Friday Jan 16, 2009

NetBeans Dominates's 2009 Product Awards!

This year NetBeans ran away with Product of the Year 2009 Awards.

NetBeans wins 5 categories - Open Source, Development Tool, Java Tool, Development Utilities, Wireless/Mobile

Many thanks to our community for the acknowledgment.

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Tuesday Nov 25, 2008

Tomcat Log files

How does NetBeans ide handle the tomcat server's log files? This blog entry describes the log viewers in NetBeans 6.1 (the concepts should apply to other NetBeans versions as well).[Read More]

Thursday Oct 30, 2008

Why cannot some templates be opened in editor?

In the NetBeans template manager (Tools | Templates) , there is an Open In Editor button that lets the users open the selected template in an editor for custom modifications. But the button is disabled for some templates. In general, this is a conscious design decision by the developers of the relevant module to not support custom modifications for that template.[Read More]

Thursday Sep 11, 2008

Sun Supports Software Freedom Day : Sep 20 2008

Sun Supports Software Freedom Day

Join the celebration on Sep 20 2008

Sun sees the promise of open source software as the perfect way for society and business alike to forge a world of expanded opportunity, increased flexibility, and continual innovation. Software Freedom day is a global celebration of these virtues. So join in, release your ideas, launch a community, explore new code, ... have fun!

How Do I Get Involved? It's Easy:

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Saturday Jul 26, 2008

Regenerating .java file from a .form file

Sometimes a .java file associated with a .form file in an IDE project gets deleted or lost. In such cases, when the project is opened in the ide, .form file is shown in the navigator. Opening the .form file will not open the GUI Designer but will open the .form file as a text file. This is because the GUI Designer needs both the .java file and the .form file.

Another variant of this problem is when the .java file is not lost but has gone out of sync with the .form file. In such cases any changes made to the .form file will not be reflected in the .java file. 

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Tuesday Jul 08, 2008

Importing Code Templates

In NetBeans, Tools | Editor | 'Code Templates' tab can be used to create new code templates. This entry details how to import code templates defined in NetBeans 6.0 editor into NetBeans 6.1. Even though the details are specific to these two versions, the concept should apply to any NetBeans version.[Read More]

Sunday Jun 29, 2008

Firefox and NetBeans

If 'Firefox' is set as the ide's browser (in Tools | Options | General) , sometimes the ide displays the message 'Cannot execute /usr/bin/firefox check external browser configuration'. But running /usr/bin/firefox from the command line does work correctly.  (Note: /usr/bin/firefox would be different on different systems depending on where firefox is installed and is used here only as an example).

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Monday Jun 23, 2008

How to do a clean uninstall of the ide

The recommended method of uninstalling the ide is to run the uninstaller provided with the ide. The instructions are provided in the release notes; for instance the instructions for 6.1 are provided in 6.1 release notes.

If the uninstall program fails for some reason...

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Sunday Jun 22, 2008

Java Web Start for Java Applications

In NetBeans 6.1, the Run panel of project properties dialog for a standard Java application project has a checkbox titled 'Run with Java Web Start'. If this box is checked, then the ide generates all the necessary artificats (jnlp file) with appropriate entries. The ide also supports testing the configuration by running the app using java web start when the app is run from within the ide (by selecting Run command from the project's context menu). But the ide does not support deploying the app to a web or app server; in fact the ide does not generate war files even. The deployment should be done manually.[Read More]

Thursday Jun 05, 2008

Directories in Sun Studio 12

The following are the three (major) directories used by Sun Studio 12 (also referred to as ide in this article).

  • Installation Directory. The directory where ide is installed and run from.
  • User Directory. The directory where user settings are stored. (Default: ${HOME}/.sunstudio/sunstudio.conf)
  • Projects directory. The directory where a  project is stored. Each project has its own project directory.

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Tuesday Apr 08, 2008

IDE hangs or closes

How to diagnose/report ide crashes or when the main window disappers?[Read More]

Monday Apr 07, 2008

Useful resources

The following are some useful resources to obtain information on NetBeans:[Read More]

Sunday Mar 30, 2008

Silicon Valley Ruby Conference

The Third Annual Silicon Valley Ruby Conference: Using Ruby and Rails for Innovation and Creativity

Friday April 18 8:30AM - 5:45PM and Saturday April 19 10:00AM - 6:00PM

Registration Link:

This two-day conference is a significant Web 2.0 Conference in the Ruby community and within the software development arena. This annual event brings Ruby and Rails developers, interactive engineers, software developers, startups, IT managers, and technical executives together in San Jose. In the past three years, Ruby has become one of the most talked-about programming languages, and Ruby on Rails has become the framework of choice for many new web applications.

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Friday Mar 21, 2008

Binding JTable with MySQL table

I got this inquiry recently.  Here, I am showing through screen shots how to bind database table to a JTable. I am using MySQL as that is what was requested. I wanted to highlight how easy it is to use NetBeans to do this task.[Read More]

Monday Mar 17, 2008

Using the MySQL Administrator Tool from within NetBeans IDE 6.1 Beta

NetBeans IDE 6.1 Beta, has more MySQL support, creating a more tighter integration of NetBeans with MySQL. It is now possible to Register MySQL Servers, Create & Delete databases, and  launch  the administration tool for MySQL from within the NetBeans IDE. Here I am showing some screen shots of registering the MySQL Adminstrator Tool with the NetBeans IDE 6.1 Beta.

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