Friday Sep 26, 2014

Multitenant Sessions by Oracle at OOW14

In yesterday's post I mentioned some of our customers' sessions at OpenWorld. They're going to be very interesting - if you have a chance, please try to catch some of them. Today, however, I want to focus on Multitenant sessions by Oracle speakers. 

  • CON7674 Maximum Availability with Oracle Multitenant: Seeing is Believing
    • Mon 11:45 Moscone South - 104
    • Frank Kobylanski and Joe Meeks are two of our top experts on MAA 
  • CON7302 Oracle Multitenant: What's New in Oracle Database 12c Release
    • Mon 1:30pm Moscone South - 102
    • Patrick Wheeler is Senior Director, Product Management for Oracle Multitenant
  • CON7303 Oracle Multitenant: Best Practices
    • Mon 4pm Moscone South - 102
    • John McHugh is Senior Principal Product Manager for Oracle Multitenant and learned this stuff in the trenches
  • CON7305 Oracle Multitenant: The Beating Heart of Database as a Service
    • Tue 10:45 Moscone South - 102
    • Deba Chatterjee is Principal Product Manager, Oracle Multitenant and has a strong background in OEM too. I've had a preview and this will be a great session which will leave your mouth watering. You'll know what I'm talking about after you've been there!
  • CON7648 How an Oracle Database 12c Upgrade Works in a Multitenant Environment
    • Tues noon Moscone South - 306
    • Joseph Errede will tell you the ins and outs of the Multitenant upgrade story, and there's lots of cool stuff to tell!
  • CON7435 Supercharge Oracle Application Express with Oracle Multitenant
    • Tues noon Moscone South - 307
    • David Peake will be competing for Multitenant attention with Joe Errede next door at the same time! David's an APEX guru and most APEX experts will still have a few things to learn from him. 
  • CON7306 Oracle Multitenant Meets Oracle Database In-Memory
    • Tues 5pm Moscone South - 102
    • Maria Colgan & Patrick Wheeler will explain how these two flagship products work (better!) together
  • CON7304 Oracle Multitenant: Seven Sources of Savings
    • Weds 10:15am Moscone North 130
    • Patrick Wheeler's going to have to talk fast to get through all of these in half an hour and leave enough time to hear from Shravan Devulapalli about how the theory translated into reality for him and his team at GE.
  • CON7649 How and Why to Migrate from Schema Consolidation to Pluggable Databases
    • Weds 11:30 Moscone South - 306
    • Dean Gagne will go beyond the obvious answers - "easily" and "now" - to explain how to make this leap.
  • CON7307 Oracle Multitenant: Successful Migration of Oracle Taleo Business Edition Cloud Service
    • Thu 9:30am Moscone North - 130
    • The Great Escape (from MS SQL Server)! Tom Michelini and OB Rashid were the drivers behind this great story. If you have any applications you'd like to upgrade from SQL Server to Oracle, don't miss this session. The way OB tells it: "I wish I'd had this paper before we started this project." (OK, we'd all like a time machine.)
  • CON6990 How to Best Consolidate and Live-Migrate Databases with Oracle Multitenant
    • Thu 10:45am Intercontinental B
    • Nicolas Michael and Yixiao Shen were behind the famous Multitenant on T5-8 scalability study, and along with Bryan O-blanguet will explore this important approach to maintaining application continuity during unplug/plug.
  • CON12068 Oracle Multitenant: Ask the Experts
    • Thu 10:45 Moscone South - 308
    • Kumar Rajamani, Jaebock Lee and Thomas Baby are three of the lead developers of Multitenant. If you want to know how it really works, these are the guys to ask. (They're the guys I ask!)
    • We're live-tweeting questions for the session - use #pdbexperts #OOW14

Full details are available in the Focus On Multitenant page. We hope to see you at OpenWorld. It's going to be a great show!

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Sunday Sep 22, 2013


The build-up is finally over! Oracle Open World San Francisco kicks off today with Larry Ellison's keynote address at 6pm. Some fabulous announcements in store... Just in case you miss it here are some about Oracle Multitenant. We've got an Oracle PDB USB stick waiting for you at Demo Pod SL023. You can also go to the OTN Lounge Sunday afternoon or else Monday & Tuesday at 10am for guidance on how to set it up. It looks great but the beauty is more than skin deep. 

You can check our Focus on Oracle Multitenant Page for some of the major Multitenant-related events during the week. There are separate sections for sessions, demos and hands-on-labs. 

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