Lenovo T60 Serial ATA AHCI support

I thought this is a good oppotrunity to begin my blog here. I installed Solaris first time in 10 years! I installed Solaris 10 8/07 on   "Lenovo T60".

  1. Last time I installed Windows 2003 on it, there was no AHCI driver. So, I changed BIOS setting to 'compatibility' as the BigAdmin page in the URL below describes. Naturally, I was interested whether Solaris will support Serial ATA AHCI mode. I changed the BIOS setting to 'AHCI' and began install. It installed fine. In this BigAdmin HCL page, it still states the BIOS setting change. I don't know if the change is required for some T60 model, for some BIOS version, etc. _OR_ the page needs to be updated. Anyway, below is a line from 'prtconf -pv' output.

    >             model:  'SATA AHCI 1.0 Interface'

  2. Swapping 'Control' key with 'CapsLock' key.
    I googled and found 2 ways to do this system wide. I.e., by modifying keytables file somewhere under /usr/share/.  One file for console and another file(us6.kt?) for X-window. I don't need to set this system-wide, so I settled down with good old 'xmodmap' way. Saving xmodmap setting in ~/.Xmodmap file didn't work for me.
    • On RedHat 4 gnome, there was personal menu to set this. Apparently, this item is missing in JDS.


i have a problem with my IBM laptop T60 lenovo when i boot it comes first with intel (R) boot agent GE v1.2.50

then it says it can not boot from any device
current boot order and device status
1. USB FDD: -- Device not found
2. ATAPI CD0: Model HL-DT-ST
anyway all these things come and i can not anything please help me out to restore my program and documents

Posted by Anand on May 10, 2009 at 11:42 AM JST #

Can you push ThinkVantage button and go into BIOS?

Posted by Katsumi INOUE on May 10, 2009 at 05:58 PM JST #

1 - Reboot your computer
2 - Go in the Bios (hit F12 during the first boot sequence) and select -Enter Setup-
3 - Go in config (press enter)
4 - Select Serial ATA (SATA)
5 - Change the option for compatibility (instead of AHCI)
6 - Press F10 to save BIOS Changes and exit.
7 - Now you can restart your windows XP installation and complete it.
8 - Once XP is completly installed, install the folowing driver :
Because if you change back the setting to AHCI, windows xp is not booting correctly because by default it does not support AHCI. (NB : the files from ibm is extracting the drivers files into c:\\drivers
Intel Matrix Storage Manager Driver for Windows 2000
9 - Change back seting to AHCI and it will be working perferctly just like it never happened.

i also found that windows Vista installation is working correctly without doing those changes, it's might be because installation of Windows XP is not automaticly loads default AHCI drivers.

Posted by guest on June 08, 2009 at 09:53 AM JST #

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