Monday Feb 11, 2013

Oracle Solaris 10 Still Rocks


When it was launched back in 05, Oracle Solaris 10 rocked the IT world. I heard a rumor that Scott tried to launch it at a Rolling Stones concert, but apparently Mick Jagger didn't think operating systems were sexy.

Operating systems not sexy? Since when?

Well, Mick, when was the last time you released a new album? Oracle Solaris 10 released one last Friday, pal.

Oracle Solaris 10 1/13 Release

The new release is integrated with My Oracle Support. As a result, you can view the system configuration, asset inventory, and change history of your Solaris systems on the support portal, along with the results of the health checks that Oracle Support performs. (Kinda like letting a pregnant woman have access to continuous ultrasound via her cell phone, huh?)

This support will be available for Oracle Solaris 10 through 2018. After that, it will be supported through Oracle's Lifetime Support Policy.

There's plenty more:

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Thursday Sep 27, 2012

Heading Out to Oracle Open World

In case you haven't figured it out by now, Oracle reserves an awful lot of announcements for Oracle Open World. As a result, the show is always a lot of fun for geeks. What will the Oracle Solaris team have to say? Will the Oracle Linux team have any surprises? And what about Oracle hardware?

For my part, I'll be one of the lizards at the OTN Lounge with the OTN crew, handing out t-shirts to system admins and developers, or anyone who is willing to impersonate one. I understand, not everyone can have the raw animal magnetism of a sysadmin, or the debonair sophistication of a C++ developer, so some of you have no choice but to pretend. I won't judge.

I'll also be doing video interviews of as many techie people as I can corner. I've got more than 30 interviews already scheduled. Most of them will be 3-5 minutes long. I'll be asking our best technical minds what's cool about their latest technologies and what impact it will have on system admins or system developers. I'll be posting those videos here:

Find OTN Systems Videos from Oracle Open World Here!

We've got some great topics in mind. A dummies guide to hardware-assisted cryptography with Glenn Brunette. ZFS deduplication. The momentum building around Oracle Solaris 11, with Lynn Rohrer, plus conversations with partners who have deployed Oracle Solaris 11. Migrating to Oracle Database with SQL Developer. The whole database cloud thing. Oracle VM and, of course, Oracle Linux.

So even if you can't be part of the fun, keep an eye out for the videos on our YouTube channel.

- Rick

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Wednesday Jan 05, 2011

Resources for VirtualBox 4.0

Virtualbox is geek manna: a bunch of computers in one. As long as you have enough memory, LOL. Version 4.0 was just released. Here are some resources.

Download: Oracle VM VirtualBox 4.0
Download VirtualBox 4.0 for Solaris 10 5/08 and later, 32- and 64-bit versions of Linux, Windows, and MacOS. Freely available. No license required. Note the license requirements for the operating systems you install on VirtualBox, however.

Blog: What's New in Version 4.0
The Fat Bloke describes what's new in Version 4.0, including the revamped VirtualBox Manager and other usability improvements, increased throughput, virtual appliance sharing, support for new virtual hardware, and more.

OTN Live video: VirtualBox and Oracle's Virtualization Story
Wim Coekaerts describes how the combination of Oracle's Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, VirtualBox, and Sun Ray systems provide a complete desktop to datacenter virtualization story.

VirtualBox 4.0 User Guide
How to intall, configure, and use VirtualBox 4.0. How to manage virtual storage, networking, and remote virtual machines. API's, troubleshooting, and security.

Blog: Changes to Configuration Files In Version 4.0
The Fat Bloke describes how version 4.0 configuration files have changed, including where virtual disk and snapshot files are saved.

The VirtualBox Community is the VirtualBox community, where you can download source code, contribute code, read documentation, and get the latest news about VirtualBox.

- Rick


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