Wednesday Jul 31, 2013

MySQL for Windows Store apps

Windows 8 has ushered in the era of Windows Store apps and touch in a Windows OS.  Windows Store apps can be written in a multitude of languages including all .NET languages, Javascript, HTML, and C/C++.  We want to make it easy to write Windows Store apps that connect to the MySQL database.  To that end, we have included Windows Store compatibility in our recent Connector/Net 6.7 release.

 This is done by providing a separate assembly that exposes some of the functionality of the standard Connector/Net provider.   Some of the areas of functionality that is limited or missing as compared to stock Connector/Net are:

  • SSL connections or Windows authentication is not supported
  • MySQLDataAdapter objects are not supported. All access should be through MySQLCommand and MySQLDataReader.
  • Only TCP connections are supported
  • Tracing is not supported
  • GetSchema methods return a different type of object instead of DataTable
  • Some of the constructors have been removed or modified.

You can read more about this at

We think that Windows Store apps are a key component of the Windows story going forward and we will continue to improve and support development of Windows Store application.  To get started developing apps, please download Connector/Net 6.7 from here and be sure and catch a followup tutorial blog from one of our lead developers Roberto Garcia.


Tuesday Jul 16, 2013

Forums available for your questions

We have forums available to help you answer your questions when dealing with our Windows products.  You can post questions, answer other user's questions, and find solutions to your own problems there.   You can find these forums along with many other resources in our Development Zione found at  The forums are located at

 Here are the forum links for our products:

Feel free to post to this forums and answer questions from other users! 

Monday Jul 15, 2013

MySQL Notifier 1.1.4 has been released

The MySQL Windows Experience Team is proud to announce the release of MySQL Notifier version 1.1.4, the  latest addition to the MySQL Installer for Windows.

MySQL Notifier 1.1.4 introduces the following features:

  • Monitoring of services in remote Windows computers (any service, not only MySQL Server services, similar to the local services monitoring offered in MySQL Notifier 1.0.3) via asynchronous Windows Management Instrumentation. Monitored services are grouped by computer name where the topmost is the Localhost. After a service in the Localhost or a remote computer is added to the monitored list, the MySQL Notifier automatically monitors for MySQL Server services addition (this option can be turned-off by users).
  • Monitoring of MySQL Server instances on any platform via a timer configurable by users.  These instances are monitored via MySQL Workbench connections which are automatically shared with the MySQL Notifier. If MySQL Workbench is not installed, the connections are saved and used by the MySQL Notifier and migrated to MySQL Workbench if the latter is installed.

MySQL Notifier is installed using the MySQL Installer for Windows. You can download MySQL Installer from our official Downloads page at

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Wednesday Jul 03, 2013

MySql for Visual Studio 1.0.2 GA has been released

MySQL for Visual Studio is a new product including all of the Visual Studio integration previously available as part of Connector/Net.  The product is now released as GA and is appropriate for use in production environments.  It is compatible with MySQL Server versions 5.0-5.7 and Visual Studio versions 2008-2012.[Read More]

Tuesday Jul 02, 2013

MySql Connector/NET 6.7.4 GA has been released

MySQL Connector/Net 6.7.4, a new version of the all-managed .NET driver for MySQL has been released.  This is the GA, is feature complete. It is recommended for production environments.  It is appropriate for use with MySQL server versions 5.0-5.7.

New features include WinRT Connector, Load Balancing support, Entity Framework 5 and Memcached. 

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Monday Jul 01, 2013

How To: Using spatial data with Entity Framework and Connector/Net

This post is an introduction on how to use the new support  for spatial data types with Entity Framework 5.0 on applications with MySQL and Connector/Net.[Read More]

Here's where you'll hear about all the new and fun stuff we are doing with MySQL on Windows.


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