MySQL for Excel 1.1.0 GA has been released

The MySQL Windows Experience Team is proud to announce the release of MySQL for Excel version 1.1.0 GA, one of our newest products contained in the MySQL Installer suite.

You can download it from our official Downloads page at

The 1.1.0 release of MySQL for Excel introduces the following features:

  • Edit MySQL Data.

Edit MySQL Data

This may be the coolest feature so far; users will be able to edit the data in a MySQL table using MS Excel in a very friendly and intuitive way.  Edit Data supports inserting new rows, deleting existing rows and updating existing data as easy as playing with data in an Excel’s spreadsheet and pushing changes back to the server.

 Also this version contains the following bug fixes:

  • Enabled the following checkboxes in the Append Data's Advanced Options dialog and added code in the Append Data dialog to use the checkboxes as follows:
    • Automatically store the column mapping for the given table
      •     If checked the current mapping will be stored automatically after clicking the Append button if the append operation is successful and there is no mapping for the current connection.schema.table already; the new mapping is stored with a proposed name of Mapping.
    • Reload stored column mapping for the selected table automatically
      •     If checked the first Stored Mapping found where all column names in the source grid match all column names in the target grid is automatically selected and applied when the Append Data dialog is loaded.
  • Fixed code in Append Data that applies a stored column mapping to skip target columns where the associated mapping is empty (saved as a -1).
  • Enclosed the Add-In's startup code in a try-catch block in order to log any possible error thrown during startup; and added information messages to the log at the beginning of the Add-In's startup code and at the end of the shutdown code.  Also changed the wrapper method that calls the MySQLUtility to write messages to the log to make logging easier, thus changed the log call throughout all the code that contains a try-catch block.
  • Added code to the main wix configuration file to check if a newer version is already installed and if so abort the installation
  • Fixed code to refresh the Import Procedure Form's preview grid's data source to repaint its contents every time the Call button is pressed.
  • Added code to re-pull connections after connections are migrated from Excel to Workbench.
  • Fixed code so when the Append Data's Automatic Mapping is performed any subsequent change on a mapping resets the mapping to a Manual Mapping.
  • Added code to the InfoDialog class to set the button text to "Show Details" or "Hide Details" depending on the status of the Details text container.
  • Fixed a GUID in the main wix configuration file so now previous versions are uninstalled during a new installation.
  • Added an option to the Export Data's Advanced Options dialog to remove columns with no data, by default the Export Dialog will only flag those columns as Excluded.
  • Added code to display a warning and paint a column red if the column name in the Export Data dialog is not set, display a warning if the table name is not set, and stack warnings but not display them if a column is Excluded, warnings are displayed normally for columns if they are not Excluded anymore.  Added code to prevent the Append and Export of Data if more than 1 selection is made (selecting more than 1 area holding the Ctrl key while selecting Excel cells).
  • Fixed problem that prevented MySQL for Excel from loading when Display settings in Windows 7 is set to Adjust to Best Performance (Oracle bug 14521405 - UNHANDLED EXCEPTION IS THROWN WHEN LOADING MYSQL FOR EXCEL).
  • Fixed code that renames the auto-generated Primary Key column when the Table name changes since it was not detecting if a column with the same name already existed in the table. The column duplication was not actually happening, it looked that way because the automatically generated PK column was not detecting a column had that same name.
  • Fixed code in Export Data dialog to always set an empty string instead of null to the MySQLDataColumn properties that stores MySQL data types (MySQLDataType, RowsFrom1stDataType and RowsFrom2ndDataType). Added code to display a warning and color red a column which Data Type has not been set by the user or has been manually cleared.
  • Added code to output to the application log exception messages consistently in all places where exceptions are catched.

A series of blog posts explaining the new Edit MySQL Data feature and the other existing features are coming in this blog.

You can access the MySQL for Excel documentation at
You can also post questions on our MySQL for Excel forum found at
You can also post questions on our MySQL for Excel forum found at

Enjoy and thanks for the support!


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