Wednesday Sep 12, 2012

MySQL Connect: What to Expect From the Wondrous Land of MySQL Cluster

The MySQL Connect conference is only a couple of weeks away, with MySQL engineers, support teams, consultants and community aces busy putting the final touches to their talks.

There will be many exciting new announcements and sharing of best practices at the conference, covering the range of MySQL technologies.

MySQL Cluster will a big part of this, so I wanted to share some key sessions for those of you who plan on attending, as well as some resources for those who are not lucky enough to be able to make the trip, but who can't afford to miss the key news. Of course, this is no substitute to actually being there….and the good news is that registration is still open ;-)


Whats New in MySQL Cluster Saturday 29th, 1300-1400, in Golden Gate room 5.                                                                                        Bernd Ocklin, director of MySQL Cluster development, and myself will be taking a look at what follows the latest MySQL Cluster 7.2 release. I don't want to give to much away - lets just say its not often you can add powerful new functionality to a product while at the same time making life radically simpler for its users.

For those not making it to the Conference, a live webinar repeating the talk is scheduled for Thursday 25th October at 09.00 pacific time. Hold the date, registration will be open for that soon and published to our MySQL Webinars page

Best Practices

Getting Started with MySQL Cluster, Hands-On Lab Saturday 29th, 1600-1700, in Plaza Room A.                                                              Santo Leto, one of our lead MySQL Cluster support engineers, regularly works with users new to MySQL Cluster, assisting them in installation, configuration, scaling, etc. In this lab, Santo will share best-practices in getting started.

Delivering Breakthrough Performance with MySQL Cluster Saturday 29th, 1730-1830, in Golden Gate room 5.

Frazer Clement, lead MySQL Cluster software engineer, will demonstrate how to translate the awesome Cluster benchmarks (remember 1 BILLION UPDATEs per minute ?!) into real-world performance.

You can also get some best practices from our new MySQL Cluster performance guide 

MySQL Cluster BoF Saturday 29th, 1900-2000, room Golden Gate 5.                                                                                                           Come and get a demonstration of new tools for the installation and configuration of MySQL Cluster, and spend time with the engineering team discussing any questions or issues you may have.

Developing High-Throughput Services with NoSQL APIs to InnoDB and MySQL Cluster Sunday 30th, 1145 - 1245, in Golden Gate room 7.  

In this session, JD Duncan and Andrew Morgan will present how to get started with both Memcached and new NoSQL APIs.

JD and I recently ran a webinar demonstrating how to build simple Twitter-like services with Memcached and MySQL Cluster. The replay is available for download

Case Studies:

MySQL Cluster @ El Chavo, Latin America’s #1 Facebook Game Sunday 30th, 1745 - 1845, in Golden Gate room 4.                             Playful Play deployed MySQL Cluster CGE to power their market leading social game. This session will discuss the challenges they faced, why they selected MySQL Cluster and their experiences to date.

You can read more about Playful Play and MySQL Cluster here 

A Journey into NoSQLand: MySQL’s NoSQL Implementation Sunday 30th, 1345 - 1445, in Golden Gate room 4.                                          Lig Turmelle, web DBA at Kaplan Professional and esteemed Oracle Ace, will discuss her experiences working with the NoSQL interfaces for both MySQL Cluster and InnoDB

Evaluating MySQL HA Alternatives Saturday 29th, 1430-1530, room Golden Gate 5                                                                                   Henrik Ingo, former member of the MySQL sales engineering team, will provide an overview of various HA technologies for MySQL, starting with replication, progressing to InnoDB, Galera and MySQL Cluster

What about the other stuff?

Of course MySQL Connect has much, much more than MySQL Cluster. There will be lots on replication (which I'll blog about soon), MySQL 5.6, InnoDB, cloud, etc, etc. Take a look at the full Content Catalog to see more.

If you are attending, I hope to see you at one of the Cluster sessions...and remember, registration is still open


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