Monday Jul 18, 2016

Oracle NoSQL Database updated on DB Engines

We have updated the information on Oracle NoSQL Database on the DB Engines web site.  Take a look at:

Thursday Jun 30, 2016

Yahoo Cloud Serving Benchmark: SPARC S7-2 and Oracle NoSQL

Oracle's SPARC S7-2 server delivered 341 Kops/sec on 300 million records for the Yahoo Cloud Serving Benchmark (YCSB) running a 95% read, 5% update workload using Oracle NoSQL Database 4.0. NoSQL is important for Big Data Analysis and for Cloud Computing.

  • The SPARC S7-2 server was 1.9 times faster per core than a two-chip x86 E5-2699 v4 server running YCSB with a 95% read, 5% update workload.

Read about the details at:

Friday Jun 24, 2016

Learn about NoSQL Failover

View this video to see how failover works in Oracle NoSQL Database.  This is fairly short and explains what to do if some of your servers go down.  An excellent video.

Take a look at:

Dont forget to frequently our main Oracle NoSQL Database page -

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Wednesday Jun 15, 2016

4.0 Features Described

To understand more about the new features in our recent release of Oracle NoSQL Database 4.0 , take a look at a short pdf that describes the features.  We have also thrown in some of the 3.5 features from a few months ago.The pdf is HERE

Thursday May 26, 2016

Oracle NoSQL Database Licensing

We have received a number of questions about the Oracle NoSQL Database licensing  policy, so we wanted to clear things up.

Oracle NoSQL Database consists of two versions, each with a client and server license. The two versions of the distribution are commonly referred to as the Community Edition (CE) and the Enterprise Edition (EE). Each version contains a client license (where the application runs) and the server license (where the application data is stored).

Enterprise Edition (EE):


  • Client License:  Apache License, Version 2
  • Server License: Oracle commercial license 


Community Edition (CE):


  • Client License: Apache License, Version 2
  • Server License: GNU Affero General Public License, Version 3 


Apache License – The details can be found at:

GNU Affero General Public License (AGPL) Version 3 – Details on this license can be found at:

Thursday May 19, 2016

Techtarget writes about Oracle NoSQL

Jack Vaughn of TechTarget has written about Oracle NoSQL Database.  In it, Jack describes the history of Oracle NoSQL Database and how this new type of technology will be needed for new types of cloud applications. In addition, the article contains some comments from industry analysts.  Take a read at:

Thursday May 12, 2016

Charles Pack Examines the Benefits of Oracle NoSQL for the Oracle RDBMS DBA

Take a look at this article, where Charles Pack of CSX Technologies talks about the benefits of using Oracle NoSQL Database for Oracle RDBMS DBA's. Read the story HERE.

Thursday May 05, 2016

Oracle NoSQL Database on display

Come see and learn about Database at the Big Data Summit in NYC on May 10 and 11. Info at:

Learn about the new features of Oracle NoSQL Database at the event. Bring your toughest questions.

Thursday Apr 28, 2016

Submit your OOW 2016 Proposals

If you have a great story or solution that includes Oracle NoSQL Database and want to talk about it, please submit at:

Closes on May 9, 2016

  • Conference location: San Francisco, California, USA
  • Date: Sunday, September 18 to Thursday, September 22, 2016

Friday Apr 22, 2016

Oracle Open World 2016 - Call for Proposals

The call for proposals for Oracle Open World 2016 is open.  Please submit your proposals by May 9, 2016.  The proposal web site is:

 Submit if you have an interesting use of Oracle NoSQL Database to talk about. 

Wednesday Mar 16, 2016

Oracle NoSQL Database Cluster YCSB Testing with Fusion ioMemory™ Storage

Highly distributed systems with large data stores in the form of NoSQL databases are becoming increasingly important to enterprises, not just to hyperscale organizations. NoSQL databases are being deployed for capturing patient sensors data in health care, smart meter analysis in utilities, customer sentiment analysis in retail, and various other use cases in different industries. NoSQL database systems help organizations store, manage, and analyze huge amounts of data on distributed system architecture. The sheer volume of data and the distributed system design needed to manage this large data at a reasonable cost necessitated a different category of database systems, leading to NoSQL databases. Oracle NoSQL Database is part of the NoSQL database family and is based on a distributed, key-value architecture.

This technical white paper describes a three-node Oracle NoSQL Database Cluster deployment procedure on Fusion ioMemory™ storage. The following points are emphasized:

  • Highlights performance and scalability advantages compared to traditional spinning disks.
  • Because enterprises evaluate and assess new technologies for enterprise-wide adaptability, Yahoo Cloud Serving Benchmark (YCSB) is the standard benchmark tool employed for testing and is the same tool used in this paper to evaluate Oracle NoSQL Database for YCSB Benchmark Testing.
  • Analysis and discussion are provided for throughput and latency testing results with YCSB.


Download now at:

Tuesday Mar 01, 2016

Support for Oracle NoSQL Database CE available

For those of you who have downloaded  Oracle NoSQL Database Community Edition  (CE) , did you know that support in two forms is available for this ?  Some customers may think that by downloading the CE Version that they are left on their own.  This is not true.  Questions and answers can be posted to:   where lots of users monitor the questions and respond to these inquiries. 

In addition, support from Oracle is available to anyone.  Go to:,6:P6_LPI:124789930244771286351865     where details are available.

Thanks to all who use Oracle NoSQL Database and continue to create innovative applications and use the family of Oracle products. 

Tuesday Feb 23, 2016

Oracle NoSQL Database Sessions at All India Oracle Users Group (AIOUG)

Come listen to two talks by members of the Oracle NoSQL team at the AIOUG event in Hyderabad, India on February 27, 2016. Ashutosh Naik and Anand Chandak will be presenting on how to set up an Oracle NoSQL Database environment and will discuss innovative customers and how they are taking advantage of the Oracle NoSQL Database. Details can be found below.  The full announcement is at:

Ganga Conference Hall

Tech Mahindra Learning world (Just Adjacent to Oracle India Office- Hi Tech City)

TechMahindra Infocity Campus
Hi-Tech City


Monday Feb 15, 2016

New Oracle NoSQL Database Whitepaper on Bulk Put and Bulk Get

A new whitepaper is available, describing the new Bulk Get and Bulk Put API's in the Oracle NoSQL Database product.  Download from our Oracle NoSQL Database page, under Whitepapers.

Monday Feb 08, 2016

SQL Developer 4.1 now supports Oracle NoSQL

SQL Developer now supports Oracle NoSQL database. Support includes Developer and DBA roles, KVLite Store deployment and seeding, Store Reporting, Store Statistics and Administration.  Learn more at the Oracle NoSQL main page. Click Here.  (Additional Resources)


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