MySQL Connector/Net 6.6.6 has been released

Dear MySQL users,

MySQL Connector/Net 6.6.6, a new version of the all-managed .NET driver for MySQL has been released.  This is a maintenance release for 6.6.x.

This release is feature complete. It is recommended for use in production environments.

It is appropriate for use with MySQL server versions 5.0-5.6

It is now available in source and binary form from and mirror sites (note that not all mirror sites may be up to date at this point-if you can't find this version on some mirror, please try again later or choose another download site.)

The 6.6.6 version of MySQL Connector/Net brings the following fixes:

- Fix for GetSchema returning MySqlException instead of ArgumentException when passing an invalid collection name (Oracle bug #16271425, MySql bug #67901).

- Fix for EF 4.3 failing when FK identifiers are too long (MySql bug #67285, Oracle bug #16286397).

- Fix for race condition on ConnectionStringBuilder when using multiple threads

  (MySql bug #68217, Oracle bug #16310698).

- Fix for stored routines being edited from Server explorer appear as ALTER, which may led

  to syntax errors, which may led to Intellisense to stop working (Oracle bug #16357595).

- Fix for Error in Server Explorer when refreshing a table or view (Oracle bug #16363908).

- Fix for Intellisense not available for Views (Oracle bug #16384218).

- Fix for "When saving a new stored procedure, it raises a windows error message", due to

  using definer (Oracle bug #16363828).

- Fix for "The first time a new stored routine is saved, after save, Intellisense doesn't work (Oracle bug #16384238).

- Fix for "Error when saving after changing an existing stored routine name in SQL in the editor" (Oracle bug #16390757).

- Fix for server explorer error opening a remote connection (Oracle bug #16357786).

- Fix for password expiration, new password dialog failed (Oracle bug #16357752).

- Fix for Specifying delete cascade in EF migrations does not work (MySql bug #68457, Oracle bug #16398432).

- Fix for InvalidCastException thrown when executing an stored function (MySql bug #64633, Oracle bug #13864627).

- Fix for Default Command Timeout not applying for EFMySqlCommand (MySql bug #67171, Oracle bug #14825670).

- Fix for Debugger cannot debug stored procedures with a main begin labeled and declare statements included (Oracle bug #16002371).

- Fix for bug If using repair option, then vs2010 doesnt allow to connect to db (Oracle bug #16238242).

- Fix for bug "Can't change the name for a view in view editor" (Oracle bug #13805346).

- Fix for "Cannot change the name for a Foreign Key in table designer" (Oracle bug #16238068).

- Fix for error when trying to set primary key for a column with same name as mysql keyword (like INT) in table designer

  (Oracle bug #16238102).

- Fix for databases not displayed in connect dialog for mysql script when correcting credentials, after entering a bad password

  (Oracle bug #13805337).

- Fix for Debugger fails trying to debug a stored routine in a MySql server hosted in linux without lower_case_table_names option enabled

  (MySql bug #69065, Oracle bug #16770384).

- Fix for Debugger issue, Values through watch tab shouldn't allow to be modified (Oracle bug #14545448).

- Fix for Visual Studio Mysql editor colors cannot be customized (Oracle bug #16453324, MySql bug #67994).

- Fix for Parser fails to recognizes a complex view (Oracle bug #16815427).

- Fix for Altering table's primary key in designer not working (Oracle bug #16866053).

- Fix for Connector/NET cannot read data from a MySql table using UTF-16/UTF-32 (MySql bug #69169, Oracle bug #16776818).

- Fix for Entity Framework when inserts data having Identity columns (Oracle bug #16494585).

- Fix for Malformed query in Entity Framework when eager loading due to multiple projections (MySql bug #67183, Oracle bug #16872852).

- Fix for Migrations in Entity Framework when tries to update database that is already updated (Oracle bug #16869202, MySql bug#68889).

- Fix for bug IIS application pool reset worker process causes website to crash (Oracle bug #16909237, Mysql Bug #67665).

- Fix for intellisense completion, now Views are displayed together with Tables calling intellisense (Oracle Bug #16881451).

- Fix for parser syntax, now the parser supports the clause ALTER TABLE table_name RENAME {INDEX|KEY} old_index_name TO new_index_name introduced in MySql 5.7. (Oracle Bug #16881481)

- Fix for bug Error in LINQ to Entities query when using Distinct().Count() (MySql Bug #68513, Oracle bug #16950146).

- Fix for occasionally return no data when socket connection is slow, interrupted or delayed (MySql bug #69039, Oracle bug #16950212).

- Fix for ConstraintException when filling a datatable (MySql bug #65065, Oracle bug #16952323).

- Fix for Debugging a routine produces an error when binary log is enabled (Oracle bug #16941181). 

- Fix for nested sql generated for LINQ to Entities query with Take and Order by (MySql bug #65723, Oracle bug #16973939).

- Several fixes for the parser:

a) Added a all server supported keywords as identifiers to grammar.

b) Solved some inconsistencies on they way begin (work) vs begin (block) was interpreted regarding server.

c) Added to grammar missing comparison operators for 'handler table read'.

d) Corrected several errors (instead of returning "missing EndOfFile" now returns "No viable alternative at input ...")/

e) Added to grammar missing support for 'show count(*) warnings'.

f) Fixed bug when case expression was accepting 'case end' (must only accept 'end').

g) Added support for '$' in identifiers.

h) Corrected some bugs in escape sequences (like not recognizing \b).

i) Fixed a bug where not all session var references were recognized (@@session.var).

j) Fixed some errors with aggregate functions (like not supporting ALL and DISTINCT).

k) Added support for 'show full tables'.

l) Corrected some inconsistencias with 'character set' clause among grammar statements.

m) Corrected bad support for casting expressions

n) Added support for missing expressions 'default' and 'values'.

o) Added optional support for condition in 'case' expression.

p) Made definition for column definition in DDLs more compliant with server.

q) Added missing support for bool/boolean data types.

r) Corrected some inconsistencies in collate for expressions.

s) Added support for ws_nsweights & opt_ws_levels in weigth function.

t) Corrected many arguments for functions with special syntax (like now being able to accept expressions instead of only literals).

u) Removed some false keywords (engine names like myisam) from lexer spec.

v) Added 200+ extra unit tests.

- Fix for bad query when using LINQ to Entities with a query using Take, OrderBy & Contains in Code First (MySql bug #69751, Oracle bug #17194945).

- Fix for Visual Studio parser for MySql does not recognize properly all valid identifiers (Oracle Bug #16881354).

- Fix for LINQ to Entities error for bad aliasing in column for expression (MySql bug #69922, Oracle bug #17285548).

- Fix for In stored routine debugger, after a case else a begin-end is badly instrumented (Oracle bug #17284598).

The release is available to download




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Enjoy and thanks for the support!

Connector/NET Team


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