Tuesday May 26, 2009

Being Global...

Some time ago, I enabled the ClustrMaps on my blog to get some idea of who was reading this space and where from.
And I must say I'm completely amazed by the global reach out of what I post here.
Below is a picture indicating the location of the readers from March 19 to May 20, 2009.


While I'm not surprise that most readers are from US and Europe, I find it interesting that the blog has been read from 94 different countries, some of which I cannot even place on the map.
The power of the Internet keeps amazing me everyday. Now it would be really cool if you, reader from one of those little isolated red dot, could leave a comment and tell me what you're interested in, and how you use OpenDS if you do.

Note that I do understand French, English and Spanish, so this leaves you some choice for leaving your comment. So don't be shy !

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Monday May 25, 2009

OpenDS 2.0.0 Release Candidate 1 is now available

Opends Logo TagThe OpenDS development team is very pleased to announce the immediate availability of OpenDS 2.0.0-RC1 which is the first release candidate for OpenDS 2.0.

OpenDS 2.0 has a number of new features over OpenDS 1.2.0 that was released in February 2009 :

  • A new mode for Multi-Master Replication providing greater consistency and availability of data: Assured Replication
  • Recurring tasks allow an administrator to schedule repeated tasks such as backups
  • New extensible matching rules and indexing allowing comparing, ordering of data according to specific locales and languages
  • Better monitoring information for the server and for Replication
  • Full compliance with RFC 4518 and matching of UTF-8 in attributes with a DirectoryString syntax
  • VLV indexes are now built during the Import
  • Several improvements in the Control Panel
  • Works with IBM JVM (Java 6 SR4 required)
  • Works by default with JConsole and VisualVM when JMX Connection Handler is enabled
  • Default settings and ergonomics have been improved reducing the need for tuning parts of the server
  • Greatly improved performances and stability over time of those performances
  • Resolved a possible security issue when Pre-ReadEntry, Post-ReadEntry and Assertion Controls were enabled

Overall, over 150 issues have been fixed. However, there are still a few issues with the release candidates, and more specifically upgrading from an earlier version is not functional. This should be fixed in the next release candidate.

Localization of the OpenDS messages is still work in progress and thus some messages can still appear in English when running a localized version of the server.

The purpose of the Release Candidate is to solicit one last round of testing before the final release.
So please test the OpenDS release with your client applications, in your environment or on your favorite platform.

If you do find a bug, please report it with Issue Tracker.

We welcome feedback. Please report you experience with OpenDS on our mailing lists, or on #opends IRC channel on Freenode.

OpenDS 2.0.0-RC1 is built from revision 5374 of the b2.0 branch of our source tree.

The direct link to download the core server is: http://www.opends.org/promoted-builds/2.0.0-RC1/OpenDS-2.0.0-RC1.zip

The direct link to download the DSML gateway is: http://www.opends.org/promoted-builds/2.0.0-RC1/OpenDS-2.0.0-RC1-DSML.war

We have also updated the archive that may be used to install OpenDS via Java Web Start. You may launch that using the URL http://www.opends.org/promoted-builds/2.0.0-RC1/install/QuickSetup.jnlp, or visit https://www.opends.org/wiki/page/OverviewOfTheQuickSetupTool for more information.

Detailed information about this build is available at http://www.opends.org/promoted-builds/2.0.0-RC1.

Major changes incorporated since OpenDS 1.3.0-build006 include:

  • Revision 5318 (Issue #3969) - Provide support for wildcards in dsconfig certificate management.
  • Revision 5321 (Issue #3962) - Fix memory leaks after Bind - Unbind
  • Revision 5323 (Issue #3971) - Enable Windows to detect the JVM automatically on install.
  • Revision 5336 (Issue #3981) - Fix uncontrolled memory growth under heavy connect/disconnect load.
  • Revision 5338 (Issue #3977) - Fix memory leak in Control Panel.
  • Revision 5347 (Issue #3938) - Improve the speed of dsconfig in non-interactive mode.
  • Revision 5364 (Issue #3995) - Fix an error that caused replication to stop if the queue-size-bytes maximum was reached.
  • Revision 5365 (Issue #3250) - Fix a problem that could cause replication initialization to fail.
  • Revision 5369 (Issues #3984 & #3989) - Fix security issues with Assertion, Pre-Read, and Post-Read Controls.
  • Revision 5374 - Upgrade JE to the latest official release (3.3.82).

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Friday May 01, 2009

OpenDS and LDAP naming services on the Identity Buzz Podcast

IdmbuzzbeeTwo weeks ago, Nick Wooler and I talked about LDAP Naming Services and OpenDS in a new episode of the famous Identity Management Buzz Podcast. We cover the basics of Naming services, why LDAP naming services are the way to go and how OpenDS fits in this picture, for Solaris, OpenSolaris but also the other operating systems.

For more information, you can check the Identity Management Starter Kits for using OpenDS as the OpenSolaris Naming Service.
To learn more about OpenDS, go to the open source main web site http://www.opends.org/.

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Friday Jan 09, 2009

A spotlight on OpenDS quality and the Quality Assurance team.

Opends Logo TagThis week the spotlights are turned on Gary Williams, the lead test engineer for the OpenDS project. He published a great article with Marina Sum on the topic the OpenDS open source project and Quality Assurance: Perspectives on Quality Assurance for OpenDS.

Gary and the quality assurance team develops tests, ran them on regular basis (over 30.000 unit tests and 2000 functional tests are run daily) and they are key in the reputation and the success of the OpenDS project:

"Our main goal is to deliver a quality product on schedule. As widely acclaimed as OpenDS is for its robust capabilities, we constantly strive for a better-performing product with more user-oriented features."

All tests are part of the project code repository or project documentation. You too can join the project and participate.
You can find more information about OpenDS quality assurance and the "Spirit of Testing" on OpenDS Wiki.

And to paraphrase the conclusion of the article : I feel fortunate and proud to be associated with Gary and his quality team, and look forward to the continued success of OpenDS as a superior global directory service.

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Tuesday Sep 30, 2008

Some experiments with Drupal and OpenDS...

Drupal LogoVia the Four Kitchens' blog, David Timothy Strauss sees some similarities between Drupal Nodes and the Directory Information Tree of an LDAP server such as OpenDS, making a parallel between the Decorator Pattern used when developing Node types and the possibility to decorate directory entries with Auxiliary object classes.

He also realizes the benefits of storing the nodes in a directory server that supports multi-master replication, providing high availability and scalability for Drupal servers.
I hope we will hear soon from David's experiments with using OpenDS as a Node storage engine.

PS: David, you're welcome to share your experience and comments on the OpenDS Users mailing list.

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Friday Jul 11, 2008

OpenDS: un annuaire LDAP en Java et open source

OpenDS the open source Java LDAP directory server

L'équipe de développement du projet OpenDS est heureuse d'annoncer la disponibilité de OpenDS 1.0.0, la première version stable du projet OpenDS.

 OpenDS 1.0.0 est un serveur d'annuaire conforme au standard LDAPv3 et supporte la plus part des extensions et schemas LDAP standard et expérimentaux, assurant ainsi une meilleure interopérabilité avec les applications clientes.

Avec une occupation mémoire limitée qui lui permet d'etre embarqué dans d'autres applications Java, OpenDS possède un ensemble riche d'interfaces de programmation qui permet d'étendre facilement ses services. 

 Un model de replication multi-maitres permet de garantir la haute disponibilité des données aussi bien en écriture qu'en lecture. Bien que le nombre de serveurs maitres soit illimité, le serveur OpenDS 1.0.0 a été testé sous stress continu avec 4 serveurs maitres. 

 OpenDS 1.0.0 comprend aussi:

  • Un outil d'installation graphique qui permet d'installer, configurer et lancer un serveur opérationel en quelques clicks et moins de 3 minutes
  • Un tableau de bord graphique
  • Un outil de configuration en ligne de commande permettant d'effectuer toutes les taches administratives en mode interactif ou scripté
  • Des politiques de sécurité et de gestion des mots de passe avancées
  • Des capacités de sauvegarde et de restauration des données avancées.
  • Une application web faisant passerelle entre LDAP et DSML.
  • Une documentation pour les utilisateurs et administrateurs, complete et validée.

La configuration par défaut du serveur OpenDS est conçue pour les developpeurs et évaluateurs utilisant des machines avec peu de ressources. Pour obtenir de bonnes performances en chargeant le serveur, il est important de positionner les bonnes options de lancement de la JVM et de proceder a certains reglages du serveur et de sa base de données. Des recommandations pour certains parametres de la JVM sont disponibles sur le Wiki de Documentation de OpenDS.

Bien que nous soyons fier et heureux de cette première version du serveur d'annuaire LDAP OpenDS, bien d'autres fonctionalités sont prevues :

  • Une intégration avec OpenSolaris
  • Transactions pour LDAP
  • Un model de replication "Assurée" qui garantirait qu'un changement est reçu par au moins 2 serveurs maitres avant l'acquitement vers le client
  • Un access vers le journal des changements afin de permettre une synchronisation avec des services exterieurs
  • Un outil graphique de configuration pour les taches les plus courantes.
  • La gestion de la sécurité à travers la couche SASL
  • Des performances encore améliorées
  • ...

Pour plus d'information sur les fonctionalités prévues, allez sur la page RoadMap du wiki OpenDS.

Pour plus d'information sur la version OpenDS 1.0.0, voyez les "Release Notes".

Le support pour OpenDS 1.0 sera bientot disponible auprès de Sun Microsystems.  

Un grand merci à toute l'équipe du projet OpenDS 1.0.0 : developpeurs, testeurs, redacteurs techniques... 

Friday Jul 04, 2008

OpenDS presentations from Jazoon 08

Ludo presenting OpenDS the Java LDAP directory service, at Jazoon 08The two presentations that I gave at Jazoon 08 last week are online available on OpenDS Wiki.

You can also get the "OpenDS Inside: an LDAP server embedded in your application" slides from the session page at Jazoon. If you attended the presentation, you can give it a rating (out of 5 stars) at that page.
You can also see SuperPat's photos from the Jazoon 08 Flickr set. (Thanks Pat for almost choosing me as an exclusive model ;-))

Photo by Pat Patterson

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Friday Jun 20, 2008

OpenDS (an open source Java LDAP directory server) goes to Jazoon

Next week, I will be in Zurich at the Jazoon conference where I will be presenting the OpenDS project and the imminent OpenDS 1.0 release.

 Theaquarium Resource Glassfishday-Jazoon-Button160X64

Monday June 23rd :
GlassFish Community Day @ Jazoon

It's free but registration is required.

13:30 - 14-15 : How to extend the 100% Java LDAP Open Directory Server.

 Dms Jazoon08 Header Jazoon-Logo Jazoon-Logo

Wednesday June 25th :

Jazoon Conference

16:30 - 17:20 : OpenDS Inside: An LDAP directory embedded into your applications

I will be at the Jazoon conference from Monday to Friday morning to meet with you, discuss the OpenDS project and what we're building with it.

See you in Zurich next week.

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Friday Jun 13, 2008

OpenDS 1.0 Release Candidate is now available.

The OpenDS development team is very pleased to announce the immediate availability of OpenDS 1.0.0-build016 which is the first (and hopefully last) Release Candidate for OpenDS 1.0.0.

We consider this release candidate complete, stable and suitable for testing by any user.

The purpose of the Release Candidate is to solicit one last round of testing before the final release.
So please test the OpenDS release with your client applications, in your environment or on your favorite platform.

If you do find a bug, please report it with Issue Tracker.

We welcome feedback. Please report you experience with OpenDS on our mailing lists, or on #opends IRC channel on Freenode.

OpenDS 1.0.0-build016 is built from revision 4337 of our source tree, and has been uploaded to our promoted builds folder. The direct link to download the core server is: http://www.opends.org/promoted-builds/1.0.0-build016/OpenDS-1.0.0-build016.zip.
The direct link to download the DSML gateway is: http://www.opends.org/promoted-builds/1.0.0-build016/OpenDS-1.0.0-build016-DSML.war.

We have also updated the archive that may be used to install OpenDS via Java Web Start. You may launch that using the URL http://www.opends.org/install/QuickSetup.jnlp, or visit https://www.opends.org/wiki/page/OverviewOfTheQuickSetupTool for more information.

OpenDS 1.0.0 is a pure Java, LDAPv3 compliant directory server, designed to provide high performance, to be highly extensible, and to be easy to deploy, manage and monitor. The final version of OpenDS 1.0.0 is expected to be released early July 2008.

Detailed information about the release candidate is available at http://www.opends.org/promoted-builds/1.0.0-build016

Major changes incorporated since OpenDS 1.0.0-build015 include :

  • Revision 4231 (Issue #3236) — Fixed a null pointer exception that could be thrown when the server processed a modDN operation with a new superior entry that was in the subtree to be moved.
  • Revision 4232 (Issue #3237) — Fixed the -Qand --nodetach options of the startds command on Windows platforms.
  • Revision 4235 (Issues #3238 and #3240) — Fixed issues related to the start-ds and upgrade commands on Windows platforms.
  • Revision 4237 — Updated the stop-ds error message to include connection information.
  • Revision 4279 (Issue 3264) — Fixed workflow element creation ordering.
  • Revision 4287 (Issue 3239) — Fixed jdmkrt.jar loading on Windows systems.
  • Revision 4289 (Issue 2953) — Fixed the LDAPRequestHandler.
  • Revision 4301 (Issue 3254) — Fixed an issue with the index counts if subtree deletes exceed the index entry count.
  • Revision 4303 (Issues 3271, 3142, 3241, 3242, 3253) — Fixed various issues for the SNMP connection handler.
  • Revision 4305 (Issue 3269) — Updated the example plug-in to allow users to add their own messages. The messages can be generated from a properties file.
  • Revision 4308 (Issue 2911) — SynchronizationProvider API has been updated to properly listen for replication updates.
  • Revision 4309 (Issue 3299) — Fixed an issue with the ACI group membership check.
  • Revision 4311 (Issue 3261) — Fixed a post-external-initialization issue with dsreplicaton.
  • Revision 4319 (Issue 3307) — Fixed a NullPointer exception when no certificate is defined for a registered entry in the ADS.
  • Revision 4322 (Issue 3311) — Fixed import-ldif so that it creates a task when the --templateFile option and the --ldifFile option are specified.
  • Revision 4326 (Issue 3272) — Fixed a connections issue at the end of QuickSetup.
  • Revision 4327 (Issue 3295, 3304, 3306) — Fixed various SNMP issues.
  • Revision 4327 (Issue 3266) — Added ds-cfg-max-allowed-client-connections parameter to prevent using up all file descriptors. By default, the directory server allows an unlimited number of connections as before, but the user can now adjust this to suit his system. The total number of client connections, DB files and log files must not exceed the max file descriptors limit from the OS (ulimit -n).
  • Revision 4328 (Issue 3269) — Added checks for canceled operations in the JE back-end code.
  • Revision 4333 (Issue 3318) — Fixed an issue with the status-panel code that logs the stack trace to a log file.

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Tuesday May 20, 2008

OpenDS and Social Networks...

The OpenDS project has representation on various social networks.

You can join the OpenDS community group on LinkedIn.
And if you haven't done it yet, you can also join the OpenDS group on Facebook.
Or you can join the OpenDS Community group on Plaxo

Other opensource projects such as OpenSSO and GlassFish have similar groups on these social networks.

That's all for now :-)

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Wednesday May 07, 2008

OpenDS 1.0.0-build015 is now available

We have just uploaded OpenDS 1.0.0-build015, built from revision 4221 of our source tree, to our promoted builds folder. The direct link to download the core server is: https://opends.dev.java.net/files/documents/4926/95911/OpenDS-1.0.0-build015.zip

The direct link to download the DSML gateway is: https://opends.dev.java.net/files/documents/4926/95912/OpenDS-1.0.0-build015-DSML.war

We have also updated the archive that may be used to install OpenDS via Java Web Start. You may launch that using the URL http://www.opends.org/install/QuickSetup.jnlp, or visit https://www.opends.org/wiki/page/OverviewOfTheQuickSetupTool for more information.

This build provides support for monitoring through SNMP with the following limitation: the use of SMNP on Windows is not supported due to Issue #3239 (Wrong status "Enabled" for SNMP despite opendmk-jarfile not being provided).

Detailed information about this build is available at http://www.opends.org/promoted-builds/1.0.0-build015

Major changes incorporated since OpenDS 1.0.0-build014 include :

  • Revision 4096 (Issue #3108) -- Added a "task completed" message after a restore.
  • Revision 4099 (Issue #3111) -- Fixed some tools (ldif-diff, ldifmodify) to correctly use java_args in the config/java.properties file.
  • Revision 4100 (Issue #3118) -- When in non-verbose mode or in GUI mode, setup displays how many entries have been added, rejected, and skipped during initial import.
  • Revision 4105 (Issue #3120) -- Fixed status and status-panel when more than one LDAP connection handler is configured.
  • Revision 4111 (Issue #3123) -- Added a "clocks-not-in-sync" message as a possible installation or replication error when server certificate expiration errors occur.
  • Revision 4117 (Issue #3121) -- Fixed the behavior of the reversion option for the upgrade tool.
  • Revision 4118 (Issue #2270) -- Fixed the --excludeOperational option when used as a task.
  • Revision 4129 (Issue #3126) -- Fixed the setup tool to detect the JAVA_HOME environment in a path that contains spaces.
  • Revision 4130 (Issue #3129) -- Fixed the --j/--bindPasswordFile option for task-based utilities (stop-ds, export-ldif, import-ldif, etc.) to not prompt for input.
  • Revision 4131 (Issue #3110) -- Fixed the default tools in the config/java.properties file.
  • Revision 4138 (Issue #3132) -- Updated the uninstall log file to record if the user has aborted or quit the installation.
  • Revision 4142 (Issue #3130) -- Fixed ldifsearch to be consistent with ldapsearch. Now uses --searchScope, instead of --scope.
  • Revision 4143 (Issue #3131) -- Fixed the webinstaller for Windows upgrades.
  • Revision 4155 (Issue #3173) -- Fixed the localized values "true/false" for a subcommand for manage-account.
  • Revision 4156 (Issue #3139) -- Improved the performance of ds-replication when used with multiple backends.
  • Revision 4171 (Issue #3180) -- Updated setup to detect the Java version. The minimum Java version required is 1.5.0_08.
  • Revision 4180 (Issues #2979 and #2980) -- Added index buffering capabilities to the JE backend to avoid using a fixed lock timeout for subtree delete and mod DN operations.
  • Revision 4185 (Issue #2852) -- Fixed an issue that caused potential deadlocks when the server was under heavy add/modify load.
  • Revision 4186 (Issue #3147) -- Provided localized versions of messages.
  • Revision 4190 (Issues #3141, 3143, and 3146) -- Various improvements to the SNMP implementation.
  • Revision 4204 (Issue #3213) -- Resolved potential deadlocks in the JE backend when performing modify operations.
  • Revision 4207 (Issue #3184) -- Fixed an issue where the restore command exited with status 0 despite failure due to a corrupt backup archive.
  • Revision 4208 (Issue #902) -- The ldapcompare command now requires at least one DN.
  • Revision 4209 (Issues #3214, 3215, 3216, 3217, and 3219) -- Various improvements to the SNMP monitoring implementation.
  • Revision 4210 (Issue #3161) -- Various performance improvements to the import utility.
  • Revision 4211 (Issue #3208) -- Fixed an issue where deleteing the last few entries indexed by a VLV index could cause a NPE.
  • Revision 4212 (Issue #3220) -- Fixed a null pointer exception raised by the uninstallcommand.
  • Revision 4213 (Issue #3221) -- Fixed an issue in which the uninstall command returned 0 but failed if the LDAP connection was rejected.
  • Revision 4216 (Issue #3185) -- Fixed an issue in which running the restore command with the --dry-run option did actually manipulate the backend.
  • Revision 4217 (Issue #3224) -- Fixed an issue in which the uninstall process raised an execption if the specified keystore did not exist.
  • Revision 4221 (Issue #3218) -- When applying schema modifications, the upgrade mechanism now adds attribute definitions before objectclass definitions.

Tuesday Jan 15, 2008

OpenDS 1.0.0-build010 is now available

We have just uploaded OpenDS 1.0.0-build010, built from revision 3655 of our source tree, to our promoted builds folder. The direct link to ownload the core server is:

The direct link to download the DSML gateway is:

We have also updated the archive that may be used to install OpenDS via
Java Web Start. You may launch that using the URL
http://www2.opends.org/install/QuickSetup.jnlp, or visit
https://www.opends.org/wiki/page/OverviewOfTheQuickSetupTool for more

Detailed information about this build is available at

Major changes incorporated since OpenDS 1.0.0-build009 include:
  • Revision 3598 (Issues #2366 and #2186) -- Update indexes to order the keys before inserting them into the database. This ensures that no deadlocks occur between multiple add and modify operations. Also, disable lock timeouts for add and modify operations since deadlocks can not occur. This prevents transaction aborts and operation retry expiration due to lock timeouts of add and modify operations when the server is under high write load.
  • Revision 3607 (Issue # 1862) -- Provide verbosity options for the "upgrade" "setup" and "uninstall" commands.
  • Revision 3608 -- Increase the default value of the JVM heap size to 256Mb for building the server.
  • Revision 3610 -- Fix the permissions for Java Application Stubs used in MacOS X application bundles so that they are usable from within the WebStart installation.
  • Revision 3611 -- Set a fair ordering policy for the cacheLock and provide a better concurrency overall.
  • Revision 3612 (Issue #2785) -- Upgrade the Berkeley DB Java Edition version from 3.2.44 to 3.2.68.
  • Revision 3614 (Issue #2345) -- Provide the ability to monitor replication across a topology. Before this change, monitoring information for replication was restricted to the replication server itself, and the LDAP servers currently connected to it. With this change, each replication server exposes the delay for all replication servers in the topology.
  • Revision 3615 -- Provide a default "java.properties" file that includes information about setting the different java properties.
  • Revision 3616 (Issue #2787) -- Fix an issue in which replication sessions sometimes failed when a server disconnected and re-connected to the replication server in quick succession.
  • Revision 3617 (Issue #2794) -- Fix an issue in which delete operations were sometimes not replicated if they immediately followed a modify DN operation.
  • Revision 3619 (Issue #2107) -- Log publishers now prevent changing the log file permissions to an invalid value. The listeners will now reject changes that would prevent OpenDS from writing to the log files.
  • Revision 3621 -- Various improvements to the java properties tools.
  • Revision 3622 (Issue #2791) -- The "dsreplication enable" command always assumed that the administrator did not exist. This fix checks whether the specified administrator exists before creating it. Also fix an issue that caused "dsreplication enable" to fail if a user tried to enable a suffix between two servers that were already replicated.
  • Revision 3625 (Issue #2506) -- Fix a problem that caused "upgrade -r" not to work.
  • Revision 3626 (Issue #2797) -- The "cn" for the replication repair logger was incorrect.
  • Revision 3629 (Issue #2508) -- Fix a problem that caused "upgrade -a" not to work.
  • Revision 3630 (Issue #2650) -- The "import-ldif" command now provides information about JRE version and settings.
  • Revision 3631 (Issue #2778) -- Fix a null pointer exception that sometimes occurred when stopping replicated servers.
  • Revision 3637 (Issue #2482) -- Improve client-side referential integrity performance.
  • Revision 3638 (Issue #2799) -- Fix a null pointer exception that occurred when reverting an upgrade in interactive mode.
  • Revision 3639 (Issue #2780) -- Fix a problem in which "start-ds" did not work after reverting an upgrade from build 9 to build 8.
  • Revision 3644 (Issue #2647) -- Fix an issue in which the upgrade tool did not take into account the "99-user.ldif" file.
  • Revision 3651 (Issue #2784) -- Fix an issue in which the upgrade tool did not back up the "upgrade.bat" file, causing problems when reverting to a previous version, then attempting the upgrade again.
  • Revision 3654 (Issues #2786 and #2774) -- Fixes to the DSML Gateway war file.

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Friday Dec 14, 2007

OpenDS, OpenSolaris, GlassFish et bien d'autres...

 Ludo Resource Dcp 6547Nous organisons un seminaire technique sur les logiciels et projets open-source pour nos partenaires, au centre de recherche et développement de Grenoble (Grenoble Engineering Center), du 15 au 18 Janvier 2008.

Seront presentés, entre autres, Sun Secure Global desktop, OpenSolaris, GlassFish, NetBeans, OpenDS, OpenESB , xVM, OpenJDK, OpenDMK, Identity Management, Federation Management, Java CAPS...

L'agenda détaillé incluant la liste des présentateurs, les points de contact et les modalités d'inscription sont en ligne.

Attention le nombre de participants est limité, donc n'attendez pas la derniere minute pour vous inscrire.

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Tuesday May 08, 2007

OpenDS 0.8 has been released...

It's been a while since the 0.1 build of OpenDS was made available.

We've been doing so many improvements in the code that we jump to a 0.8 as we're definitely aiming for a 1.0 release by the end of the year.

 I can only encourage you to try it. It's simple, it's fast, it's just a click away.

 For the complete details of all the new features of build 0.8, read Neil's post on the subject.


CommunityOne and now JavaOne

It was a busy day yesterday for the first CommunityOne. 


The OpenDS, OpenSSO, OpenID booth drew lot of attention yesterday, with demos of an OpenID identity provider, an Atom Publishing Protocol server both leveraging OpenDS for storage, retrieval and authentication of users and blog posts.

We will be running the same demos every day of JavaOne in the Community Corner.

We also had a little bit of presence on stage as I did a presentation introducing OpenDS and Cool Stuff during the last session of the Glassfish track.

Staring on our booth yesterday:


Today is the real start of JavaOne with its set of announcements...  



This is the blog of a senior software engineer, specialized in LDAP, Directory Server and OpenDS. Ludovic Poitou works in France at the Grenoble Engineering Center, in the Directory Services Engineering team. Outside work, I love skiing and taking photo


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