#!/bin/sh # This is the OpenDS version number to install VER=2.2.0-RC2 # Download with curl or wget, uncomment the preferred download method curl -O http://www.opends.org/promoted-builds/${VER}/OpenDS-${VER}.zip # wget -nd http://www.opends.org/promoted-builds/${VER}/OpenDS-${VER}.zip unzip OpenDS-${VER}.zip cd OpenDS-${VER}/ # Some possible option change : # Replace -d 20 (generate sample data with 20 entries) with -a (create # top entry) or -l (load data from the LDIF file) # Change -w "secret12" with -j /tmp/me/passwordfile to avoid hardcoded # cleartext password # Add -O to avoid starting the server after install # Add -Q for a quiet install # ./setup --help for more information on options ./setup --cli -n -b "dc=example,dc=com" -d 20 -p 1389 \ --adminConnectorPort 4444 -D "cn=Directory Manager" \ -w "secret12" -q -Z 1636 --generateSelfSignedCertificate