How to Create tree type CVL in Content server(UCM)

Steps to create tree choice list:

1)Create a table "tblStates" with column "stateID" and "stateName". Click on "ADD Recommended".

2) Create another table "tblCities with columns "cityID", "stateID" and "cityName".

3)Then create two views on these tables namely "tblstateview" and "tblcityview".

3)In "StateView" added two rows with values as

JH and MH in stateID column.

Jharkhand and Maharastra in stateName.

4)Similarly in tblcityview added two rows with values as:

BO and RA in cityID column.

JH and MH in stateID column

Bokaro and Mumbai in cityname column.

5)Created relationship with Parentinfo "tblStates" and stateID and

 childinfo with tblCities and stateID.

6)Created metadata by name "Newtest"

Enable option list,go to the configure ,Select use tree,Click on go edit definition

7)Tree Definition

at level 1:

a)Choose" tblstateView"

b)Choose relation "newstatecity"

At Level2:

a)Choose cityView.

Log out of the NativeUI and ContentUI and test the tree created by name "Newtest".

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