Friday Feb 27, 2015

MySQL/Java Tech Day in Cameroon

The recently created Cameroon MySQL User Group in cooperation with the local Java User Group are happy to announce the MySQL/Java Tech Day covering both technical areas. This event is the first event on Java & MySQL in Cameroon and we are very happy to invite you to come if you are around.
  • Event : MySQL/Java Tech Day
  • When : 21st March 2015
  • Place :  ActivSpaces – Boulevard de la liberte, Akwa Douala
  • Agenda: available
    • 9:15 – 9:45: Keynotes: Introduction of MUG Cameroon & CemerJUG
    • 9:45 – 10:30: MySQL. The database for the web by Kwaye Gabriel Kant, the Leader of MUG Cameroon
    • 10:30 – 10:45: Coffee Break
    • 10:45-11:35: 10 minutes sponsor sessions (ActivSpaces, Objis, ABHoster, Novazen, FreelancerTech...)
    • 11:35-12:05: Cloud Computing: MySQL as a service by Patrick NDJIENTCHEU, CEO Founder
    • 12:05-13:00: Java Entreprise. JPA with MySQL database by Daniel FOUOMENE, PhD student computer Science, University of Yaounde, CEO Founder
    • 13:00-14:00: MySQL tools for Database Administrator by Stella BULU, Oracle DBA OCP, AppTech
    • 14:00-14:50: Lunch break
    • 14:50-15:30: What is Oracle ? By Eric NKILI the Oracle Application DBA, AppsTech
    • 15:30-16:10: Java Application Server: Deployment with Glassfish by Jeremie NGUETSOP, Java senior developer
    • 16:10-17:00: Conference/debate
We are looking forward to seeing you at this MysQL / Java Tech day on March 21st, 2015!

Thursday Feb 26, 2015

Upcoming Webinars in Korean, Japanese, Chinese and German

Oracle's MySQL team runs monthly webinars in English, and occasionally in other languages. You now have the opportunity to attend the following webinars:

Register now to join! You'll learn and get the chance to get all your questions answered.

Monday Feb 23, 2015

SMUG - Sweden MySQL User Group meeting

We are pleased to invite you to the next SMUG meeting which will be hold on April 28th in Stockholm, please find more details below:
  • Where: King, Sveavägen 44, Stockholm, Sweden
  • When: Tuesday, April 28 at 3:00pm - 6:00pm 
  • Agenda:
    • Partitioning your data and partition news in MySQL 5.7 - Matthias Jonsson, developer in InnoDB team
    • New optimizer cost model in MySQL 5.7 - Martin Hansson, developer in MySQL optimizer team.
  • Registration pages:

MySQL User Group Nigeria (Coders234) KickOff meeting - the date has been changed!

We are pleased to invite everyone who is around to the first MySQL User Group Nigeria (Coders234) which will happen on March 4, 2015 (not March 2, 2015 as was announced previously, the date has been changed). Please find details about the MUG meeting below:

  • Date: March 4, 2015 
  • Time: 10am-1pm 
  • Place: Cyber Mate Rijiyan Zaki BUK New Site Road Kano, Nigeria  
  • Agenda:  
    • 10am - 11am: MySQL From the web to the Cloud 
    • 11am - 1pm: Effectively Deploy MySQL Applications on Windows 
  • Meetup link
  • Registration
Please come to join this KickOff meeting and learn on how MySQL fit the cloud computing revolution and how deploy MySQL Applications on Windows.  

Wednesday Feb 18, 2015

Get Ready for the MySQL Central 2015 Call for Papers

MySQL Central @ OpenWorld 2015 will take place October 25-29 in San Francisco. It will, as last year, be an integral part of Oracle OpenWorld.

While dates are still subject to change, the Call for Papers (CFP) will likely open around March 25 and close around April 29, remaining open during 5 weeks. You can however already prepare your submission(s) now in order to avoid any rush and be ready to submit once the CFP opens. Here is the information you will need to provide to submit a session:

  • Title
  • Conference session type: This can either be a conference session (45 min), a Birds-of-a-Feather session (45 min), or a tutorial (2 hours). You are obviously welcome to submit several sessions.
  • Abstract: 750 characters maximum including spaces
  • Speaker’s name(s), e-mail(s), phone(s) and bio(s)
  • Track - MySQL Central @ OpenWorld 2015 will have 6 tracks:
  • Performance & Scalability
  • High Availability
  • NoSQL & Big Data
  • Cloud and DevOps
  • Database Administration
  • Architecture and Application Development

Get started now and you will have ample time to prepare your submissions.

Let us know if you have any question. We look forward to a fantastic MySQL Central @ OpenWorld 2015!

Thursday Feb 12, 2015

Upcoming MySQL Tech Tours in EMEA

Oracle's MySQL team is running numerous Tech Tours in EMEA during the upcoming weeks.

Want to learn more about delivering High Availability and scalability with MySQL Fabric? Discover what's new in MySQL Cluster? Better understand how to unlock Big Data insights with MySQL?

Join us to learn about the above and many other topics. Check out the following dates and locations and register now!

Additional locations and dates will be announced in the near future at:

The Tech Tours offer you a unique chance to meet with the MySQL team, learn how MySQL solutions can help you achieve your goals and get all your questions answered.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Wednesday Feb 11, 2015

FOSDEM 2015 with MySQL & MySQL 20 years anniversary celebration!

During the weekend of January 31-February 1, 2015 we attended the biggest open source conference in Europe, FOSDEM 2015 in Brussels, Belgium. We got again great attendance from MySQL team from around the Europe with following talks in the MySQL & Friends dev. room on Sunday, Feb 1:

  • Andrew Morgan, MySQL Product Manager from the UK talked about "NoSQL & SQL - the best from both words". See Andrew's blog including the slides.
  • Norvald H. Ryeng, the MySQL Optimizer engineer, Norway with a talk on "Web Mapping with MySQL". Norvald also contributed to the other "Distributions" on "Upstream Downstream"
  • Luis Soares, the Lead Software Engineer and MySQL Replication Team lead, Portugal had 2 talks in the MySQL & Friends
    • Zooming in on the New MySQL Group Replication Plugin
    • The New MySQL Replication Features in MySQL 5.7 and Beyond
  • Sveta Smirnova, the MySQL Senior Principal Support Engineer & an author of book "MySQL Troubleshooting" had 2 talks:
    • Moving to the NoSQL side: MySQL JSON functions
    • Performance Schema for MySQL Troubleshooting

MySQL & Friends - Sunday, February 1st, 2015:

During Saturday we staffed the MySQL booth with a guest from Java team sharing the table with us. We got a several good questions on MySQL, JSON features, MySQL support, news and more. However we found out that the MySQL dolphins were even more popular than the boogie boots 2 years ago... almost all of them were out by end of Saturday's afternoon! 

The evening on Saturday there was a MySQL & Friends community dinner organized by Percona. This evening event socializing and getting the MySQLers together starting to be a tradition at FOSDEM, but this time also with a MySQL 20 years anniversary celebration with a fantastic MySQL cake!!! Almost all 36 registered attendees stayed till 11pm when we cut the cake. Many thanks (especially to Liz Van Dijk who made the cake by herself) for all the effort with arranging this great dinner! 

MySQL 20 years anniversary cake:

Liz cutting the cake:

Monday Feb 09, 2015

Oracle's MySQL image Coming Soon on Docker Hub Registry

In case you missed it, Oracle announced last Thursday the immediate availability of Oracle Linux on the Docker Hub Registry. We also announced that we would provide a new Oracle-maintained MySQL image for the official repos on Docker Hub late February, further enabling developers to rapidly benefit from the latest MySQL innovations. Check out the press release for more details.

Are you using MySQL with Docker? Let us know about your use case and what we can do to improve your experience.

Tuesday Jan 27, 2015

Events where you can find MySQL in February - August 2015 in all regions

As follow up to the previous announcement from November 28, 2014, here is the list of known events where you can find MySQL team. Please find the list below:

February 2015:
  • SunShinePHP, Florida, US (February 5-7, 2015)
    • MySQL Community team is Bronze sponsor of this show and you can find there our MySQL Community member.
  • DrupalCon Bogota, Colombia (February 10-12, 2015)
    • Find MySQL at MySQL booth in the exhibition area as well as at following talk/session:
      • Tue, Feb 10, 2015@ 5-6pm on "Drupal + MySQL in Colombia & beyond: real life examples of Site Builds" by Pedro Andrade
  • ConFoo CA, Montreal, Canada (February 16-20, 2015)
    • MySQL Community team is represented by Morgan Tocker, the MySQL Community Manger and you can find Morgan at following sessions:
      • Fri, Feb 20, 2015 @1-1:45pm on "Using MySQL in Automated Testing" 
      • Fri, Feb 20, 2015 @3-3:45pm on "Upcoming changes in MySQL 5.7"
  • Southern California Linux Expo 2015 (ScaLE) Los Angeles, US (February 19-22, 2015)
    • Please come to find and talk to MySQL guys during February 20-22, 2015. During Sunday there will be also a MySQL talk as follows:
      • Sun, Feb 22, 2015 @3:00-4:00pm on "The Proper Care and Feeding of a MySQL Server for Busy Linux Admins" by David Stokes, the MySQL Community Manager.
  • Data Science Conclave, Chennai, India (February 20-21, 2015)
    • Local MySQL team is going to have MySQL talk at this show, this time the first time we attend this show, come to listen the MySQL talk as well as ask our MySQL guys attending.
  • OpenSource Tokyo, Japan (February 27-28, 2015)
    • As tradition, MySQL is a part of the OpenSource Conferences organized at several places in Japan. This time again back in Tokyo. Come to find our MySQL team at the MySQL booth in the exhibition area as well as come to listen MySQL talks as follows:
March 2015:
  • FOSSASIA, Singapore (March 13-15, 2015)
    • First time MySQL Community Team attends also this Asias' Premier Open Technology Event in Singapore focused on Open Source, Big Data, Design Thinking and Free Knowledge Tools. You can find MySQL team at MySQL booth in the expo area as well as you might find interesting any of following MySQL talks:
      • "MySQL Cluster as Transactional NoSQL" by Ryusuke Kajiyama,
      • "How to setup a scalable web architecture with MySQL Fabric" by Ricky Setyawan,
      • "Enhanced High Availability using MySQL Group Replication" by Manish Kumar,
      • "MySQL Performance Schema" by Manyak Prasad.
    • Watch the FOSSASIA website for any updates on the schedule.
  • Midwest PHP, SFO, US (March 14-15, 2015)
    • As tradition we are attending this show with following talk. Please come to talk to Dave Stokes, the MySQL Community Manager.
      • Sat, Mar 14, 2015 @1:00-2:00pm on "MySQL 5.7 - New Features, Better Performance, and Things That Will Break" by Dave Stokes.
  • MidCamp 2015, Chicago, US (March 19-22, 2015)
    • MySQL Community Team is a sponsor of this event and will be represented by Morgan Tocker, the MySQL Community Manager. There are plans for BOF and or Unconference session, please watch the accepted sessions at MidCamp webpage for further updates.
April 2015:
  • PyCon Montreal, Canada (April 8-12, 2015)
    • Come to MySQL booth to talk to us at PyCon Montreal!
  • LOADays (Linux Open Administration Days), Wilrijk, Belgium (April 11-12, 2015)
    • MySQL together with Oracle Linux team are going to attend this Administration days in Belgium. Watch the LOADays website for updates on the talk submissions and schedule.
  • Percona Live, Santa Clara, US (April 13-16, 2015) 
    • Multiple MySQL speakers are going to be part of Percona Live in April. Please watch the Percona Live website for program update.
  • OpenSource Days, Bielsko, Poland (April 17-19, 2015)
    • Our local MySQL team is going to have a MySQL workshop as well as will submit MySQL papers. Watch the OpenSource Days website for more updates.
  • JAX 2015, Mainz, Germany (April 20-24, 2015)
    • MySQL team will join the Oracle Java group at the Oracle booth in exhibition area. Come to meet both, Java & MySQL teams!
  • Great Indian Developer Summit (GIDS), Bangalore, India (April 21-25, 2015)
    • MySQL Community team is going to have a Community talk scheduled for the Day of GIDS.DATA on Apr 24, 2015. Watch the organizers website for further updates.
  • JavaScript UnConference, Hamburg, Germany (April 25-26, 2015)
    • As tradition we will attend the JC UnConf in Hamburg. Come to find our representatives at this small special "unconference" event.
May 2015:
  • OpenSUSE, Den Haag, Netherlands (May 1-4, 2015)
    • Come to meet MySQL at the MySQL booth in the expo area. We are also waiting for the final schedule to be announced in order to confirm MySQL sessions.
  • OpenWest Conference, Salt Lake City, US (May 7-9, 2015)
    • Find us at this conference and watch the OpenWest conference website for any updates on the schedule.
  • PHP UnConference, Island of Majorka (May 9-10, 2015)
    • Join the 4th PHP Unconference in Europe! It's our pleasure to announce that same as in previous years MySQL is also part of this show.
  • DrupalCon, Los Angeles, US (May 11-15, 2015)
    • Come to talk to us at DrupalCon LA! Watch the DrupalCon website for more details.
  • PHP[Tek] Chicago, US (May 18-22, 2015)
    • Come to talk to about MySQL with Dave, the MySQL Community Manger at MySQL booth as well as attend his talk scheduled for:
      • Fri, May 22, 2015 @9:00-10:00am on "MySQL Replication for Beginners" by David Stokes. 
  • Linux Solutions & Libres, Paris, France (May 19-20, 2015)
    • We will be sharing our resources with Oracle Linux group during this event! The plan is to have a MySQL / Linux booth and as much talks accepted from both areas as possible. Please watch the conference website for further updates.
  • !Joomla JBeyond Developer Conference, Prague, Czech republic (May 29-31, 2015)
    • Come to meet MySQL at Joomla conference in lovely Prague! We are going to have a MySQL booth at the expo area and we are also hoping to get MySQL talks approved.
June 2015:
  • OpenSource Hong Kong, (June 26-27, 2015)
    • Do not miss 2 planned sessions, one general Oracle & other Community talk as part of the sponsorship of this event. Our local colleagues are going to staff the MySQL booth and give the talks on MySQL topic. Watch the OS HK website for further updates.
August 2015:
  • Debian Conference, Heidelberg, Germany (August 15-22, 2015)
    • We are planning to be part of this show as well. Will share more details once come closer to the event date.
(Updated on Feb 3, 2015)

Monday Jan 26, 2015

MySQL team at FOSDEM 2015

We are pleased to announce that MySQL (and not only MySQL) is again a part of the biggest open source conference in Europe - FOSDEM 2015 this weekend!! Same as in previous years we will again share the booth with other groups @Oracle. You will be able to find MySQL, Oracle Linux and Java on one place in the exhibition area. Please find more details about the event below:

  • Name: Fosdem 2015
  • Place: Brussels, Belgium
  • Date: January 31-February 1, 2015
  • URL

Same as last year there is a MySQL set for MySQL related presentations. You can see the whole schedule of this at MySQL and friends devroom. All MySQL presentations are scheduled for Sunday, February 1, 2015 from 9:00am-4:40pm. 

Tradition calls for a MySQL & Friends Community Dinner again. This year above the socialization there will be also a celebration of the 20th Anniversary of MySQL, so do not miss this opportunity to meet MySQLers and celebrate with us! Please also do not forget to register for the Community Dinner here!!! The place where we are going to go is close to the ICAB building (please see more details at the registration page).

We are looking forward to meeting you at FOSDEM as well as at the MySQL Community Dinner!

MySQL User Group Meeting in Madrid, Spain

On January 29, 2015 there will be another run of Madrid MySQL User Group meeting. Please find details below:

Come to hear news from MySQL world!


Monday Nov 17, 2014

MySQL November Newsletter Is Published

The MySQL November Newsletter is available! Find out upcoming webcasts and events all around the globe, and read technical tips written by MySQL experts at Oracle and in the community. Below are the highlights in this edition:

  • Webcast: MySQL Performance Demystified: Tuning and Best Practices for Developers and DBAs on November 19
  • Webcast: MySQL Replication - What's New in MySQL 5.7 and Beyond on November 25
  • Meet MySQL Experts in Upcoming Events
  • Blog: Monitoring MySQL from Oracle Enterprise Manager
  • New Case Study: SCSK Gains a High-Performance and Scalable Enterprise Database Platform with MySQL Enterprise Edition

You can read it online or subscribe to it (log-in your Oracle SSO profile and find MySQL under the "Technology" section in the Subscriptions tab) to receive the latest updates right in your inbox. Enjoy!

Tuesday Oct 07, 2014

October 2014 - list of events where you can find MySQL

Here is the list of events where you can find us either as speaker, exhibitor or just attendee actively talking to you! 

  • All Your Base, Oxford UK, (October 17, 2014)
    • Find our booth in the exhibition area. Our local MySQL experts Andrew Morgan and Mark Swarbrick should be present and ready to talk to you. 
  • OpenSourceConference Japan, Tokyo (October 18-19, 2014)
    • Do not miss following talk given by our local colleague Yoshiaki Yamasaki: "The State of the Dolphin" as well as find out more about the latests technical updates from MySQL Central @ OpenWorld.
    • You can also find our booth in the exhibition area.
  • ACE Directors' Day, Oslo, Norway (October 21, 2014)
    •  Oracle User Group Norway is organizing ACE Director Tour 2014 with multiple stops at multiple locations. On Oct 21 it is Oslo (Radisson Blue Hotel Nydalen) with MySQL tracks. Do not miss following MySQL presentations:
      • 10:10-11:00 - MySQL Optimizer Overview by Martin Hansson, 
      • 11:10-12:00 - MySQL Cluster for 24/7 applications by Ted Wennemark
      • 13:00-13:50 - MySQL Explain Explained by Martin Hansson
      • 14:00-14:50 - MySQL Fabric for web-scale applications by Ted Wennemark
  • All Things Open (replacing POSSCON), Raleigh, NC (October 23-24, 2014)
    • As announced previously (and the plan was not yet changed) David Stokes, MySQL Community Manager is going to present on "MySQL 5.7 - Everything You Need to Know on Oct 23rd @ 10:15am.  
  • Forum PHP 2014, Paris, France (October 23-24, 2014)
    • In the previous Blog announcement there was wrong date mentioned, the Forum PHP is hold on October 23-24 not November. We are going to be a Breakout space deco sponsor with a very active presence at this event. Please find our people wearing MySQL t-shirt!  
  • Ohio LinuxFest 2014, Columbus, Ohio, US (October 24-25, 2014)
    • You can find Oracle Linux and MySQL team at Ohio LinuxFest.
  • dbConf 2014, Szczyrk, Poland (October 24-26, 2014) 
    • MySQL Workbench - right tool for MySQL data management and administration talk given by Marcin Szalowitz is scheduled. You can find also MySQL booth at the exhibition area. 
  • ZendCon PHP, Santa Clara, US (October 27-30, 2014)
    • Two talks are scheduled, both given by Morgan Tocker, the MySQL Community Manager:
      • MySQL Performance Metrics that Matter on Oct 28th @4:00-5:00pm, 
      • Optimizing MySQL Queries with EXPLAIN on Oct 29 @4:00-5:00pm.
    •  Do not forget to come to visit MySQL booth at the exhibition area.
  • WebTechCon / IPC, Munich Germany (October 26-29, 2014)
    • MySQL secured a booth at the exhibition area, Werner Ressle will be available for any kind of question you might have.  

MySQL User Camp - Bangalore, India

We are pleased to announce the next MySQL User Camp Bangalore scheduled for October 17th (3:00PM to 5:00 pm), at OC001 Oracle's Kalyani Magnum Office, Bangalore. 

As part of creating a strong MySQL community in India, the local MySQL Engineering team organizes quarterly Camps to share knowledge and also to get feedback from the MySQL users, DBA's, and community developers. 

In this MySQL User Camp, we invite your representation as speakers -> we will share the final agenda once ready.

Register yourself for the event by mailing to

Thursday Sep 25, 2014

Upcoming EMEA, APAC & US Events with MySQL in 2014/2015

As an update to the previous announcement from Jun10, 2014 please find below the updated list of events where MySQL Community team is attending and/or supporting. Same as last time, you can find EMEA, APAC & events in America/Canada below. 


    • SymfonyLive, UK, London, September 25-26, 2014
      • Andrew Morgan will run the Lightening talk on Automated High Availability and Sharding with MySQL Fabric on Sep 26th at 9:15 am.  
      • Do not forget to come to our booth to talk to our MySQL experts on Friday, Sep 26th!. 
    • DrupalCon Amsterdam, The Netherlands, September 29-Oct 3, 2014
      • Unfortunately no MySQL talk was picked for this show, but we are going to be present at our MySQL booth ready to talking to you! Meet us at our booth from Monday to Friday! 
    • All Your Base, Oxford UK, October 17, 2014 
      • We are happy to invite you to come to our MySQL booth and talk to our MySQL experts on October 17th.
    • NEW!! ACE Directors' Day, Oslo, Norway, October 21, 2014
      • We have secured 4 slots at this one-day event. Please do not miss following talks:
        • 10:10 -11:00 am - Martin Hansson on MySQL Optimizer Overview 
        • 11:10-12:00pm Ted Wennmark on MySQL Cluster for 24/7 applications
        • 13:00-13:50 Martin Hansson on MySQL Explain Extended 
        • 14:00-14:50 Ted Wennmark on MySQL Fabric for web-scale applications
    • NEW!! dbCponf 2014, Szczyrk, Poland, October 24-26, 2014
      • A "MySQL Workbench - right tool for MySQL data management and administration" talk will be given by Marcin Szalowicz. Watch the organizers' website for the detailed schedule which will be announced at the beginning of October.
    • WebTechCon / IPC, Munich Germany, October 26-29, 2014
      • Come to talk to us to our MySQL booth. 
    • NEW!! JMaghreb, Casablanca, Morocco, November 4-6, 2014
      • Do not miss the talk on NoSQL and Big Data High Availability with MySQL given by Olivier Zemrag. The presentation will be in French and is scheduled for Nov 5@14:30-15:20.
    • DOAG, Nuremberg, Germany, November 18-20, 2014
      • There will be a full day of MySQL talks starting with a Keynote by Tomas Ulin, the Vice President of the MySQL Engineering Team at Oracle and follows with other talks given not only by Oracle employees. Also full day of MySQL workshop & sessions with live demo is secured, see more information in the schedule. Do not miss following talks by our MySQL experts
        • MySQL Session Keynote by Tomas Ulin: Oracle DBAs, Make the Most of MySQL, scheduled for:  Wed, Nov 19@11:00-11:45 am
        • Monitoring Oracle database with MySQL Tools by Carsten Thalheimer, scheduled for: Tue, Nov 18@10:00-10:45 am
        • NoSQL and SQL - Why Choose? Enjoy the best of both worlds with MySQL by Andrew Morgan, scheduled for Tue, Nov 18@13:00-13:45
        • MySQL Workbench 6.1 - Overview of the new features tips and tricks by Carsten Thalheimer, scheduled for Tue Nov18@17:00-17:45
    • Forum PHP Paris, France, November 23-24, 2014
      • Even when we submitted multiple talks none was approved for go, see the schedule. We are going to play very active role at the conference even without a booth and talk, please find our people wearing MySQL t-shirt!
    • UK OUG, Liverpool, UK, December 8-10, 2014
      • MySQL will be part of the Oracle booth together with Linux team and others. MySQL team secured to have a demo area and plenty of space for discussing MySQL topic. Do not miss the opportunity to come to our booth to talk to our experts as well as watch the demo.
    • NEW!! FOSDEM 2015, Brussels, Belgium (January 31-February 1, 2015)
      • As a tradition we are part of this biggest Open Source conference in Europe! Same as previous years we will have MySQL with plenty of MySQL talks as well as the MySQL booth. We expect to share the booth with Oracle Linux, VM and Java team this year too.
    • NEW!! PHP UK, London, UK, February 19-20, 2015
    • NEW!! PHP Unconference, Island of Majorka, May 9-10, 2015
      • Same as previous years we are going to be presented at this famous PHP Unconference. Come to this special event at the great place of Island of Majorka.


    • Oracle Open World, San Francisco, US, September 29-October 3, 2014
    • MySQL Central @ Open/World, San Francisco, US, September 29-October 3, 2014
    • PyTexas 2014, Dallas, TX, US, October 3-5, 2014
    • All Things Open (replacing POSSCON), Raleigh, NC, October 23-24, 2014
      • Do not miss our presentation on MySQL 5.7 - Everything You Need to Know given by Dave Stokes scheduled for Oct 23 @ 10:15. See the full final schedule
    • Ohio LinuxFest 2014, Columbus, Ohio, US, October 24-25, 2014
    • ZendCon PHP, Santa Clara, US, October 27-30, 2014
      • Morgan Tocker, the MySQL Community Manager will talk on following topics: 
        • MySQL Performance Metrics that Matter on Oct 28th @4:00-5:00pm, 
        • Optimizing MySQL Queries with EXPLAIN on Oct 29 @4:00-5:00pm. See the full final schedule.
        • Do not forget to come to our booth in exhibition area! 
    • NEW!! True North PHP Conference, Toronto, Canada, November 6-8, 2014
      • Morgan Tocker, The MySQL Community Manager will run a talk on "Upcoming Changes in MySQL 5.7" scheduled for Saturday, November 8, 2014@9:00-10:15 am. See the whole conference schedule.
    • Kuali Days 2014, Indianapolis, US, November 10-13, 2014
    • NEW!! PHP[World], Washington DC, US, November 10-14, 2014
      • Do not miss any of following talks given by David Stokes, the MySQL Community Manager @ Oracle:
        • SQL for PHP programmers, Nov 11 from 9:00am 
        • MySQL 5.7 -- New Features and Things That Will Break, Nov 12 @11:00-12:00
    • NEW!! MySQL, NoSQL & Cloud Conference, Buenos Aires & Cordoba, Argentina (November 13-14, 2014 - Buenos Aires, November 17, 2014 - Cordoba)
      • Morgan Tocker, The MySQL Community Manager submitted 3 talks on MySQL Fabric, 5.7 and InnoDB. However there is no official schedule announced yet, so watch the conference website for other news. Also we are going to have a MySQL booth at this show with local MySQL experts. Do not forget to come at least to say hi to us! 
    • Live 360, Orlando, FL, US, November 17-20, 2014
    • NEW!! PHP Brazil, Osasco, Sao Paulo, Brazil, December 4-7, 2014
      • We will run a 60 mins lecture on MySQL as well as (if approved) have talks. The CFP is still open (till Oct 22), so once the official schedule is announced we will inform you about our talks.
      • Do not miss to stop by at our small stand in expo area.
    • NEW!! SkiPHP, Salt Lake City, US, January 28-29, 2015
    • NEW!! SunShinePHP, Florida, US, February 5-7, 2015
    • NEW!! DrupalCon, Bogota, Colombia, February 10-12, 2015
    • NEW!! ConFoo CA, Montreal, Canada, February 16-20, 2015
    • NEW!! Southern California Linux Expo 2015 (ScaLE), Los Angeles, US, February 19-22, 2015
    • NEW!! Midwest PHP, SFO, US, March 14-15, 2015
    • NEW!! Live 360, Las Vegas, US, March 16-20, 2015
    • NEW!! PyCon Montreal, Canada, May 8-12, 2015
    • NEW!! DrupalCon, Los Angeles, US, May 11-15, 2015


    • NEW!! MOSC, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, September 24-25, 2014
      • Above the talk which already happened (Web Reference Architecture by Ricky Setyawan, the MySQL Principal Sales Consultant, ASEAN & Pakistan, scheduled for Wed, Sep 24th @2:30-3:15), Ricky also run a Workshop on MySQL Fabric, scheduled for Thu, Sep 25th @2:30-3:15pm. 
      • Our colleagues from Linux & Virtualization will attend and speak on Oracle Linux & OVM topic, this slot is scheduled for Wed, Sep 24th @4:15-5:00 pm. For more information see the official Schedule at MOSC website. 
      • Do not forget to stop by at our shared MySQL / Linux / VM booth on 14th Floor, Menara SSM, Kuala Lumpur
    • PyCon India, Bangalore, India, September 26-28, 2014
      • Unfortunately no MySQL talk has been approved for this show, however we are going to have a MySQL booth with our experts ready to answer any of your questions. Do not forget to stop by and talk to us!
    • OpenSourceConference Japan, Tokyo, October 18-19, 2014
      • Do not miss the talk on "The State of the Dolphin" by Yoshiaki Yamasaki covering the latest technical updates from MySQL Central @ OpenWolrd!
      • You can also find us at our MySQL booth.
    • OpenSource India, Bengaluru, India, November 7-8, 2014
      • We are planning to be part of this show as well, however we are still in the deep negotiation on the level of our involvement, however this event is on our priority one list. We will keep you informed.
    • NEW!! JCConf - Java Community Conference Taiwan, November 15, 2014
    • OpenSourceConference Japan, Fukuoka, November 14-15, 2014
      • Same as for OpenSource Conference Japan, Tokyo also here we will be sharing the latest technical updates from MysQL Central @OpenWorld as "The State of the Dolphin" talk to be given by Yoshiaki Yamasaki.
      • You can also find us at our MySQL booth.
    • NEW!! db tech showcase, Tokyo, Japan, November 2014 - date & url tbd
      • MySQL has secured 3 speaking slots for MySQL related topics. They are:
        • "Revisiting basics of relational model" by Mikiya Okuno, Support Team 
        • "MySQL on Windows (details TBD)" by Katsumi Yokomichi, Support Team 
        • "Lock of MySQL" by Sadao Hiratsuka, Oracle ACE,  speaking as a MySQL UG member 
        • We are also trying to get a slot for the session on "The State of the Dolphin" type of talk. More details will come soon once the URL is ready.
    • NEW!! OpenSource Enterprise, Tokyo, Japan, December 12, 2014
      • We have submitted several talk proposals and now waiting for their acceptance note. CFP is still open. Check the website for further updates.
      • Do not forget to stop by at our booth at this show!
    • NEW!! OpenSource Tokyo, Japan, February 28-March 1, 2015  - date & url tbd
    You can check the MySQL wikis for updates on the conferences we are attending. Next time I hope to have more details for each event above (especially for the US ones).

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