Monday Sep 10, 2007

LDAPCon 2007 : OpenDS presentation PDF

I've uploaded the presentation [PDF] I gave at the 1st International LDAP Conference on OpenDS wiki.

Picture 3

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LDAPCon is over

The 1st International LDAP Conference ended on Friday afternoon. I had to leave a little early to catch my plane, and didn't have the time to post the latest update. So here it is.

During the afternoon, Abdi Mohamadi (Sun) presented design and deployment considerations for scaling directories, Kostas Kalevras explained how Greek School Network centralized all LDAP data creation and modifications through Web services, and Felix Gaehtgens from Symlabs exposed in a fast and lively presentation some best practices when building LDAP based applications.

Overall it was a great conference, with interesting presentations and numerous long passionate bar discussions.

A toast to LDAP

Above members of 3 open-source Directory Server projects (OpenDS, OpenLDAP, Apache DS) raise their glasses in a toast to the LDAP community.

More photos...

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Friday Sep 07, 2007

Apache Directory Server, Stored Procedures and Triggers for LDAP.

Ersin Er from the Apache Software Foundation exposed his experimentations with Stored Procedures in LDAP and how they are used with Triggers.
Stored Procedures are code (java bytecode) stored in LDAP objects executed by a generic LDAP Extended request to pass parameters and get returned result and values.
Triggers are specifying an event, action,time and a scope in a single attribute definition, and leverage stored procedures for actions. Events are predefined, and triggers are run within an Administration domain (Subtree Specification). Pretty neat ! I think this is not a new idea, but it looks like a simplification in the use of the plugins and tasks that exist in Sun Directory Server and OpenDS. There might be value in a common representation of such LDAP directory server extensions, but I'm afraid this will not lead to better interoperability as Stored Procedures will be very specific to each implementation.

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LDAPCon - Day 2

I've noticed that Jan-Piet Mens is also blogging live from LDAPCon. And yet we had a good evening with lively and hilarious discussions between the OpenLDAP, OpenDS, Isode, ApacheDS developers.

Steven Legg ( exposed his work on XML enabled Directories also known as XLDAP. Most of the protocol and data model has been conducted through IETF. So far Steven has been the only one to produce an implementation. It's not really surprising: one need to be both an expert in LDAP and XML processing to get an idea of what XLDAP is. But I recently got a question indirectly from a customer about XLDAP and whether we had any plan to implemented. Could it be that XLDAP is starting to raise interest ?

Andre Posner from Sun showed the use cases and added value of Sun Directory Proxy Server 6.x for security, availability, integration of different Directory Servers, migration of services.

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LDAPCon day 1, afternoon

It was a long afternoon at the LDAPCon with presentations until nearly 8pm. Thanks to the organizers it was followed by a social event with food and free drinks. A good occasion to relax, taste the local beer, recall the old LDAP stories and redo the world until exhaustion of fuel :-).

Frank Tröger exposed his work on a Reference Schema for Identity Management, searching, sort and linking all of the LDAP schema that have been defined in that area (with a focus on higher education).

Daniel Pluta from Munich University of Technology talked about Access controls for Group and Role management.

Giovanni Baruzzi from Syntlogo presented his thought on Designing a Directory Tree. In a nutshell, keep it simple:

"As flat as possible, as deep as needed"

Hilla Reynolds, Director of Development at CA revealed in a very animated and humorous presentation her secrets for a "Seamless Directory Backbone service": Standards, distribution, failover... Applications access front-ends that deal with the real sources of information.

Other sessions I did not attend (split sessions) included a presentation of the Apache Directory Studio (formelly known as LDAP studio). Impressive tool and progress since I last downloaded it. And a presentation on Spring LDAP.

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Thursday Sep 06, 2007

Live from LDAPCon (Cologne)

I'm now in Cologne Germany participating in the 1st International LDAP Conference.

This morning, Kurt Zeilenga (Isode) started the conference with a Directory Standards Report, presenting the history of Directory Standards, LDAPv3 status and the current on-going effort.

I then presented the OpenDS project, the rational behind the project and its goals (I'll make the preso available later).

After lunch, Howard Chu (Symas, Chief Architect for OpenLDAP) introduced his talk with his traditional fiddle play and then presented the OpenLDAP 2.4 server. I must say that I've been impressed by the list of enhancements introduced such as N-way MultiMaster Replication.

Alex Karasulu (Apache Directory Project) presented his view of the LDAP community and his vision for the Apache Directory Server: a playground for experimentation and bridging LDAP and RDBMs.

More after the break.

Update on Sep. 10 2007.
Kurt's presentation was posted on Isode blog.

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