Thursday Nov 15, 2012

Looking Under the Hood of ...

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Fair is fair. Our last post featured a conversation with the beautiful and talented Eva Mendez, so today we're featuring something for those of you who prefer the other gender of our fair species.

This dude has quite the hardware challenge ahead of him. He hasn't begun to find out what's really under that hood. Life is much easier for you and me, thanks to Greg King and Suzanne Zorn. They wrote a wicked cool article about Oracle VM Server for x86. Here's a little bit about it...

Looking Under the Hood of Networking in Oracle VM Server for x86

Oracle VM Server for x86 lets you create logical networks out of physical Ethernet ports, bonded ports, VLAN segments, virtual MAC addresses (VNICs), and network channels. You can then assign channels (or "roles") to each logical network so that it handles the type of traffic you want it to.

Greg King explains how you go about doing this, and how Oracle VM Server for x86 implements the network infrastructure you configured. He also describes how the VM interacts with paravirtualized guest operating systems, hardware virtualized operating systems, and VLANs.

Finally, he provides an example that shows you how it all looks from the VM Manager view, the logical view, and the command line view of Oracle VM Server for x86.

More Resources for Oracle VM Server for x86

If you liked Greg and Suzanne's paper, you can ...

Now, if we could just come up with a name for this awesome product that doesn't feel like I'm talking with a mouthful of marbles ... :-)

- Rick

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Tuesday Nov 13, 2012

We Need More Migration!


Eva Mendez says, "Oye chico, do you really want to keep your data in that tired legacy file system when it could be enjoying encryption, compression, deduplication, snapshots, remote replication and other benefits provided by ZFS in Oracle Solaris 11?

It's really not that hard to cross over. If you know how."

"I don't know how, me dices? Esta bien, papacito. Go to OTN. Take my word for it. They know how."

Aw shucks, Eva. Anything for you!

The Best Way to Migrate Data From Legacy File Systems to ZFS

To migrate data from a legacy filesystem to ZFS in Oracle Solaris 11, you need to install the shadow-migration package and enable the shadowd service. Then follow the simple procedure described by Dominic Kay.

How to Update to Oracle Solaris 11 Using the Image Packaging System

Oracle Solaris 11.1 has been released. You can upgrade using either Oracle's official Solaris release repository or, if you have a support contract, the Support repository. Peter Dennis explains how.

How to Migrate Oracle Database from Oracle Solaris 8 to Oracle Solaris 11

How to use the Oracle Solaris 8 P2V (physical to virtual) Archiver tool, which comes with Oracle Solaris Legacy Containers, to migrate a physical Oracle Solaris 8 system with Oracle Database and an Oracle Automatic Storage Management file system into an Oracle Solaris 8 branded zone inside an Oracle Solaris 10 guest domain on top of an Oracle Solaris 11 control domain.

- Ricardo

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Tuesday Nov 06, 2012

A Quarter Century of SPARC

SPARCYou might have missed an interesting milestone: the 25th anniversary of SPARC. Twenty-five years! Almost 40% of my life: humbling, maybe a little scary. When I joined Sun Microsystems in 1988, SPARC was just starting to shake things up. The next year we introduced the SPARCstation 1, which had basically triple the performance of our Motrolla-based Sun–3 systems.

Not too long after that, our competition began a campaign of “SPARC is dead.” We really distressed them with our success, in spite of our small size. “It won’t last.” “It can’t last!” So they told themselves. For a stroll down memory lane take a look at this page.

History of SPARC

I remember the sales meeting we had in Atlanta to internally announce the SPARCstation 1. Sun hadn’t really hit the big times, yet. Our much bigger competitors viewed us as an ill-mannered pest, certain of our demise. And, why wouldn’t they be certain: other startups more our size, such as Apollo (remember them?), Silicon Graphics (they fought the good fight!), and the incredibly cool Symbolics are memories.

Wait! There was also a BIG company, DEC, who scoffed at us: they are history, too. In fact, we really upset them with what was supposed to be an internal-only video production that was a take-off on Bruce Lee movies, in which we battled the evil Doctor DEC – complete with computer mice (or is that “mouses”?) wielded like nun chucks with the new SPARCstation 1 somehow in the middle of everything. The memory is vivid, but the details hazy. After all, that was almost a quarter century ago.

So, here’s to Oracle’s SPARC: still going strong after all these years.

– Kemer


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