Wednesday Aug 07, 2013

Top 10 Reasons to Attend MySQL Connect

MySQL Connect is taking place in San Francisco September 21-23; Counting over 85 sessions and tutorials, the event represents a unique opportunity to boost your MySQL skills and hear from Oracle's MySQL engineers along with customers, partners and MySQL community members.

MySQL Connect Tutorials

Have you signed up yet? If not, you can still save US$300 over the onsite price if you register now!

Here are the top 10 reasons why you should do so:

  1. Better understand Oracle's MySQL strategy. Hear straight from the source how Oracle is driving MySQL innovation, and what are the latest developments and roadmaps.
  2. Learn about real-world experiences from other organizations. Find out about the mistakes you should avoid and the best practices they've developed. You’ll get the chance to hear from MySQL experts at Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, PayPal, Verizon Wireless,, Ticketmaster, Mozilla, Big Fish Games, Tumblr, MercadoLibre, NetMotion Wireless and others.
  3. Meet the engineers developing and supporting the MySQL products. You’ll have the opportunity to ask them all your questions, which can save you significant time and money.
  4. Acquire in-depth knowledge about InnoDB, best of both worlds "SQL & NoSQL" strategies, the MySQL optimizer, performance and scalability tuning, security and numerous other topics.
  5. Understand how you can leverage the new MySQL Database and MySQL Cluster features to develop your next generation Web, cloud, mobile and embedded applications.
  6. Get hands-on experience about improving performance with the MySQL Performance Schema, using MySQL replication, monitoring MySQL Cluster and more with eight different Hands-On Labs.
  7. Express your ideas, engage into discussions and help influence the MySQL roadmap during six Birds-of-a-Feather sessions about InnoDB, sharding & replication, backup and other topics.
  8. Meet partners and learn about third party tools that could be useful in your architecture.
  9. Immerse yourself in the MySQL universe and network with MySQL experts for several days. The discussions as well as the relationships you will create can be priceless and help you execute on your next projects better and faster.
  10. Add a third day of tutorials to your MySQL Connect registration to go even deeper into key MySQL topics and make the most of the event.
  11. As a bonus to the top 10, an 11th reason to attend MySQL Connect is that you’ll have a lot of fun! The passion and the energy are contagious...and you’ll likely get plenty of new ideas!

Don't miss out on this great opportunity, Register Now to save US$300 over the onsite price! Are you attending or planning to attend Oracle OpenWorld or JavaOne? You can add MySQL Connect to your registration for only US$100!

We'll have parallel tracks so you might consider sending a few team members to make the most of the conference.

We look forward to seeing you at MySQL Connect!

Monday Jul 22, 2013

MySQL Connect: Two More Weeks to Save US$500

The Early Bird rate for MySQL Connect has been extended for two weeks. Register by August 2 to save US$500 over the onsite price!

MySQL Connect will be held on September 21 - 23 in San Francisco, California. The conference will start on Saturday with "The State of The Dolphin" keynote presented by Oracle's Chief Corporate Architect, Edward Screven, and Vice President of MySQL Engineering, Tomas Ulin, followed by a panel to discuss "Current MySQL Usage Models and Future Developments", with panelists from renowned web properties including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Paypal.

View the content catalog to browse through the conference sessions, hands-on labs, birds-of-a-feather sessions, and add-on tutorials, delivered by Oracle’s MySQL engineers and well-known community members and users, and start planning your trip. Haven’t registered yet? Don’t worry, the Early Bird registration is now extended, so you can still enjoy the US$500 discount if you register before August 2!

Exhibit/Sponsorship opportunities are also available.

Tuesday Jul 09, 2013

MySQL Connect: Only a Few Days Left to Register and Save US$500

The Early Bird pricing for MySQL Connect will end on July 19, 2013; you only have a few days left to register and save US$500.

MySQL Connect will take place in San Francisco September 21-23. The program includes exciting keynotes, 66 conference sessions, 6 Birds-of-a-Feather sessions, 8 Hands-On Labs, demo pods, fun receptions and more. Some of the presentations you will be able to attend are:

Additionally, you can add a third day of tutorials to your MySQL Connect registration. Here are some of the tutorials you will get the chance to attend:

Check out the MySQL Connect Content Catalog and Register Now, before July 19, 2013, to save US$500 with the early Bird discount!

Exhibit/Sponsorship opportunities are also available.

We look forward to seeing you at MySQL Connect!

Friday Jun 28, 2013

Thank You MySQL Connect Content Committee Members

Yesterday we announced the publication of the MySQL Connect Content Catalog.

We would like today to thank the MySQL Connect Content Committee members, and especially our external members, for their efforts helping us to build the best possible MySQL Connect program. The Call for Papers had generated a large number of great submissions (thank you all for that!) and it was indeed a tough job to select sessions among those.

So thank you very much, Sheeri, Erin, Giuseppe, Calvin and Yoshinori! Your input has been invaluable.

Learn more about MySQL Connect (San Francisco Sept 21-23).

Register Now and Save US$500 with the Early Bird Discount.

Thursday Jun 27, 2013

Discover the MySQL Connect Content Catalog!

The MySQL Connect content catalog is now live! MySQL Connect, taking place in San Francisco Sept 21-23, offers you a unique opportunity to attend:

Keynotes including:
Over 65 Conference sessions enabling you to hear from:
  • Oracle MySQL engineers on MySQL 5.6, InnoDB, replication, performance tuning, security, NoSQL, MySQL Cluster, Big Data...and more.
  • MySQL customers including the US Census Bureau, Big Fish Games,, Ticketmaster, and Tumblr.
  • Internationally recognized MySQL community members and partners on topics such as performance, MySQL 5.6, backup, MySQL in the Cloud, OpenStack and Hadoop.

6 Birds-of-a-feather sessions about sharding, replication, backup, and other subjects.

8 Hands-On Labs designed to give you hands-on experience about MySQL replication, the MySQL Performance Schema, MySQL Cluster...and more.

6 Tutorials providing you in-depth knowledge about MySQL Performance Tuning best practices, enhancing productivity with MySQL 5.6 new features or the essentials to get started with MySQL (tutorials are available as an add-on package to MySQL Connect registrants).

Demo pods and exhibitors, to learn more about Partner’s and Oracle’s offerings.

Receptions on both Saturday and Sunday nights, enabling you to ask all your questions to Oracle's MySQL engineers and to network with some of the world’s best MySQL professionals.

Check out the MySQL Connect content catalog and find out about the amazing sessions you have the opportunity to attend.

Reminder: The early bird discount is running until July 19, Register Now to save US$500!

Plan to Attend Oracle OpenWorld or JavaOne? Add the MySQL Connect event to your Oracle OpenWorld or JavaOne registration for only US$100.

Exhibit/Sponsorship opportunities are also available.

We look forward to seeing you at MySQL Connect!

Friday Jun 07, 2013

MySQL Connect Tutorials

MySQL Connect 2013 will be bigger and even better. In addition to the keynotes, conference sessions, Birds-of-a-Feather sessions, and hands-on labs, you have the opportunity to include an additional day of tutorials on Monday, September 23.

Whether you are getting started with MySQL or an experienced user, the following tutorials will allow you to acquire in-depth knowledge, directly from Oracle's MySQL Engineers:

  • Getting Started with MySQL: Learn the Essentials
  • Enhancing Productivity with MySQL 5.6 New Features
  • How to Analyze and Tune SQL Queries for Better Performance
  • MySQL 5.6 Replication Tips and Tricks
  • MySQL 5.6 Performance Tuning and Best Practices
  • Getting Started with MySQL Cluster

Learn more about MySQL Connect tutorials and sign up now to secure your seat - space is limited.

Early Bird Discount: Register for MySQL Connect by July 19, 2013 and you’ll save US$500 off the onsite price. Plan to Attend Oracle OpenWorld or JavaOne? You can add the MySQL Connect event to your Oracle OpenWorld or JavaOne registration for only US$100.

Don’t miss MySQL Connect, and MySQL Connect Tutorials! Register Now!

Thursday Mar 14, 2013

The MySQL Connect 2013 Call for Papers is Open!

Following the success of its first MySQL Connect edition, Oracle will hold MySQL Connect 2013 on September 21-23 in San Francisco.

The Call for Papers is now open, and will be running until April 12. We highly encourage MySQL users, customers, partners and community members to submit session proposals now.

MySQL Connect represents a unique opportunity to learn about the latest features of the best MySQL product releases ever, discuss product roadmaps, and connect directly with the engineers driving MySQL innovation.

The Conference is chock-full with technical sessions, hands-on labs, Birds of a Feather (BOF) sessions and tutorials delivered by MySQL community members, users, customers, partners and Oracle’s MySQL engineers.

The event will include five tracks: Performance and Scalability, High Availability & Replication, Cloud & Big Data, Database Administration & DevOps, Architecture and Application Development.

This is your chance to share real-world experiences, best practices and insights you’ve gained with the MySQL Community at large. You’ll be able to address not only long time MySQL users and highly experienced professionals but also newer and eager MySQL customers traditionally attending Oracle OpenWorld. Don’t miss this opportunity and submit your sessions today.

Interested in exhibiting and sponsoring? Email for details.

Thursday Oct 11, 2012

MySQL Connect Keynotes and Presentations Available Online

Following the tremendous success of MySQL Connect, you can now watch some of the keynotes online:

The State of the Dolphin – by Oracle Chief Corporate Architect Edward Screven and MySQL Vice President of Engineering Tomas Ulin

MySQL Perspectives – featuring power users of MySQL who share their experiences and perspectives:

  • Jeremy Cole, DBA Team Manager, Twitter
  • Daniel Austin, Chief Architect, PayPal
  • Ash Kanagat, IT Director; and Shivinder Singh, Database Architect, Verizon Wireless

You can also access slides from a number of MySQL Connect presentations in the Content Catalog. Missing ones will be added shortly (provided the speakers consented to it).


Sunday Sep 30, 2012

Attending MySQL Connect? Your Opinion Matters.

Take the MySQL Connect 2012 Survey

Thanks to everyone who is at the first ever MySQL Connect Conference in San Francisco this weekend! Don't forget to take your Conference and Session Surveys. Your opinions help shape next year's conference.

  • Take a survey for each of the sessions you attend and be entered into a drawing for one prize for $200 American Express Gift Certificate.
  • Fill in the daily conference survey and be entered into a drawing for one prize for a $500 American Express Gift Card
  • Surveys are located here.

Make your opinion count! Take the survey now.

Congratulations to Robin Schumacher from DataStax as he is the winner of the Saturday survey!

Wednesday Sep 26, 2012

MySQL Connect and OurSQL Interview

In the latest episode of our "Meet The MySQL Experts" podcast, I had the pleasure of being able to interview the hosts of the OurSQL podcast, Sheeri Cabral of Mozilla and Gerry Narvaja of Tokutek, about the upcoming MySQL Connect Conference.  Enjoy the podcast !

MySQL Connect Blog posts:

You can check out the full program here as well as in the September edition of the MySQL newsletter.

Not registered yet? You can still save US$ 300 over the on-site fee – Register Now!

MySQL Connect Starting in 3 Days - New Keynote Announced

We're very pleased to announce a new keynote that will take place on Saturday morning at 10.00 am:

"Community Perspective - Why Upgrade to MySQL 5.6"

Sarah Novotny will lead a lively panel discussion with several MySQL Community members. They will share their opinions and debate about the new MySQL Database features they’re excited about.

Moderator: Sarah Novotny, CIO, Meteor Entertainment


Sheeri Cabral, Database Admin/Architect, Mozilla

Giuseppe Maxia, QA Director, Continuent

Domas Mituzas, Database Performance Team, Facebook

Mark Leith, Software Development Senior Manager, Oracle

This new keynote will follow the State of the Dolphin address by Oracle's Chief Corporate Architect Edward Screven and VP of MySQL Engineering Tomas Ulin. An exciting kick-off for MySQL Connect!

Not registered yet? You can still save US$ 300 off the on-site fee – Register Now!

Tuesday Sep 25, 2012

MySQL Connect in 4 Days - Sessions From Users and Customers

Let’s review today the conference sessions where users and customers will describe their use of MySQL as well as best practices.

Remember you can plan your schedule with Schedule Builder.

Saturday, 11.30 am, Room Golden Gate 7:

MySQL and Hadoop—Chris Schneider,

Saturday, 1.00 pm, Room Golden Gate 7:

Thriving in a MySQL Replicated World—Ed Presz and Andrew Yee, Ticketmaster

Saturday, 1.00 pm, Room Golden Gate 8:

Rick’s RoTs (Rules of Thumb)—Rick James, Yahoo!

Saturday, 2.30 pm, Room Golden Gate 3:

Scaling Pinterest—Yashwanth Nelapati and Evrhet Milam, Pinterest

Saturday, 4.00 pm, Room Golden Gate 3:

MySQL Pool Scanner: An Automated Service for Host Management—Levi Junkert, Facebook

Sunday, 10.15 am, Room Golden Gate 3:

Big Data Is a Big Scam (Most of the Time)—Daniel Austin, PayPal

Sunday, 11.45 am, Room Golden Gate 3:

MySQL at Twitter: Development and Deployment—Jeremy Cole and Davi Arnaut, Twitter

Sunday, 1.15 pm, Room Golden Gate 3:

CERN’s MySQL-as-a-Service Deployment with Oracle VM: Empowering Users—Dawid Wojcik and Eric Grancher, DBA, CERN

Sunday, 2.45 pm, Room Golden Gate 3:

Database Scaling at Mozilla—Sheeri Cabral, Mozilla

Sunday, 5.45 pm, Room Golden Gate 4:

MySQL Cluster Carrier Grade Edition @ El Chavo, Latin America’s #1 Facebook Game—Carlos Morales, Playful Play

You can check out the full program here as well as in the September edition of the MySQL newsletter.

Not registered yet? You can still save US$ 300 over the on-site fee – Register Now!

Monday Sep 24, 2012

MySQL Connect in Only 5 Days – Some Fun Stuff!

We’ve recently blogged about the various MySQL Connect sessions focused on MySQL Cluster, InnoDB, the MySQL Optimizer and MySQL Replication. But we also wanted to draw your attention to some great opportunities to network and have fun! That’s also part of what makes a good conference...

MySQL Connect Reception

San Francisco Hilton - Continental Ballroom

6:30 p.m.–8:30 p.m.

A great opportunity to network with Oracle’s MySQL engineers, partners having a booth in the exhibition hall and just about everyone at MySQL Connect. Long time MySQL users will see many familiar faces, and new users will be able to build valuable relationships. A must attend reception for sure!

Taylor Street Open House

7:00 p.m.–9:00 p.m.

After two intense days at MySQL Connect, you’ll get the chance to relax and continue networking at the Taylor Street Café Open House on Sunday evening. Perhaps recharging batteries for a full week at Oracle OpenWorld…

The Oracle OpenWorld Music Festival

Starting on Sunday eve and running through the entire duration of Oracle OpenWorld, the first Oracle OpenWorld Musical Festival features some of today’s breakthrough musicians. It’s five nights of back-to-back performances in the heart of San Francisco. Registered Oracle conference attendees get free admission, so remember your badge when you head to a show. More information here.

You can check out the full MySQL Connect program here as well as in the September edition of the MySQL newsletter.

Not registered yet? You can still save US$ 300 over the on-site fee – Register Now!

Thursday Sep 20, 2012

MySQL Connect 9 Days Away – Optimizer Sessions

Following my previous blog post focusing on InnoDB talks at MySQL Connect, let us review today the sessions focusing on the MySQL Optimizer:

  • Saturday, 11.30 am, Room Golden Gate 6:

MySQL Optimizer Overview—Olav Sanstå, Oracle

The goal of MySQL optimizer is to take a SQL query as input and produce an optimal execution plan for the query. This session presents an overview of the main phases of the MySQL optimizer and the primary optimizations done to the query. These optimizations are based on a combination of logical transformations and cost-based decisions. Examples of optimization strategies the presentation covers are the main query transformations, the join optimizer, the data access selection strategies, and the range optimizer. For the cost-based optimizations, an overview of the cost model and the data used for doing the cost estimations is included.

  • Saturday, 1.00 pm, Room Golden Gate 6:

Overview of New Optimizer Features in MySQL 5.6—Manyi Lu, Oracle

Many optimizer features have been added into MySQL 5.6. This session provides an introduction to these great features. Multirange read, index condition pushdown, and batched key access will yield huge performance improvements on large data volumes. Structured explain, explain for update/delete/insert, and optimizer tracing will help users analyze and speed up queries. And last but not least, the session covers subquery optimizations in Release 5.6.

  • Saturday, 7.00 pm, Room Golden Gate 4:

BoF: Query Optimizations: What Is New and What Is Coming?

This BoF presents common techniques for query optimization, covers what is new in MySQL 5.6, and provides a discussion forum in which attendees can tell the MySQL optimizer team which optimizations they would like to see in the future.

  • Sunday, 1.15 pm, Room Golden Gate 8:

Query Performance Comparison of MySQL 5.5 and MySQL 5.6—Øystein Grøvlen, Oracle

MySQL Release 5.6 contains several improvements in the query optimizer that create improved performance for complex queries. This presentation looks at how MySQL 5.6 improves the performance of many of the queries in the DBT-3 benchmark. Based on the observed improvements, the presentation discusses what makes the specific queries perform better in Release 5.6. It describes the relevant new optimization techniques and gives examples of the types of queries that will benefit from these techniques.

  • Sunday, 4.15 pm, Room Golden Gate 4:

Powerful EXPLAIN in MySQL 5.6—Evgeny Potemkin, Oracle

The EXPLAIN command of MySQL has long been a very useful tool for understanding how MySQL will execute a query. Release 5.6 of the MySQL database offers several new additions that give more-detailed information about the query plan and make it easier to understand at the same time. This presentation gives an overview of new EXPLAIN features: structured EXPLAIN in JSON format, EXPLAIN for INSERT/UPDATE/DELETE, and optimizer tracing. Examples in the session give insights into how you can take advantage of the new features. They show how these features supplement and relate to each other and to classical EXPLAIN and how and why the MySQL server chooses a particular query plan.

You can check out the full program here as well as in the September edition of the MySQL newsletter.

Not registered yet? You can still save US$ 300 over the on-site fee – Register Now!

Wednesday Sep 19, 2012

MySQL Connect Only 10 Days Away - Focus on InnoDB Sessions

Time flies and MySQL Connect is only 10 days away!

You can check out the full program here as well as in the September edition of the MySQL newsletter.

Mat recently blogged about the MySQL Cluster sessions you’ll have the opportunity to attend, and below are those focused on InnoDB. Remember you can plan your schedule with Schedule Builder.

  • Saturday, 1.00 pm, Room Golden Gate 3:

10 Things You Should Know About InnoDB—Calvin Sun, Oracle

InnoDB is the default storage engine for Oracle’s MySQL as of MySQL Release 5.5. It provides the standard ACID-compliant transactions, row-level locking, multiversion concurrency control, and referential integrity. InnoDB also implements several innovative technologies to improve its performance and reliability. This presentation gives a brief history of InnoDB; its main features; and some recent enhancements for better performance, scalability, and availability.

  • Saturday, 5.30 pm, Room Golden Gate 4:

Demystified MySQL/InnoDB Performance Tuning—Dimitri Kravtchuk, Oracle

This session covers performance tuning with MySQL and the InnoDB storage engine for MySQL and explains the main improvements made in MySQL Release 5.5 and Release 5.6. Which setting for which workload? Which value will be better for my system? How can I avoid potential bottlenecks from the beginning? Do I need a purge thread? Is it true that InnoDB doesn't need thread concurrency anymore? These and many other questions are asked by DBAs and developers. Things are changing quickly and constantly, and there is no “silver bullet.” But understanding the configuration setting’s impact is already a huge step in performance improvement. Bring your ideas and problems to share them with others—the discussion is open, just moderated by a speaker.

  • Sunday, 10.15 am, Room Golden Gate 4:

Better Availability with InnoDB Online Operations—Calvin Sun, Oracle

Many top Web properties rely on Oracle’s MySQL as a critical piece of infrastructure for serving millions of users. Database availability has become increasingly important. One way to enhance availability is to give users full access to the database during data definition language (DDL) operations. The online DDL operations in recent MySQL releases offer users the flexibility to perform schema changes while having full access to the database—that is, with minimal delay of operations on a table and without rebuilding the entire table. These enhancements provide better responsiveness and availability in busy production environments. This session covers these improvements in the InnoDB storage engine for MySQL for online DDL operations such as add index, drop foreign key, and rename column.

  • Sunday, 11.45 am, Room Golden Gate 7:

Developing High-Throughput Services with NoSQL APIs to InnoDB and MySQL Cluster—Andrew Morgan and John Duncan, Oracle

Ever-increasing performance demands of Web-based services have generated significant interest in providing NoSQL access methods to MySQL (MySQL Cluster and the InnoDB storage engine of MySQL), enabling users to maintain all the advantages of their existing relational databases while providing blazing-fast performance for simple queries. Get the best of both worlds: persistence; consistency; rich SQL queries; high availability; scalability; and simple, flexible APIs and schemas for agile development. This session describes the memcached connectors and examines some use cases for how MySQL and memcached fit together in application architectures. It does the same for the newest MySQL Cluster native connector, an easy-to-use, fully asynchronous connector for Node.js.

  • Sunday, 1.15 pm, Room Golden Gate 4:

InnoDB Performance Tuning—Inaam Rana, Oracle

The InnoDB storage engine has always been highly efficient and includes many unique architectural elements to ensure high performance and scalability. In MySQL 5.5 and MySQL 5.6, InnoDB includes many new features that take better advantage of recent advances in operating systems and hardware platforms than previous releases did. This session describes unique InnoDB architectural elements for performance, new features, and how to tune InnoDB to achieve better performance.

  • Sunday, 4.15 pm, Room Golden Gate 3:

InnoDB Compression for OLTP—Nizameddin Ordulu, Facebook and Inaam Rana, Oracle

Data compression is an important capability of the InnoDB storage engine for Oracle’s MySQL. Compressed tables reduce the size of the database on disk, resulting in fewer reads and writes and better throughput by reducing the I/O workload. Facebook pushes the limit of InnoDB compression and has made several enhancements to InnoDB, making this technology ready for online transaction processing (OLTP). In this session, you will learn the fundamentals of InnoDB compression. You will also learn the enhancements the Facebook team has made to improve InnoDB compression, such as reducing compression failures, not logging compressed page images, and allowing changes of compression level.

Not registered yet? You can still save US$ 300 over the on-site feeRegister Now!


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