Thursday Apr 30, 2015

What's Planned for the FREE Virtual Technology Summit on May 5th

The Oracle Technology Network is hosting a phenomenal agenda at the Virtual Technology Summit on May 5, 2015 (9:00 am PT to 12:30 pm PT). You should go. Here's why:

Just wait until you see the presentations we’ve put together for our event. We have a dedicated track on Big Data, where we’ll be showcasing the new Big Data Lite virtual machine. We have exercises designed to help you learn how to use Oracle Big Data SQL, and the Oracle Data Loader for Hadoop + Oracle Connectors for HDFS to get your Big Data implementations rolling.  Plus the team will be showcasing new functionality in the Oracle Advanced Analytics  and Oracle R Enterprise.  It's going to be a Really Big Show. 

And the Developer Track is huge too.  Check out the 2 full tracks covering hot Applications Development topics.  We’ll  cover our traditional database Application development tools like SQL Developer and Application Express…both of which have big announcements…So watch this space for news on that on MONDAY MAY 4th...

And it's not all work. Get ready for some Fun…Fun with Functions that is. Steven Feuerstein makes it so easy to master PL/SQL.  And don’t miss the SQL Magic show hosted by our SQL magician and developer advocate, Chris Saxon… He says Presto and Ta-DAA at least 4 times during his session! 

Did you say FUN?

So here's what I want you to do:

% Register NOW for the Free OTN Virtual Technology Summit. And you can invite as many friends and coworkers as you'd like.  

% Install the Virtual Machine and the scripts so you can follow along on all the exercises.

% Type "See you there!" in the comments below to receive special recognition when you log in to the event.

Ciao for Now!


Wednesday Dec 31, 2014

Top 5 Oracle Database Tech Releases of 2014

It was a great year for Oracle Technology...with so many great new features and products for Oracle DBAs, Data Scientists and Developers. Here's the Top 5 new technologies that we rolled out, with the resources you need to get started...from your friends here at the OTN Watercooler.

  • Oracle Database 12c -- ...with the long awaited In-Memory option, plus 21 new features. Oracle Database 12c Release supports Linux and Oracle Solaris (SPARC and x86 64 bit). See the full list of features with direct links to docs and resources. 
And if you're ready to start your upgrade journey to Oracle Database 12c, be sure to check out this Upgrade Starter's Guide and follow the Oracle Upgrade NOW blog
    • Oracle Database In-Memory -- Oracle Database In-Memory delivers leading-edge in-memory performance without the need to restrict functionality or accept compromises, complexity and risk. Deploying Oracle Database In-Memory with virtually any existing Oracle Database compatible application is as easy as flipping a switch--no application changes are required. It is fully integrated with Oracle Database's scale-up, scale-out, storage tiering, availability and security technologies making it the most industrial-strength offering in the industry.

      This whitepaper Oracle Database In-Memory gives you more detail about the new option available only in Oracle Database 12c, and if you want to get started, check out this article series:

    • Oracle Key Vault is a software appliance designed to securely manage encryption keys and credential files in the enterprise data center. It provides secure, centralized management of encryption keys and credential files including Oracle wallet files, Java KeyStores, Kerberos keytab files and SSH key files and SSL certification files.  Want to get started?  Here's what you need to know.

    • Oracle Big Data SQL -- Oracle's unique approach to providing unified query over data in Oracle Database, Hadoop, and select NoSQL datastores. Read more about why SQL is becomming the "GoTo" language for Big Data Analysis.

    • Oracle Oracle Zero Loss Recovery Appliance --Launched in October at OOW2014, The Oracle Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance is a terrific addition to the Oracle Engineered Systems Portfolio. With its support for real-time redo transport, the appliance is designed to bring "Data Guard-like",  robust data protection for all the Oracle Databases in the data center. It's a sweet ride... Get the full story here.

      But as with most "Top" lists, there are many more items to include. So Special Mention goes to:

        JSON Support in Oracle 12c -- Oracle Database 12c supports JSON natively with relational database features, including transactions, indexing, declarative querying, and views. You can project JSON data relationally, making it available for relational processes and tools. You can also query, from within the database, JSON data that is stored outside the database, in an external table. Get more information about JSON support in Oracle Database 12c. You can start with the XML DB Developer's Guide.

      • Happy New Year and

        Ciao for Now!


      Tuesday Jul 15, 2014

      Oracle Big Data SQL - Bringing Structured Queries to an Unstructured World

      Oracle has just launched Oracle Big Data SQL.  Watch the replay of the web launch here.

      Oracle Big Data SQL

      And it's interesting.  Big Data is unstructured. It's widely varied. And it "sits" in many places. Stovepipes. Caves. Vaults. And thanks to innovations from the Exadata technologies, this unstructured data can now be successfully and efficiently queried using Structured Query Language. (SQL)  That is to say: An approach to providing unified query over data in Oracle Database, Hadoop and select NoSQL datastores.  It's a step beyond "federated" query.  It's actually much more than that. 

      It's the ability to run SQL queries that work seamlessly across multiple datastores. As Dan McClary points out in his blog on today's announcement, "Ideally, in a Big Data world, SQL should "play data where it lies," using the declarative power of the language to provide answers from all data."

      All data? or just the relevant data?  Oracle Big Data SQL decided to go for Relevant Data by empowering very complex SQL statements that zero in on the relevant information across all these datastores to get a more valuable set of data that clearly pinpoints trends to analyze.

      How? Unifying Metadata and Optimizing Performance.  

      Dan McClary's blog gives an excellent overview.

      Get more information.

      And watch for the download that will be available later this quarter on the OTN Database Community page.

      Ciao for Now!



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