Thursday Nov 26, 2015

Forum PHP 2015 & Upcoming Tech Tour in Paris

Earlier this week the MySQL team participated to the Forum PHP in Paris. It was a great conference, attracting over 600 developers who could attend about 40 talks in 3 parallel tracks. An excellent way to celebrate the 20 years of PHP and the 15 years of AFUP, the French PHP users association in charge of the event; great job! 2015 really is a year of anniversaries!

Oracle’s MySQL VP of Engineering Tomas Ulin delivered a very well received presentation entitled “MySQL 5.7 & JSON: New opportunities for developers”. The slides are available on slideshare. Thanks to Morgan Tocker for his help with the content.

While in Paris Tomas met with Le Monde Informatique, you can read their article here.

To learn more about the latest MySQL news and especially how you can benefit from MySQL 5.7, join our upcoming Tech Tour in Paris (in French) December 8! Check out the agenda and register now! We look forward to seeing you there.

Friday Oct 16, 2015

MySQL Central @ OpenWorld: Sessions from Users & Customers

MySQL Central @ OpenWorld offers you the chance to hear directly from a number of users and customers about their MySQL experience:

Some of the sessions are already getting full...reserve your seat in sessions now with My Schedule!

Not registered for Oracle OpenWorld yet? Register now to save $200 over the on-site price.

We look forward to seeing you soon in San Francisco!

Thursday Oct 08, 2015

Database Partitioning at Airbnb Leveraging MySQL Replication

Willie Yao recently posted a very interesting blog: "How We Partitioned Airbnb’s Main Database in Two Weeks". He describes how Airbnb's engineering team leveraged MySQL Replication to save significant time in their effort to scale their databases:

 "Heading into the 2015 summer travel season, the infrastructure team at Airbnb was hard at work scaling our databases to handle the expected record summer traffic. One particularly impactful project aimed to partition certain tables by application function onto their own database, which typically would require a significant engineering investment in the form of application layer changes, data migration, and robust testing to guarantee data consistency with minimal downtime. In an attempt to save weeks of engineering time, one of our brilliant engineers proposed the intriguing idea of leveraging MySQL replication to do the hard part of guaranteeing data consistency." the blog!

Wednesday Oct 07, 2015

Plan Your MySQL Central @ OpenWorld Sessions with My Schedule

MySQL Central @ OpenWorld is right around the corner!

My Schedule enables you to effectively plan your conference and reserve you seat in sessions. You’ll also get notified of potential updates. Go ahead and start by adding the keynote "MySQL’s State of the Dolphin & Customer Experiences" to your agenda now! Rich Mason, General Manager of the MySQL Global Business Unit, and Tomas Ulin, Vice President of MySQL Engineering, will review Oracle’s latest MySQL innovations and plans. You'll subsequently get the chance to hear from MySQL customers including General Electric, Pinterest and Ticketmaster/Live Nation Entertainment and discover why and how they rely on MySQL solutions.

MySQL Central @ OpenWorld includes over 50 conference sessions, tutorials, Birds-of-a Feather sessions and Hands-on Labs. Our "Focus On" page provides you with an overview of the sessions and their schedule. Add them to you agenda now using My Schedule!

Additionally, you’re invited to join the MySQL Community reception on Tuesday, October 27 at 7.00 pm to celebrate a year of MySQL anniversaries! Oracle OpenWorld attendees, members of local MySQL user groups, MySQL users in the Bay Area - you're all invited to Oracle’s MySQL Community Reception! RSVP today for a fun night.

We look forward to seeing you soon in San Francisco!

Not registered for Oracle OpenWorld yet? Register now to save $200 over the on-site price.

Wednesday Aug 26, 2015

Focus On: MySQL Central @ OpenWorld

What is the best way to get a quick and complete overview of all MySQL sessions at Oracle OpenWorld?

Check out our new "Focus on MySQL Central @ OpenWorld" page. You'll find out about the keynote, conference sessions, tutorials, Birds-of-a-Feather sessions, Hands-On Labs and more...

The page will be updated within a couple of weeks to include the location and time of all sessions.

MySQL Central @ OpenWorld promises to be a very exciting event where you'll be able to learn about all the new MySQL developments & plans and discuss face to face with the engineers developing the MySQL solutions. You'll also have ample time to network with your peers to get new ideas and discuss best practices. Don’t miss this once a year opportunity, register now if you haven’t yet! The early bird discount has been extended until August 30.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Thursday Aug 20, 2015

Successful MySQL Partner Advisory Forum in Japan

Oracle’s MySQL team was very pleased to host a very successful MySQL Partner Advisory Forum earlier this month in Tokyo. Japanese partners got the opportunity to hear directly from Oracle’s MySQL executives, share best practices and network with their peers.

Rich Mason, SVP & General Manager of the MySQL Global Business Unit at Oracle, and Hiromasa Yazaki, Sr. Director of Sales in Japan, kicked off the event with a keynote address outlining Oracle’s MySQL strategy and sharing the latest news with Japanese partners. Juliana Castro, Business Development Director, subsequently dived into partner marketing and sales enablement topics.

During the following sessions, we had the pleasure to welcome on stage both Mr. Kaz Watanabe, General Manager, IT Architecture Integration Div. of IT Management Group of SCSK and Mr. Kazuya Notsu, CEO of Smart Style, to share their MySQL business best practices with the audience. 

Beyond the sessions a networking event was arranged, allowing partners to exchange with their peers as well as with Oracle’s MySQL team members. It was deemed extremely valuable by the attendees, sparking both new ideas and energy! Thank you to all partners who participated! 

The MySQL team, with dolphins!


Last but not least, have you registered for MySQL Central @ OpenWorld, taking place October 25-29 in San Francisco? Check out which customers will be speaking at the keynote and register now if you haven’t!

Tuesday Aug 18, 2015

MySQL Sharding at Pinterest

A few months ago, I pointed to a very interesting blog by Marty Weiner, Engineering Manager at Pinterest.

Marty posted another great blog "Sharding Pinterest: How we scaled our MySQL fleet":

"This is a technical dive into how we split our data across many MySQL servers. We finished launching this sharding approach in early 2012, and it’s still the system we use today to store our core data. 

...Pinterest is a discovery engine for everything that interests you. From a data perspective, Pinterest is the largest human curated interest graph in the world. There are more than 50 billion Pins that have been saved by Pinners onto one billion boards. People repin and like other Pins (roughly a shallow copy), follow other Pinners, boards and interests, and view a home feed of all the Pinners, boards and interests they follow. Great! Now make it scale!"

…Read Marty’s blog to find out about their experience and recommendations.


Want to learn more about MySQL at Pinterest? Join us for the MySQL Central @ OpenWorld keynote! You’ll get the chance to hear them present, along with other customers. Register now if you haven’t yet.

Thursday Aug 06, 2015

MySQL Central @ OpenWorld 2015 Keynote

We announced last month that the MySQL Central @ OpenWorld content catalog was live, and briefly touched upon our "State of the Dolphin & Customer Experiences" keynote. We’re now happy to provide more details.

During the first part, Rich Mason, General Manager of the MySQL Global Business Unit, and Tomas Ulin, Vice President of MySQL Engineering, will review Oracle’s latest innovations and plans.

For the second part, we will be very pleased to welcome on stage the following MySQL customers:

Olaniyi Oshinowo, MySQL & Open Source Technologies Leader at General Electric, will help you understand why they selected MySQL Cluster to power mission critical applications.

At Pinterest, MySQL is a mission-critical datastore containing tens of billions of boards, pins, users, comments, and much more.  You will learn from Ernie Souhrada & Rob Wultsch, members of the database engineering team at Pinterest, how they manage hundreds of servers and a petabyte-scale data footprint.

Hari Tatrakal, Director, Database Services at Live Nation will discuss Ticketmaster’s evolution and how the combination of MySQL and Oracle Database solutions powers the ticketing ecosystem.

The keynote will take place on Monday, October 26 from 4.00 pm to 6.00 pm. Don't miss it!

Check out all the MySQL Central @ OpenWorld sessions and register now if you haven’t yet! You can still take advantage of the early bird discount until August 16.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Monday Jul 20, 2015

Learn About Queries, Stored Routines, and More MySQL Developer Skills

With the MySQL for Developers training course, you learn to:

  • Use client programs and options
  • Access the database from program code
  • Build "NoSQL" applications
  • Write Effective queries and stored routines
  • Inspect database metadata
  • Respond to database events and triggers
  • Handle errors and exceptions
  • Optimize SQL statements 
  • And much more

This course includes exercises in Java and PHP. You can take this course through the following training formats:

  • Training-on-Demand: Start training within 24 hours of registration, following lecture material at your own pace through streaming video and book time to do hands-on exercises when suits your schedule.
  • Live-Virtual Event: Attend a live event from your own desk - no travel required. Choose from a selection of events on the schedule to suit different timezones. Start dates of LVC events on the schedule include 19 October 2015 in German and 26 October 2015 in Traditional Chinese, and 17 August, 5 and 19 October, 30 November 2015 in English.
  • In-Class Event: Travel to an education center to take this class. Below is a selection of the in-class events already on the schedule.
 Location  Date  Delivery Language
 London, England
 12 October 2015  English
 Brussels, Belgium
 7 September 2015  English
 Munich, Germany
 17 August 2015  German
 Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
 17 August 2015  English
 Jakarta, Indonesia
 19 October 2015  English
 Dublin, Ireland
 14 December 2015  English
 Milan, Italy
 16 November 2015  Italian
 Turin, Italy
 28 September 2015  Italian
 Nairobi, Kenya
 21 September 2015  English
 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
 3 August 2015  English
 Pulau Pinang, Malaysia
 23 November 2015  English
 Mexico City, Mexico
 26 October 2015  Spanish
 Monterrey, Mexico
 20 July 2015  Spanish
 Utrecht, Netherlands
 7 September 2015  English
 Warsaw, Poland
 14 September 2015  Polish
 Lisbon, Portugal
 19 October 2015  European Portuguese
 5 October 2015  English
 Madrid, Spain  7 September 2015  Spanish
 Valencia, Spain  9 November 2015  Spanish
 Taipei, Taiwan  26 October 2015  Traditional Chinese
 Bangkok, Thailand  5 October 2015  English

The MySQL for Developers course is the recommended training for those preparing to sit the MySQL 5.6 Developer OCP certification exam. Taking the training course is one step towards preparing to take this exam. Successful candidates will also have significant hands-on experience with the topics to be examined in this certification. 

To register for an event or to learn more about the authentic MySQL curriculum, go to

Monday Jul 13, 2015

MySQL Enterprise Monitor Query Analyzer Identifies Problem Queries

The MySQL Enterprise Monitor Query Analyzer module allows you to identify problem queries in graphical format without having to wade through lengthy log files. Among other topics, the MySQL Performance Tuning course provides an introduction to MySQL Enterprise Monitor capabilities and a walkthrough of the Query Analyzer module.

You can take this course in the following formats:

  • Training-on-Demand: Start training within 24 hours of registration, following lectures at your own pace through streaming video and booking time to do hands-on exercises when suits your schedule.
  • Live-Virtual Event: Attend a live event from your own desk - no travel required. Choose from a selection of events on the schedule to suit different time-zones. Events on the schedule include the following start dates: 11 August and 22 September 2015 in English and 2 November 2015 in German.
  • In-Class Event: Travel to an education center to take this class. In-class events already on the schedule include:
 Location  Date  Delivery Language
Sao Paolo, Brazil
27 July 2015 Brazilian Portuguese
Ballerup, Denmark
16 November 2015 English
Helsinki, Finland
16 November 2015 English
Jakarta, Indonesia
27 July 2015 English
Milan, Italy
12 October 2015 Italian
Turin, Italy
30 November 2015 Italian
Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
22 September 2015 English
Riga, Latvia
18 August 2015 Latvian
Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
12 September 2015 English
Oslo, Norway
21 September 2015 English
13 July 2015 English
Kista, Sweden
16 November 2015 English
Bangkok, Thailand
24 August 2015 English
To register for an event or to learn more about the authentic MySQL curriculum, go to

Tuesday Jul 07, 2015

The MySQL Central @ OpenWorld Content Catalog is Live

Taking place in San Francisco October 25-29, MySQL Central @ OpenWorld offers you the chance to attend MySQL keynotes, conference sessions, tutorials, Hands-On Labs and Birds-of-a-Feather sessions. In addition, you get access to all the Oracle OpenWorld content, receptions and Appreciation Event!

The content catalog listing MySQL sessions is available here.

We’d very much like to thank the MySQL Central @ OpenWorld content committee for putting together such a great program, and especially members from the MySQL community including Sheeri Cabral, Aleksandr Kuzminsky, Daniel van Eeden, Calvin Sun and Wagner Bianchi!

Some of the sessions you will be able to attend include:


"The State of the Dolphin & Customer Experiences":

Edward Screven, Oracle’s Chief Corporate Architect, and Tomas Ulin, vice president of MySQL Engineering will review Oracle’s latest MySQL innovations and plans.

Several customers will then share their MySQL experiences. We will announce who they are in the near future, stay tuned!

Conference Sessions:

  • What’s New in MySQL 5.7 - Geir Hoydalsvik, Oracle
  • JSON Support in MySQL 5.7 – Evgeny Potemkin, Oracle
  • Database Defense in Depth - Geoffrey Anderson, Box
  • MySQL Performance: Demystified Tuning and Best Practices - Dimitri Kravtchuk, Oracle
  • DevOps and Next-Generation Database Monitoring - Sean Chighizola & Peter Garbes, Big Fish Games
  • Yahoo Case Study: MySQL GTIDs and Parallel or Multithreaded Replication - Kavitha Prasad, Yahoo Inc.
  • MySQL Server Performance Tuning 101 - Ligaya Isler-turmelle, Oracle
  • Oracle Enterprise Manager for MySQL Database - Carlos Proal Aguilar, Oracle
  • The Scalability Axes of MySQL Architectures - Nicolai Plum,
  • Update Everywhere with the MySQL Group Replication Plugin - Nuno Carvalho, Oracle
  • A MySQL Sys Schema Deep Dive – Mark Leith, Oracle
  • and more.


  • MySQL Essentials: Getting Started with MySQL - Ligaya Isler-turmelle, Oracle
  • MySQL Replication Tips and Tricks - Joao Gramacho, Oracle
  • How to Analyze and Tune SQL Queries for Better Performance - Oystein Grovlen, Oracle
  • and more.

Birds-of-a-Feather Sessions:

  • MySQL High Availability and Backup – Oracle team
  • Meet the MySQL Server Development Team – Oracle team
  • Riding the Binary Logs: Forthcoming Evolution in the Replication Stream - Jean-François Gagné,
  • and more.

Hands-On Labs

MySQL Central @ OpenWorld will include 7 Hands-On Labs. They are not published in the content catalog yet but will be shortly. They will include:

  • Getting the most out of the Performance Schema in MySQL 5.7 - Mayank Prasad, Oracle
  • Hands-On Installing and Deploying MySQL Fabric and Utilities – Chuck Bell, Oracle
  • Getting Started with MySQL Cluster - Benedita Vasconcelos, Oracle
  • …and more.

Not only will you have the opportunity to meet Oracle’s MySQL engineers and ask all your questions but you’ll also have ample time to network with your peers during several social events:

  • The Oracle OpenWorld Welcome Reception on Sunday night
  • The MySQL Community Reception on Tuesday eve
  • The Appreciation Event on Wednesday eve

Register Now to take advantage of the early bird discount! We look forward to seeing you there!

Monday Jul 06, 2015

Gain MySQL DBA Expertise Where You Are

Did you know that you can take the very popular MySQL for Database Administrators course where ever you are? Our training formats are adapted to help you get the same high-quality training in an education center or from your own desk. So you can learn to configure the MySQL Server, set up replication and security and perform backups and performance tuning and protect MySQL databases at your chosen location.

The available training formats are:


You can take this online course at your own pace as a Training-on-Demand offering, starting training within 24 hours of registration. You will follow lecture material through streaming video and book time to do hands-on exercises when suits your schedule.


If you want to attend a live-event, you can do so from your own desk by choosing a live-virtual event. Choose from a selection of events on the schedule to suit different timezones. Events on the schedule include:

  • Traditional Chinese: 21 September 2015
  • French: 5 October 2015
  • English: 13 and 27 July, 17 August, 21 September, 12, 19 and 26 October and 16 November 2015


And if you want to travel to an education center to attend a class, below is a selection of the in-class events already on the schedule including an impressive array of delivery languages and locations across 5 continents:


 Location  Date  Delivery Language
Nairobi, Kenya 28 September 2015 English
Pretoria, South Africa 17 August 2015 English


 Location  Date  Delivery Language
Sao Paulo, Brazil 20 July 2015 Brazilian Portuguese
Bogota, Colombia 7 September 2015 Spanish
Mexico City, Mexico 5 October 2015 Spanish
Monterrey, Mexico 20 July 2015 Spanish
San Pedro Garza Garcia, Mexico 5 October 2015 Spanish


 Location  Date  Delivery Language
Shanghai, China
6 July 2015 Simplified Chinese
Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
27 July 2015 English
Jakarta, Indonesia
14 September 2015 English
Tel Aviv, Israel
13 December 2015 Hebrew
Seoul, Korea
7 September 2015 Korean
Darul Ehsan, Malaysia
21 September 2015 English
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
17 August 2015 English
Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
29 July 2015 English
Pulau Pinang, Malaysia 17 August 2015 English
Makati City, Philippines 20 July 2015 English
Taipei, Taiwan 21 September 2015 Traditional Chinese
Bangkok, Thailand 14 September 2015 English


 Location  Date  Delivery Language
Brisbane, Australia 19 October 2015 English


 Location  Date  Delivery Language
Brussels, Belgium
21 September 2015 English
Ballerup, Denmark
26 October 2015 English
London, England  3 August 2015 English
Helsinki, Finland
26 October 2015 English
Dublin, Ireland
12 October 2015 English
Milan, Italy
14 September 2015 Italian
Rome, Italy
5 October 2015 Italian
Turin, Italy
14 December 2015 Italian
Utrecht, Netherlands
21 September 2015 English
Warsaw, Poland
7 September 2015 Polish
Edinburgh, Scotland
26 October 2015 English
Madrid, Spain
27 July 2015 Spanish
Kista, Sweden
26 October 2015 English
Basel, Switzerland
5 October 2015 German
Bern, Switzerland 5 October 2015 German
Zurich, Switzerland 5 October 2015 German
Istanbul, Turkey 19 October 2015 Turkish
The MySQL for Database Administrators course is the recommended training for the Oracle Certified Professional MySQL 5.6 Database Administrator certification exam. Oracle's certifications are a real mark of your expertise. Taking the recommended training is one step in your preparation to pass this exam. You will also need significant hands-on experience of the topics examined.

For more information on the authentic MySQL curriculum, go to

Monday Jun 29, 2015

Getting Started on MySQL Cluster

If you are starting out with MySQL Cluster, the MySQL Cluster training course could help you get up and running faster. In this 4-day course, you learn to:

  • Install and configure MySQL Cluster nodes
  • Design simple and advanced cluster topologies
  • Secure cluster nodes and data
  • Back up and restore cluster data
  • Troubleshoot common cluster problems
  • Monitor and optimize cluster performance
  • Use enterprise tools to manage large cluster deployments

You can take this course as a:

  • Live-Virtual Event: Attend a live event from your own desk, no travel required. Choose from a selection of events on the schedule to suit different timezones. Events on the schedule include 5 October 2015 in Traditional Chinese and 11 August, 25 August, 29 September, and 10 November 2015 in English.
  • In-Class Event: Travel to an education center to take this class. Below is a selection of the in-class events already on the schedule:

 Location  Date  Delivery Language
Sao Paulo, Brazil 10 August 2015 Brazilian Portuguese
Causeway Bay, Hong Kong 25 August 2015 English
Singapore 11 August 2015 English
Bangkok, Thailand 12 October 2015 English
To register for an event, or to learn more about the authentic MySQL curriculum, go to

Wednesday Jun 24, 2015

Modirum Authenticates Transactions with MySQL

Modirum is a software and consulting company specializing in secure authentication software products, card payment solutions, consulting and SaaS hosted processing services. The company was founded in 1998 in Finland and has offices in Finland, Norway, Estonia, the UK and elsewhere.

Modirum has worked closely with organisations including Visa and Nokia for the development of authentication protocols such as the 3D-Secure protocol and mobile commerce projects over the years. 3-D Secure is an XML-based protocol designed to be an additional security layer for online credit and debit card transactions. It adds an authentication step for online payments.

Modirum provides a complete 3D-Secure product suite for both card issuers and merchant acquirers. The company has customers in over 30 countries. Millions of cardholders, thousands of merchants and hundreds of card issuer banks utilise Modirum’s software globally.


  • Rely on a database that would deliver the performance and reliability required by the Modirum solutions.
  • The database had to be open source. Modirum exclusively uses open source software throughout its entire infrastructure. Not only is relying on and contributing to open source software in line with the team’s values, but it increases its effectiveness as members can typically identify and fix issues faster, hence delivering more secure and robust solutions.


  • Selected MySQL to power the Modirum secure authentication offerings.  The database met all their requirements, and the team especially valued its very powerful and easy to use replication features. MySQL's huge popularity, large community and ecosystem also made it a safe bet, ensuring the long term viability of the world's most popular open source database.
  • The company's primary data center is located in Oslo, Norway. Multi-master replication is implemented between two MySQL master servers replicating the data to each other. The application's implementation alleviates the need for any conflict resolution. The master servers in turn replicate to slave databases both for reporting and backup purposes. Additionally, all the data is replicated asynchronously to a second data center in Tallinn, Estonia to ensure the company against natural disaster and other risks.
  • 14 to 17 TB (terabytes) of data are usually stored on each MySQL database in the platform. Transaction history is kept during a year and very actively queried by customers investigating dubious credit card transactions. Transaction processing in combination with those inquiries generate about 3,000 to 5,000 queries per second on average, with regular peaks at 10,000 queries per second.
  • MySQL 5.6 is currently used in the infrastructure and the team relies on the MySQL Proxy to log database sessions and fulfill the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) database related requirements.
  • Modirum has standardized on FreeBSD as its operating system and is extensively relying on ZFS for file compression and effective SSD-based storage. The ZFS snapshot capabilities are also used for point in time recovery.
  • According to Eirik Øverby, head of hosted services, "MySQL is a very solid and mature product. It helped us ensure the success of our company". MySQL’s ease of use and open source nature indeed enabled the organization’s highly skilled engineers to immediately act when facing an unexpected issue. They could determine when the problem came from and how to fix it, avoiding critical downtime.

"We’re extremely pleased to see that as Oracle very actively develops MySQL and adds numerous new and useful features, the underpinning philosophy of simplicity and ease of use remains." Eirik Øverby, Head of Hosted Services, Modirum

Monday Jun 22, 2015

Beginners on MySQL Should Start Here

If you are beginning to use the MySQL database, the world's most popular open source database, consider taking the MySQL for Beginners training course. You will learn to:

  • Explain the relational database model
  • Describe the features and benefits of MySQL
  • Install and configure the MySQL server and clients
  • Design efficient databases
  • Use Structured Query Language (SQL) to build your database and query data
  • Use appropriate MySQL tools

You can take this course in the following formats:

  • Training-on-Demand: Start training within 24 hours of registration, following lecture material at your own pace through streaming video and booking time to do hands-on exercises when suits you.
  • Live-Virtual Event: Attend a live event from your own desk - no travel required. You can choose from a selection of events on the schedule to suit different timezones. Dates on the schedule include 14 July and 20 October in Traditional Chinese, 4 and 11 August, 20 October, and 17 November in English and 15 September and 15 December 2015 in German.
  • In-Class Event: Travel to an education center to attend an event. Below is a selection of in-class events already on the schedule.