Tuesday Jan 10, 2012

Announcing MySQL Enterprise Backup 3.7.0

The MySQL Enterprise Backup (MEB) Team is pleased to announce the release of MEB 3.7.0, with several exciting and advanced features to benefit a wide audience. Included in this release are,

 The gist and usefulness of all these new features are described in short below,

Redo Log Only Incremental Backup:
This is a new type of incremental backup that copies only the InnoDB redo log accumulated since the previous full or incremental backup. The original incremental backup technique copies from the InnoDB data files only those pages that were modified since the previous backup. This incremental backup technique based on the redo log is much faster in most cases than incremental backups that read the data files, if incremental backups are taken frequently. You can choose this new method by specifying the --incremental-with-redo-log-only option on the mysqlbackup command line.

Incremental Backup without specifying LSN:
The new option --incremental-base=dir:/  helps you to perform incremental backup without needing to specify lsn value. The input to --incremental-base=dir:/ option is location of any previous backup over which incremental backup is to be done.

Performance Improvements:
Performance of backup-related I/O operations is improved, particularly on Windows, by reusing I/O library code and best practices from the MySQL Server product. To avoid memory fragmentation and overhead from frequent malloc() / free() sequences, the mysqlbackup command now does all read, compress, uncompress, and comparison operations within a fixed-size buffer that remains allocated while the command runs.

Validation of Backup Image using Checksums:
The new validate option of the mysqlbackup command tests the individual files within a single-file backup using a checksum mechanism. Validation helps to verify the integrity of the single-file backup image as the image file is moved between servers and thereby ensure that backups are reliable and consistent.

Hot Backup of InnoDB .frm files
With this new feature, you do not have to manually copy the .frm files to perform restore. The new option --only-innodb-with-frm performs an InnoDB-only backup and backs up even the .frm files of InnoDB tables in non locking mode. Formerly, the InnoDB-only backup required putting the database briefly into a read-only state and copying the .frm files within your own backup script.

Enhancements to Third-Party Media Managers
 To customize the interactions between MySQL Enterprise Backup and media management software (MMS), the --sbt-environment option lets you pass application-specific environment settings to the MMS (for example, Oracle Secure Backup). Each vendor that uses the SBT programming interface could implement its own set of environment variables. The --sbt-environment variable lets you pass environment variable values from any invocation method (for example, a Makefile) rather than setting and unsetting the variables within a wrapper shell script.

For more information about MEB features and examples, please see the MEB documentation located <http://dev.mysql.com/doc/mysql-enterprise-backup/3.7/en/index.html>. My sincere thanks to Lars Thalmann, Sanjay Manwani and all the MEB team members, who have provided valuable features and improvements for every release.

Download the MEB 3.7.0 package from the Oracle Software Delivery Cloud web site <https://edelivery.oracle.com/>. MySQL Enterprise customers can begin deploying MEB 3.7.0 immediately. Users without a MySQL Enterprise license can evaluate MEB 3.7.0 for free for 30 days; please try it out and send your feedback to mysql-backup_ww@oracle.com.

Monday Nov 28, 2011

MySQL 5.5.18 Debian packaging now available

I am happy to announce that MySQL 5.5.18 is now available via Debian native packaging.  We have gotten many requests for this and our build and release teams have pulled together to ensure that our DEB packages are delivered with the highest quality. 

You can download MySQL 5.5.18 Debian 5 and 6 packages from the MySQL Community Download page or from the My Oracle Support portal.

As always, thanks for your continued support of MySQL!

Tuesday Jul 19, 2011

MySQL Enterprise Backup 3.6 - New backup streaming, integration with Oracle Secure Backup and other common backup media solutions

All DBAs understand the importance and priority of quick, reliable database backup and recovery operations.  In fact, dating back to my early days with MySQL, the most commonly requested product features from the MySQL user base have been around online, non-blocking backup solutions for running MySQL servers.  In response, Oracle now provides MySQL Enterprise Backup ("MEB") which performs high performant, online "hot" backups for MySQL databases.  MEB provides all of the backup/recovery features and functionality DBAs expect, all from a scriptable command line interface.  You can learn all about MEB in the related MySQL docs.

My congratulations and appreciation go out to Lars Thalmann and the MySQL Enterprise Backup engineering team for the recent release of MEB 3.6.  While there are many great improvements in this specific release, as an operational DBA I am most excited about the new support for single file streaming and for the SBT interface features, described here:

Single File Streaming - This allows DBAs to offload the footprint of backup images to a different server or storage device without having to store them locally on the MySQL database server.  This removes storage and related overhead from the server being backed up and speeds up total backup time by removing the need to copy local backup images (which even when compressed can be very large) over the network to their ultimate network destination.  You can learn about this specific MEB option along with a good usage example here.

Support for SBT interface - The "Secure Backup to Tape" interface was originally developed by Oracle as a standard way for third-party backup media providers to easily integrate their solutions with Oracle Recovery Manager ("RMAN").  SBT is now supported in MEB 3.6 so MySQL backup images can now be generated by and streamed directly to advanced enterprise backup media management solutions (Oracle Secure Backup, Symantec Netbackup, most others) that are already deployed within an environment.  This simplifies MySQL administration by enabling DBAs to incorporate MySQL backup/recovery operations and media rotation/retention policies into existing standard operating procedures.  You can learn all about this new option, again with a useful example here.

MySQL Enterprise Backup is part of the commercial MySQL Enterprise Edition but like all Oracle products is free to download and use without obligation for 30 days.  This is a great way to try it out to see if it fits your needs.  

You can download and begin working with MEB 3.6 now:

1. Go to Oracle eDelivery.
2. Enter some basic details and click through the agreement.
3. Select "MySQL Product Pack", then your platform, then Go.

I will keep you posted as new MySQL product features and interesting Oracle integrations become available.  As always, thanks for your continued support of MySQL! 

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