • SVR4
  • Solaris 1.2.3
  • Solaris 7
  • Solaris 10 09/77
  • I hate questions like this one. #sand.

Lucky for you, Oracle has just released Oracle Solaris Legacy Containers. Don't want to part with your favorite version of Startrek running on SunOS 4.1? Tough. We can't help you with that. But we can help you continue running Solaris 8, Solaris 9, or Oracle Linux applications on the latest Oracle Sun hardware. Granted, that's like putting an engine governor (or has the term become governator?) on a Ferrari 458 Italia.

Be still my beating heart.

I can relate, though. I still like riding my old-tech Harley Davidson Softail Custom once in a while even though a little old lady on a souped-up Moped can smoke me in the quarter mile without losing her basset-hound bedroom slippers.

Solaris Legacy Containers are integrated with Oracle Solaris virtualization technologies, you can manage your legacy apps with the same tools you use to manage the rest of your server, and take advantage of the same capabilitites. There are plenty more goodies to get your motor revving. Find out more here:

- Rick

Friday Oct 08, 2010

Sysadmin Resources for Oracle Linux

Ducati missed a great opportunity to call the latest upgrade to my favorite sportbike the Ducati 848 Linux Edition. I think Larry needs to make a phone call....

To make up for Ducati's unpardonable slight to the entire Linux community, we've highlighted some Linux technical content on the front page of the OTN Systems Community, but front page headlines have a tendency to change quickly.

So here's a quick summary that you can slide into the map sleeve of your tank bag (or your Stich jacket if you prize function over form):

What's New

This page will let you know about Oracle announcements, new resources, community blogs or comments, and anything else related to Oracle Linux. Bookmark it someplace safe.


Get the new unbreakable kernel from Oracle's Public Yum Server or go to the Oracle Linux download center to select from a variety of Linux-related software.


  • Install Guides for Oracle Software on Oracle Linux
  • Oracle Linux 4 Release Notes
  • Oracle Linux 5 Release Notes
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux Documentation
  • Also click on the Reference link in the left nav bar of the Linux-Solaris CommandComparo for general linux reference material for sysadmins
  • Forums, Blogs, and Other

    Training and Certification

    Oracle University offers Linux sysadmin certification based on Enterprise Linux that closely maps to Oracle's Linux training offerings. To become certified, you must demonstrate a high level of proficiency with Enterprise Linux including system administration, networking, and security.

    Oracle Unbreakable Linux Network

    The Unbreakable Linux Network is a community that provides Linux software patches, updates, and fixes, plus information on up2date program and support policies. Only for Linux users with Oracle support subscriptions.

    Linux-Solaris Command Comparo

    This wiki shows the equivalent command syntax for common administrative tasks in Oracle Solaris 10 and Oracle Enterprise Linux 5 – especially tasks that have tricky syntax or that you frequently need to double-check. Add, complete, and modify entries to make the wiki more useful and accurate. Anyone can read it, but to make changes, first register and then log in.

    Other Oracle Linux Resources

    Here's Oracle's announcement about the Oracle Unbreakable Linux Kernel, in case you missed it.

    More reviews about the Ducati 848 Linux Edition here:

    - Rick

    Logan Rosenstein
    and members of the OTN community


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