Thursday Aug 16, 2012

Meet The MySQL Experts Podcast: SQL Server Migration Tool

We recently released a new migration tool for Microsoft SQL Server to MySQL, along with additional tools and features improving the MySQL user experience on Windows.

In the latest episode of our "Meet The MySQL Experts" podcast, Alfredo Kojima, Senior Software Development Manager, talks to us about the new migration tool.

Enjoy the podcast!

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Thursday Mar 08, 2012

Lower Your Database TCO on Windows by up to 96%

If you are a Windows user concerned about the new licensing and pricing of SQL Server 2012, we encourage you to try the MySQL TCO Calculator!

You’ll discover how you can reduce your database TCO by up to 96% with MySQL Enterprise Edition vs SQL Server 2012 Enterprise Edition*.

While MySQL is famously known as the "M" of the popular LAMP stack, Microsoft Windows consistently ranks as the #1 development platform for MySQL users in our surveys. Indeed, MySQL on Windows enables you to:

  • Achieve Huge Database TCO Savings, while relying on World-Class 24/7 technical support from Oracle.
  • Quickly Deploy New Applications, leveraging a database reknown for its ease of use and performance.
  • Save Time with the MySQL Visual Management Tools, enabling you for example to be up and running in only 3 minutes!

For more information about developing, deploying and managing MySQL-based applications on Windows:

Get started today with MySQL on Windows!

* Estimated savings for 3 year database TCO with MySQL Enterprise Edition vs. Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Enterprise Edition, with the following hardware configuration: 4 Intel x86_64 Servers, with 4 CPUs per Server and 8 Cores per CPU.

Friday Sep 30, 2011

New Episode of Oracle’s "Meet The MySQL Experts" Podcast Series

This month, Alex Roedling interviews Software Development Manager Reggie Burnett about MySQL on Windows.

Reggie covers Connector/NET, integration with Visual Studio, MySQL Workbench, the new MySQL installer for Windows, the new external authentication module for Windows, and more...

Enjoy the podcast!

And, a quick reminder that if you’re either attending Oracle OpenWorld or in the bay area next Tuesday, we hope to see you at the MySQL Community Reception!

Tuesday Sep 06, 2011

Oracle Enhances MySQL Manageability on Windows

Windows is a major development and deployment platform for MySQL. A few months ago, we held our first MySQL Online Forum, dedicated to MySQL on Windows. We outlined then why MySQL was a great fit for the Windows environment, and what were the upcoming milestones to make MySQL even better on the Microsoft platform.

We’re now pleased to announce that two important milestones have been completed:

1. The New MySQL Installer for Windows is GA

The MySQL Installer for Windows radically simplifies the installation process for all MySQL users on the Windows platform. It only takes a few minutes from downloading the MySQL Installer to having a ready to use MySQL system on your machine. It delivers:

  • An intuitive graphical interface that guides users through the installation process
  • The ability to install all MySQL products that are required at once
  • An integrated update system for all MySQL products installed

Mike Zinner published an article presenting the then beta installer last April, and you can now download it here.

2. Certification for Windows Failover Clustering

This certification expands the range of High-Availability solutions available for MySQL on Windows, which previously included replication and MySQL Cluster. Users can now power business critical applications with MySQL Enterprise Edition using native Windows clustering services.

Andrew Morgan provided more detailed information in his blog earlier today about the solution and how to get going.

We will be holding a webinar on September 15th at 9.00 am PT to present the two new Windows solutions in more details, Register now!


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