Wednesday Sep 02, 2009

Everything has an end...

And so do vacations, and blog silence.

I've been back in the office for over a week now but I was trying to catch up with emails, irc, blogs and news, too busy to find the time to blog again.
There's a lot to say on the LDAP and OpenDS front.

While I was happily riding the Mont Ventoux and around with friends and family, the project kept on moving on the path to OpenDS 2.2 and several new features have been committed by the team in the code repository:

  • The Control Panel can now be used to manage remote server instances.
  • OpenDS now publishes all changes in a public ChangeLog accessible (subject to access control) under the cn=changelog naming context.
  • Replication now supports a Fractional mode allowing to exclude or include only specific attributes of all replicated entries.
  • dsreplication utility has been improved to allow separating the replication service from the replicated OpenDS instance.
  • The import feature has been rewritten and optimized, reducing the time and memory required to import very large set of data.
  • The server now supports 2 new MatchingRules to better deal with Time and Dates (GeneralizedTime syntax).
  • The server now supports the ability to declare a new syntax but default it's implementation to an existing one.
  • The server now supports the ability to declare new Regular Expression based syntaxes and attributes.
  • The server now supports the ability to declare new Enumeration based syntaxes and attributes.

Most of the new features are already documented as part of the User Documentation of the OpenDS documentation wiki. You can test these features in recent daily builds, or you can wait for the next promoted build (2.1.0-build001) that should come pretty soon.
I will be starting a series of articles to describe with illustrations and details those new features, in the coming days and weeks.

Also in a separated branch, Matt and Bo have been working on an LDAP Client API, which is getting in a good shape to be released for beta testing soon (probably along with OpenDS 2.2).

LDAPCon 2009
The 2nd. International conference on LDAP, LDAPCon 2009 will be held on September 20th and 21st at Waterfront Marriot Hotel , Portland OR, USA. If you haven't registered yet, please register now ! The registration fee includes access to the LinuxCon 2009 (Sep 21 - 23), and if you still need to be convinced that it's worth attending, you can check the agenda. I hope to see you there.

Also noticed in the blogosphere and the websphere :

Finally I know the title of this post may have alarmed some of you. I don't know what's going to happen in the coming days, but I just hope I won't have to write another post with the same title on the subject of OpenDS or myself.

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Friday Jan 26, 2007

LDAP C-SDK: Merge back to is done...

My colleague Anton has finished contributing back to the LDAP C-SDK all of the changes, enhancements, bug fixes that we've been accumulated for a few years. This is available in the trunk, starting with version 6.0.2.

The LDAP C-SDK includes the C ldap libraries as well as the tools such as ldapsearch, ldapmodify and newly added ldappasswd.

The merge is a very good thing for customers and developers since there is now a single source for tools and libraries that will be delivered in Sun's products, Solaris, Fedora and Red-Hat Linux.

Builds are not available yet, but Sun will start contributing, at least Solaris builds, since they will be the ones that we will be using from now on for Sun Java Enterprise Systems and its flagship product: Sun Java System Directory Server Enterprise Edition (slight bias ;-) ). And an up-to-date and refreshed documentation of the LDAP C-SDK and tools is on its way as well.

We owe a big thank to everyone involved and more specifically Mark, Rich, Noriko and  Nathan, most of which we've worked with during the iPlanet days (the Sun | Netscape Alliance). Despite the fact that we've chosen different directions, it's still  a pleasure to work with you guys.



Wednesday Jan 17, 2007

LDAP programming: JNDI tutorial revisited

For those who've been built Java based applications for LDAP using Java Naming and Directory Interface(tm) (JNDI), the JNDI tutorial has surely been a great help, but long and hard to browse through.

Jaya has just published a new JNDI Trail, shorter and updated to cover the JDK5.0 and JDK6.0 features: a reference to keep for any LDAP / Java developer.

The trail is also mentioned on the Java Tutorials Weblog.


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