Tuesday Mar 01, 2016

Using the new ‘-local’ parameter to roll the Patch

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Prepare for the Oracle Database Appliance Patch

The next ODA Patch is going to provide in-place upgrade of the operating system from OL5.11 to OL6.7.  As many of you may know, it was not an easy upgrade to OL6 as it required your systems to be re-imaged. Our ODA team did not feel this was a good thing to require a re-image of your ODA, so we have engineered the upgrade to be in-place and rolling.

However, before you jump into the air and yell hurrah, this patch requires the ODA to first have the patch applied successfully. So for those of you that have not upgraded your ODA’s in a while or are on a version less than, please review the README (https://updates.oracle.com/Orion/Services/download?type=readme&aru=19485583) of the patch set as you may need to apply an interim patch before moving to

The patch does not apply updates to the ILOM, BIOS, Controller, Expander, or disk firmware.  So, before you patch your ODA to, run the  oakcli command with the version/patch

oakcli show version -detail

All of the components, except the databases, should show Up-To-Date.  The installed versions vary from ODA HW versions...it is the UP-TO-DATE that you are looking for.

Component Name   Installed Version Proposed Patch Version 
Controller_INT 4.230.40-3739   Up-to-date  
Controller_EXT Up-to-date  
Expander 0018   Up-to-date  
SSD_SHARED A29A Up-to-date  
HDD_LOCAL A729  Up-to-date  
ILOM r101649 Up-to-date  
BIOS 30050100 Up-to-date  Up-to-date  
IPMI Up-to-date  
HMP Up-to-date  
OAK Up-to-date  

After your ODA is patched up-to-date with, continue to prepare for the patch using the pre-check tool. It will verify if you have enough free space in /u01, verify RPMs that have been added, and verify RPMs that are expected.

This means that if you have 3rd party agents running on ODA and had to install RPMs from OL5, you will have to re-install the OL6 RPMs to support those agents after the upgrade.

For the pre-check tool, download the ZIP file from here.  Upload it to both of your ODA nodes to a directory, /tmp works just fine.  Unzip the file and run the command

./validateOl6PreChecks --pre

You can check the currently installed RPMs using "rpm -qa" command or you may want to use “rpm –qa –last” to see the latest RPMs that were updated since the last upgrade.

In addition, here are some best practices for patching on ODA .

  •  Check ALL disks / diskgroups and make sure that they are all online and healthy.  For a  good disk level check for ASM, OS and multipath:
   oakcli stordiag [e#_]pd_##  
  • · Make sure the ODA patch level matches on both nodes.
  • Check CRS and connectivity before patching. Make sure CRS, ASM and OAK are running on both nodes.
  • Check OS based storage. Clean up as needed including older installations if you have upgraded previously.
  • -  10GB of free space min. on each node (/u01 and / )
  • Run an oracheck report
  • Review 888888.1 for known issues

o Fix or replace any disks before considering upgrading

o If your ODA version is 2.10 or lower for your source make sure you check compatibility with the new disk - See ODA + HGST based notes)

show version -detail

oakcli validate -d on each node

oakcli orachk

Wednesday Feb 26, 2014

Oracle Appliance Manager Version 2.9 (OAK 2.9)

Oracle Appliance Manager patch bundle 2.9 (OAK 2.9) was released on February 18th, 2014 and is available for download as patch 17630388.

As always there are features, enhancements, and some bug fixes included with this release.

Some notable enhancements are as follows:

1  Import of http based templates directly on Oracle Database Appliance
2. Send Key support to user VMs via xenstore to facilitate configuration of user VMs from Oracle Appliance Manager
3. Shared storage (JBODs) monitoring on X3-2 and X4-2 systems using OAKCLI
4. Out-of-place update of Grid Infrastructure from to
5. Oracle Database Patch Set Update (PSU) and available
6. Improved VM stack - better module level logging (TINT ID), better exception handling in oakd 
7. Mutithreading of XML rpc agent and oakd adapter to allow parallel VM commands

Refer to Oracle Database Appliance Getting Started Guide for more information about these features and enhancements.


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