Monday Jan 27, 2014

Configuring MySQL Server for Optimal Performance

Configuring MySQL Server, with the dozens of options available, has always been perceived as a bit of a black art. In MySQL Database 5.6, configuring your MySQL server for optimal performance is easier than ever before.

In the MySQL for Database Administrators course you can learn more.

MySQL 5.6 is configured to work faster out of the box in a wide range of installation scenarios and it is easier than ever to set up the server by adjusting only a small number of settings which cause others to be set. In addition, you get a new default my.cnf file with instructions guiding your through adjusting key settings. The MySQL for Database Administrators course describes many of these settings, allowing you to make an informed choice on how best to configure your server.

You can take this instructor-led course through different delivery methods:

  • Training-on-Demand: You can take this course at your own pace, starting training within 24 hours of registration.
  • Live-Virtual Event: You can attend a live event from your own desk, no travel required. Choose from a selection of events on the schedule to suit different time zones.
  • In-Class Event: Travel to an education center to attend an event. Below is a selection of the events already on the schedule.

 Location  Date  Delivery Language
 Brussels, Belgium
 31 March 2014
 London, England
 3 February 2014
 Belfast, Ireland
 17 March 2014
 Turkey, Istanbul
 24 March 2014
 Milan, Italy
 12 May 2014
 Rome, Italy
 17 February 2014
 Turin, Italy
 24 March 2014
 Seoul, Korea
 3 February 2014
 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
 3 March 2014
 Mexico City, Mexico
 17 February 2014
 San Pedro Garca Garcia, Mexico
 17 February 2014
 Utrecht, Netherlands
 12 May 2014
 Lagos, Nigeria
 7 April 2014
 Makati City, Philippines
 28 April 2014
 Warsaw, Poland
 7 April 2014
 Tunis, Tunisia
 24 March 2014
 Singapore  10 February 2014
 Barcelona, Spain
 7 April 2014
 Madrid, Spain
 9 June 2014

To register for an event, request an additional event or learn more about the authentic MySQL curriculum, go to

Those who have acquired the knowledge in the MySQL for Database Administrators course and have MySQL hands-on experience can prove their skills by taking the MySQL 5.6 Database Administrators certification exam. This exam is now available for preregistration for appointments at a later date.

Wednesday Jun 12, 2013

Recent MySQL Announced Releases

Recently a several releases of MySQL Server were announced to our mailing lists. Do not miss following news:

Monday Aug 01, 2011

More New MySQL 5.6 Early Access Features

Last week was a banner week for MySQL at OSCON. We had many MySQL developers meeting with the MySQL community, conducting technical sessions, leading BOF sessions, working the exhibit hall, and confirming Oracle's leadership in the technical evolution of MySQL.  The highlight of the week was the unveiling of even more 5.6 early access InnoDB and Replication features that are now available for early adopters to download, evaluate and shape via  

InnoDB is one of MySQL's "crown jewels" and beginning in 5.5 is now the default storage engine.  The following 5.6 feature improvements are in direct response to community and customer feedback and requests.  The new 5.6 early access features include:

  • Full-text search
  • REDO log files max size extended to 2 TB
  • UNDO logs on their own tablespace
  • Buffer Pool options for pre-loading/warming on re-start
  • Improved auto-extension of .ibd files
  • Support for smaller 4k, 8k page sizes

Replication is by far the most popular and widely used MySQL feature. The following feature improvements in 5.6 are also in direct response to community and customer feedback and requests.  The new 5.6 early access features include:
  • New Binlog API
  • Binlog group commit (completes InnoDB group commit implemented in MySQL 5.5)
  • Durable Slave Reads
  • Enhanced multi-threaded slaves
You can read about the details, including development blogs on how to get started with each in this new DevZone article.  My sincere thanks and appreciation to the InnoDB and Replication development teams for their leadership in technical innovation and mind share and for their dedicated work in providing these and other new features "early and often" to the MySQL community.  Stay tuned for more to come!

We can't say this "early and often" enough...thanks for your continued support of MySQL!

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