Tuesday Oct 07, 2008

MySQL Contributions

On his blog, Kaj Arnö has been writing about MySQL news, events, community and business developments for some time.

His most recent posts include (1)  a thank you note to David Axmark, one of the MySQL founders, for his 20-year contributions to MySQL and FOSS, and (2) an announcement regarding the move from MySQL contributor license agreement (MySQL CLA) to Sun Contributor Agreement (SCA), which is expected to be more contributor friendly.   

Monday Sep 29, 2008

Personal Data Storage Application

Patrick Keegan describes how to use Java DB and NetBeans to develop a personal data storage application.

The CRUD application is developed in some very simple steps. (Java DB is Sun's distribution of Apache Derby. Java DB is distributed with every copy of the JDK, starting with JDK 6.)

Falcon and Java DB

Falcon may learn from Java DB.

Sunday Sep 21, 2008

Future of Business Technology

Check out MIT Technology Review's special reports on "The Future of Business Technology".

You may want to read the story of Postful and Figaro Interactive, and the accompanying contrast between Amazon Web Services and Google App Engines.

Thursday Sep 11, 2008

Memcached and Java DB (Apache Derby)

Knut Anders Hatlen writes about memcached user-defined functions (UDF) for Java DB on OpenSolaris.

Knut has also mentioned the recent release of Apache Derby 10.4.2. A corresponding Java DB release should be available for download soon. (Usually this happens immediately but we're all at a developers' conference for the next couple of weeks.)

Monday Sep 08, 2008

ERP and CMS on PostgreSQL on OpenSolaris

Jignesh K. Shah and Robert Lor describe how to set up Openbravo (an open-source ERP system) and Drupal (an open-source CMS) on PostgreSQL on OpenSolaris.

Tuesday Aug 26, 2008

PostgreSQL BuildFarm on Solaris on Sparc

Check out a new PostgreSQL buildfarm set up by Zdenek Kotala. (By the PostgreSQL community convention, I'm referring to it as a "buildfarm" but it should probably be better known as a "testfarm".)

Thursday Aug 14, 2008

Innovation Logic

Marten Mickos discusses the logic of open-source innovation and business in an interview conducted by Josh Hyatt, contributing editor of MIT Sloan Management Review.

The interview, originally conducted for the Business Insight Journal Report, has been published by The Wall Street Journal: "Software Firm is Open for Innovation".

I like the salient point with which Marten ends the interview:

Even if I showed you my DNA, you wouldn't know how to become me.

Tuesday Aug 05, 2008

LinuxWorld Expo?

I dropped by "LinuxWorld Expo" in San Francisco on Tuesday, and I think the only thing worth noting is the PgDay.

Five years ago, when I attended the same Expo, it had a completely different spirit, with a lot more participation by the main Linux vendors and a large variety of software companies.

(Other references: PostgreSQL on Solaris and on OpenSolaris.) 

Thursday Jul 10, 2008

DTrace Envy

A colleague in our PostgreSQL team just pointed me to a "little" note on DTrace, which seems to be ignited by the work that Robert Lor and Jignesh Shah have been doing. (The PG presentation involving the Mac OS and DTrace is Robert's)

Tuesday Jul 08, 2008

Using Apache Derby / Java DB with Caroline

Here is another embedded use case for Java DB in a full Java environment: On Grid Derby-based Server. For more on Caroline, see here.

Tuesday Jun 17, 2008

PostgreSQL Surveys

PostgreSQL.org community pages contain some interesting surveys.

Sunday Jun 15, 2008

A PostgreSQL Monitor

Jignesh Shah has implemented a simple PostgreSQL monitor using Netbeans 6.1, which also has facilities to make packaging and distribution of a Java app much easier. 

Monday Jun 02, 2008

Community Statistics for Netbeans Database Usage

"The database support in NetBeans allows users to connect to a database and view and modify the database structure and data. These graphs show which database servers users connect to most often."

Of particular note, besides the large usage of MySQL and Oracle, is the large usage of Java DB (Derby), and the significant PostgreSQL usage.

Thursday May 22, 2008

Sun OpenSolaris on Amazon Web Services

Simone Brunozzi writes about availability of OpenSolaris on Amazon Web Services.

Friday May 09, 2008

DTrace Probes for Databases

Robert Lor has listed potential standard DTrace probes for databases and some PostgreSQL-specific probes.

Sunday May 04, 2008

PG on Mac

The PostgreSQL 7.3 installation instructions for Mac OS-X also work well for installing PostreSQL 8.3. The changes you need to make to these instructions should be obvious. On Tiger, building PostgreSQL from source will require XCode 2.5 Developer Tools from Apple, which is a free download for members of ADC.

(By the way, if you're using PostgreSQL on Solaris and need support, you can purchase it directly from Sun.)

Monday Apr 28, 2008

Java DB 10.4.1

The 10.4.1 version of Java DB, the world's most advanced Java database, has some really cool features -- asynchronous replication, table functions and JMX capabilities.

Sun engineers worked within the Apache/Derby community to develop these features: A great team. A great product. A great community

If you're a serious user of Java DB (and/or of Apache Derby) and plan to use this product in your business, you should consider the multi-platform, software support services for Java DB -- Sun's distribution of Apache Derby -- available at some amazing bargain prices at various service plan levels.

Sun provides support service plans for Java DB, which is, for all practical purposes, identical to Apache Derby.

Friday Apr 25, 2008

Tolven Health PostgreSQL Benchmark

Tolven Health has published a benchmarking study with PostgreSQL on Solaris. The purpose of the study was to "to assess the scalability and performance characteristics of the Tolven open source healthcare information technology solution and to provide guidance for customers with regards to hardware requirements for enterprise, state, regional, and country wide deployments."

Tuesday Apr 15, 2008

Skype and Sun

Skype and Sun have much in common—including not only their leveraging of the Internet but also their support for PostgreSQL!

They are both Gold Sponsors of PGCon 2008




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