Tuesday Aug 13, 2013

Oracle NoSQL Database Events

Hey all you Oracle NoSQL Database (OnDB) fans, here is a note regarding some of our upcoming activities.  In particular, the Oracle team is giving several session presentations at the upcoming NoSQL Now! conference in San Jose.   Andy Mendelsohn, SVP Database Server Technologies at Oracle is actually giving the keynote presentation for this conference. Its going to be awesome and I highly recommend folks to come out and meet the NoSQL team.

Also, there is a webcast coming up with the Oracle Developers User Group (ODTUG) that will give a great overview of application development using OnDB

NoSQL Now 2013 ( Aug 20th -22nd )

San Jose Convention Center 150 West San Carlos St., San Jose, CA 95110

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KeyNote – Andrew Mendelsohn, SVP Database Server Technologies ( Wed 8/21 9-9:30am )

In this keynote session, Andy Mendelsohn, Oracle's Senior Vice President of Database Server Technologies discusses how Oracle NoSQL Database is delivering on the markets expectations for flexibility, performance and scalability without compromising data reliability. In addition, you'll learn how Oracle is helping customers take advantage of Big Data by integrating NoSQL technologies into enterprise data centers and evolving its portfolio of Engineered Systems. - See into here.

Panel: Enterprise NoSQL, Where next? - David Rubin, Director NoSQL Engineering ( Wed 8/21 2:15-3:00pm )

Enterprise customers are waking up to the NOSQL message in a big way, comfortable now that the technology is robust enough for many enterprise applications, and that the leading companies developing NoSQL products will be around to provide support. Meanwhile, NoSQL vendors are doing their part by addressing enterprise requirements for security, ACID transactions, and even SQL compatibility. The latest moves by major database incumbents (such as Oracle) give further reassurance to enterprise customers that NoSQL technologies should become part of the data management and software portfolio. - See info here.

Session: NoSQL and Enterprise Apps- Dave Segleau ( Thur 8/22 9:30-10:00am )

This session will discuss the key database and application requirements that we hear from our enterprise customers. This session will explore how these requirements are addressed in Oracle NoSQL Database. It will describe several real-world use cases from customers who are using Oracle NoSQL Database today. From a technical perspective, this session will focus on: * Performance, Scalability and Predictability * NoSQL cluster management * Integration with Hadoop, Oracle Database, Coherence and Event Processing * Real-world use cases - See info here

Session: Graphs, RDF and Oracle NoSQL - Zhu Wu ( Thur 8/22 2:00-2:45pm )

Graph and NoSQL are both hot areas of activity, and are seriously considered for Big Data modeling and storage, respectively. Graph, a different data modeling paradigm than the traditional relational and XML data modeling, provides intuitive and flexible data construction, manipulation, query and navigation. NoSQL, in turn, is a database repository, providing an excellent storage architecture that is distributed, horizontally scalable and fault tolerant. We believe that integration of the Graph data model with the NoSQL storage model can provide a robust and massively scalable platform for managing Big Data. In this talk, we will share our first-hand experience in implementing RDF Graph (a W3C standards-based Graph language) capabilities on the Oracle NoSQL Database, a K/V based, distributed and horizontally scalable platform - See info here.

Oracle Developer Users Group Webcast ( Aug 27th )

ODTUG Webcast: Oracle & NoSQL from the Inside – Aug. 27, 9:00am PT
The NoSQL (Not Only SQL) database market is hot with activity, serving new requirements for application development and deployment.  Get up-to-date on this subject, take a dive into how Oracle's NoSQL database has evolved to integrate with the Oracle ecosystem of projects, and get a hands-on tour of what it takes to build an application with the Oracle NoSQL Database and deploy its distributed, highly available, scale-out architecture. Click to Register


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