Tuesday Oct 14, 2008

Project SailFin on a Roll

It is great to see Project SailFin take off as it has—a Java.Net project—from early days of contact and negotiations with Ericsson's SIP Servlet team some years ago to a full-fledged open-source project, with contributors form both Sun and Ericsson and a very active community .

Thursday Sep 25, 2008

Mobile Moves

Lots of strategic mobile moves were made during the last couple of weeks. Perhaps, the most important was Google's release of Android Development Kit.

You can also read about other mobile moves here,  and review Jeff Hoffman's presentation on Java FX and Project Nile.

Wednesday Sep 19, 2007

Wirless Broadband Planning

"Wireless Broadband Planning" is actually the name of a joint venture focused on obtaining WiMax licenses in Japan.

Essentially, WiMax extends WiFi technology over longer distances and larger throughputs. For a summary introduction to the technology, see here. WiMax Forum, the relevant standardization body, has grown in the number of participants as the base technology emerges and participants start thinking about actual applications. (For example, this August, Vodafone joined the forum.)

Friday Aug 17, 2007

Mobile Social Networks

Elsewhere, I point to a report on mobile social networks.

Friday Mar 23, 2007

New SMS Record for Noruz

Satellite broadcast of Jame Jam TV Network reported tonight that Iran broke its own SMS record on the first day of the Persian new year.

Mobile users in Iran sent 118 million SMS text messages on March 21st, 2007.

This is quite a large number when compared to other, more active mobile markets. I believe the largest operators in the U.S. have gone past an average of 200 million SMS text messages per day. (I do not have the current records for these operators but I believe the number I've given here may still be in the ballpark. If you have a public reference for more current records, please add it in the comment section.)

Friday Jan 26, 2007

Identity and e-Government

Fulup Ar Foll, a Sun colleagues and one of my good friends with whom I recently had dinner in Palo Alto, is not only a true and rare genius but an engineer with a great reservoir of practical wisdom about computing, Internet and telecommunications protocols. It is out of pure good fortune that I came to know him better while representing Sun at the Open Mobile Alliance some years ago. Every time I have the chance to meet Fulup, I learn a great deal from him. No young engineer interested in systems, open source technologies, Internet and telecommunications can have a better mentor than him. If you want to catch him speak and learn something from him, try the Oasis Symposium 2007 (April, San Diego). He will be speaking on the "New Generation of Identity-Aware E-Government Applications." (I should add that Fulup also maintains fridu.org and builds and supports SIP systems for the school in his local community in Brittany.)

Wednesday Jan 17, 2007

SMS Record in Iran

Tonight's JJTVN reported that celebratory SMS notes sent for Eid Ghadir Khumm on January 7 resulted in the biggest SMS revenue day ever for the Iranian mobile telecommunications industry.

Monday Jan 08, 2007

Shifting Transaction Costs

Regulatory measures can impose, shift or reduce transaction costs for business operations.

For example, the Committee on Foreign Investment in the U.S. (Cfius) has recently moved to impose security requirements on the proposed Nokia Siemens venture.

It is not clear whether Cfius is going beyond its mandate by imposing such requirements. "The process has become a tool for Cfius to impose security requirements on foreign companies, while government lacks the legal authority to impose them on U.S. companies," a U.S. business lawyer David Marchick told Financial Times. (Reuters cites the FT report in its own story on the same subject.) 

Thursday Jan 04, 2007

Novels on the Small Screen

Not only films and haiku but novels are made and consumed on the cell phone. In a recent competition sponsored by NTT DoCoMo and D2 Communications, "most of the 2,400 entries were romance novels written by women in their teens and early 20s, other popular genres included horror, sci-fi and fantasy." However, The Outstanding Achievement Award "went to a man pushing 40 who told an apocalyptic tale of the last 24 hours on Earth," writes Lisa Katayama for Wired.



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