Monday Oct 08, 2007

A blogger live in action at Sun CEC.

Caught in action, Terry Gardner also known as mister Wiki, blogging live from Las Vegas at Sun CEC 2007.


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Sun CEC 2007 started this morning...


The show started early this morning with the general session featuring Dan Berg, Hal Stern, James Batty, Marc Tremblay, Andy Bechtolsheim...
Later doing the day, I attended the presentation by Fulup Ar Foll on the subject the Identity savvy Web 2.0. And I watched Glynn Foster demonstrating OpenSolaris and project Indiana.

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Saturday Oct 06, 2007

We made it !

Paris Las VegasIt was quite a long trip yesterday from Grenoble to Las Vegas, through Paris and Newark. Being trapped in planes the whole day was not so much fun, especially as the entertainment system in the transatlantic flight was out of service (although we -I and the other 30 other Sun French employees heading to Sun CEC- are a 2 minutes of entertainment as we watched Linux booting the system). But not being able to support the French Rugby team in their quarter-final against New Zealand was harder. We got the half-time score (3 -13) via SMS during the Newark stop. And when we landed in Las Vegas, many phones started to bip as the SMS announcing the victory of the French team could finally reached us. France had won 20 to 18. And I am proud to see the French flag floating here on the front of the Paris Las Vegas hotel .

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Friday Oct 05, 2007

CEC 2007, Las Vegas, here I come...

I'm heading tomorrow to Las Vegas for the Sun Customer Engineering Conference where I will be presenting with my esteemed colleague Terry Sigle some Directory Server 6 tricks and tips.
This will be my first visit to Las Vegas. The one thing that is already packed beside the presentation materials is my camera.

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Monday Oct 01, 2007

"The Network is the Computer"

On the subject of Simon Phipps, by Hugh Macleod at GapingVoid.


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Monday Sep 17, 2007

Glassfish v2 and Directory Services...

Glassfish v2 and its companion Sun branded product Sun Java System Application Server 9.1 are being released today, delivering enterprise grade application servers.

Glassfish and Sun Directory Server Enterprise Edition have been playing well with each other for a long time now.

On one side, Glassfish v2 delivers by default an LDAP realm allowing centralization of Users and Groups into Sun Directory Server, integrating the application server with enterprises identity management solutions.

On the other side, Directory Server Enterprise Edition 6.x contains a couple of web applications (the Directory Service Control Center and Directory Editor) that can be easily deployed in Glassfish v2. The following blog posts are providing the details:

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Friday Sep 07, 2007

LDAPCon day 1, afternoon

It was a long afternoon at the LDAPCon with presentations until nearly 8pm. Thanks to the organizers it was followed by a social event with food and free drinks. A good occasion to relax, taste the local beer, recall the old LDAP stories and redo the world until exhaustion of fuel :-).

Frank Tröger exposed his work on a Reference Schema for Identity Management, searching, sort and linking all of the LDAP schema that have been defined in that area (with a focus on higher education).

Daniel Pluta from Munich University of Technology talked about Access controls for Group and Role management.

Giovanni Baruzzi from Syntlogo presented his thought on Designing a Directory Tree. In a nutshell, keep it simple:

"As flat as possible, as deep as needed"

Hilla Reynolds, Director of Development at CA revealed in a very animated and humorous presentation her secrets for a "Seamless Directory Backbone service": Standards, distribution, failover... Applications access front-ends that deal with the real sources of information.

Other sessions I did not attend (split sessions) included a presentation of the Apache Directory Studio (formelly known as LDAP studio). Impressive tool and progress since I last downloaded it. And a presentation on Spring LDAP.

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Wednesday Sep 05, 2007

Back but busy...

I haven't been updating this place since my return from vacation.
I've quite busy, mostly preparing the presentation for the 1st International LDAPv3 Conference.
I'm about to head to the airport and will try to post some details of the conference from Cologne (Germany).

There are a few other news in the pipe regarding Java ES 5 Update 1 availability, and thus Directory Server Enterprise Edition 6.2.

More in the coming days...

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Friday Aug 03, 2007

Time for a pause...

I have been a little bit irregular in my postings to this blog through the year, but better in the past months.
However, this is vacation time for me, and I don't want to bother you with pictures of my family on our journey to Spain... So there will be no post here for the next 3 weeks.
Enjoy the silence... I will :-)

Thursday Jul 26, 2007

Email Zen...

A must see for whoever lives a continuous email inbox nightmare.

I've been trying to improve my productivity with GTD, following the Zero inbox trick. It does work and help a lot.

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Monday Jul 23, 2007

Saving Harry Potter...

I was out this week-end and when I came back yesterday evening, the expected brown box was waiting for me in the mailbox. So I opened it religiously and took a long look at the cover. And I put down the book on the pile of books that I will be taking with me for my vacations, begining of August. Oh yes, I am curious to see what will happen to Harry and how the story is ending, but I'm not that desperate that I can't wait for a couple of weeks. At least then I will have the time to read chapters after chapters with limited distraction and interruptions. A good way to forget about the office and dive into vacation mode... I'm looking forward to it.

Img 0318

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Saturday Jul 21, 2007

OpenDS presentation at LDAPcon 2007

I've just received the confirmation that my proposal for an OpenDS presentation at the 1st International LDAPv3 Conference has been accepted.

The list of all presentations has been published. There will be a good representation of the LDAP community with most open source projects, commercial products and Ph.D. candidates.

I hope to see many of you in Cologne (Köln) early September.

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Tuesday Jul 17, 2007

12 years under the Sun

Today marks my 12th anniversary with Sun.

12 years is a long time, and probably more than I anticipated initially when I joined the company in 1995.
But I've been and I am still having a lot of fun, working on a pretty successful product, in a beautiful environment and with very smart people.
Sun Directory Server was started in the Grenoble Engineering Center -GEC- (called International Center for Network Computing - ICNC - at that time) in 1996. The team has evolved a lot with the Sun / Netscape Alliance, the merge with the Innosoft Directory team and all of the yearly re-organizations. But the largest part of Directory Services Engineering remains in Grenoble (well a few kilometers outside Grenoble, in Montbonnot more specifically) where we continue developing both DSEE and OpenDS.
Meanwhile Sun's facilities have evolved as well. In a celebration mood for this anniversary, here are all the buildings I've been working in for the last 12 years.

Dcp 1656Dcp 1663Dcp 1721Dcp 6547

I think I'll be around for a few more years, as I've found a good balance between a highly motivating working environment (and project), and quality of life in the Alps...

Dcp 6599

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Friday Jun 29, 2007

Blogging with Ecto...

I've heard so many good things about Ecto, that I've decided to give it a try...
Still 20 days before the evaluation license expires.

Blogging with Ecto...

I've heard so many good things about Ecto, that I've decided to give it a try...
Still 20 days before the evaluation license expires.


This is the blog of a senior software engineer, specialized in LDAP, Directory Server and OpenDS. Ludovic Poitou works in France at the Grenoble Engineering Center, in the Directory Services Engineering team. Outside work, I love skiing and taking photo


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