Tuesday Apr 14, 2015

Oracle Database Appliance Plug-In for Enterprise Manager

With the Oracle Database Appliance plug-in, you can monitor Oracle Database Appliance targets using Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c. The plug-in provides configuration and monitoring information about any Oracle Database Appliance target running Appliance Manager or higher. Features include:

  • Monitoring of the Oracle Database Appliance as an Enterprise Manager target
  • Monitoring a dynamic group of Oracle Database Appliance systems using tags
  • Oracle Database Appliance components (DB, ILOM, HOST, Virtual Machines, Hypervisor, ASM, and Oracle Appliance Manager) are grouped and can be monitored under a target

The Oracle Database Appliance (ODA) Plug-In for Enterprise Manager is now available. It can be updated via the Self Update feature of Enterprise Manager, which updates components whenever new or updated features become available. The ODA Plug-In is now available via the Enterprise Manager Store, an external site that is periodically checked by Enterprise Manager Cloud Control to obtain information about updates ready for download.

The documentation can be found in the Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control Documentation 12c Release 4 Plug-Ins library.

Update your Enterprise Manager today and check out the ODA Plug-In!

Monday Jun 16, 2014

Deploy Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c Solution-in-a-Box on Oracle Database Appliance

The new Oracle White Paper title Solution-in-a-box: Deploying Highly Available Monitoring Infrastructure using Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c and Oracle Database Appliance is now available.

This white paper outlines the process of setting up the complete stack of Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c on Oracle Database Appliance Virtualized Platform. Now you can deploy a highly available Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c configuration including Oracle Management Repository (OMR) database servers and Oracle Management Service (OMS) servers almost instantaneously. The setup uses virtual machines all in a single Oracle Database Appliance environment. If you are considering "trying out" or evaluating Oracle Database Appliance, Enterprise Manager Cloud Control may be an great choice for your first system to build on Oracle Database Appliance and in the process learn all about it and see it prove its value.

Oracle Database Appliance already provides standard, pre-tuned templates to setup fully optimized OMR databases quickly. A new pre-built, ready to deploy VM Template is provided to facilitate rapid deployment of Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c.

The white paper can be accessed through My Oracle Support Note 1673246.1 or through Oracle Tehnnology Network using the following link:


Tuesday May 06, 2014

Why Does ODA Use Enterprise Edition?

All of Oracle’s Engineered Systems, including ODA, engineer their solutions for optimal Availability, Performance, Security and Scalability. When we compare Enterprise Edition with Standard Edition we see some significant features in Enterprise Edition that provide maximum Availability, Performance, Security and Scalability to provide ODA with an optimal Enterprise Database Solution.

In the area of Availability, Enterprise Edition has many unique features that enhance availability not found in Standard Edition including:

RAC One Node

Data Guard—Redo Apply

Data Guard—SQL Apply

Data Guard—Snapshot Standby

Active Data Guard

Rolling Upgrades—Patch Set, Database, and Operating System

Online index rebuild

Online index-organized table organization

Online table redefinition

Duplexed backup sets

Block change tracking for fast incremental backup

Unused block compression in backups

Block-level media recovery

Lost Write Protection

Automatic Block Repair

Parallel backup and recovery

Tablespace point-in-time recovery

Trial recovery

Fast-start fault recovery

Flashback Table

Flashback Database

Flashback Transaction

Flashback Transaction Query

Flashback Data Archive (Total Recall)

When we look at Performance, Enterprise Edition has the Parallel Query feature not found in Standard Edition. In benchmarking on ODA, with real customer workloads, we have seen better performance when compared to Standard Edition. For many workloads this means a requirement for fewer cores to execute the same workloads while maintaining the same service levels.

When we couple this performance advantage with ‘on-demand’ software licensing, (an exclusive ODA feature), it can result in a significant reduction in the overall cost of Enterprise Edition licensed cores.

Security is an imperative for all enterprise customers and especially important to financial, public sector, healthcare and retail customers.
ODA using Enterprise Edition is able to offer security features not supported in the Standard Edition:

  • Oracle Advanced Security
  • Oracle Label Security
  • Virtual Private Database
  • Fine-grained auditing
  • Oracle Database Vault
  • Enterprise User Security

To protect our customer’s investment in the ODA Engineered System, and extend its useful life, Enterprise Edition offers features that extend system Scalability that do not exist in Standard Edition including:

  • Quality of Service Management Performance                                       
  • Client Side Query Cache                
  • Query Results Cache     
  • PL/SQL Function Result Cache
  • In-Memory Database Cache      
  • Database Smart Flash Cache


The Oracle Database Appliance saves time and money by simplifying deployment, maintenance, and support of high-availability database solutions. This blog is dedicated to sharing updates about the Oracle Database Appliance from your product team.


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