Tuesday Jan 08, 2008

Vote By Vote - NH Results

For those who like to see details, I just stubbled across a great interactive website at http://www.politico.com which shows the actual votes per town.   Very cool.

As you roll the mouse over each town, the numbers are shown per candidate.   Nice website.

How did Warner vote?   Barack Obama & John McCain took the lion's share with Hillary Clinton & Mitt Romney closest behind the party leaders.

Total votes from Warner --->   1382 !   That's nearly half the town !

Monday Jan 07, 2008

Snow! Snow! Snow!

By the end of December, we had a record 54" of snow in New Hampshire!   Outrageous really!   And beautiful as well!

But this meant that what was supposed to be a quiet two weeks vacation from work turned into two weeks of plowing, shovelling, snowblowing, and doing all of the horse farm chores when our staff were simply unable to drive to the farm due to road conditions!

People have asked, "How do the horses like the snow?".   Great question.

Overall, I have to say, "The horses love it!"   When it's not -4 degrees Fahrenheit, which it was just last week, when the wind isn't whipping the snow into irregular drifts across the pastures and blowing away the afternoon hay, the horses really do make the most of the white stuff.

They roll.   They play.   They goof around.

Winter Wonderland has definitely come to New Hampshire!

A New Voter

It has taken leaving the USA for 12 years and returning to America to convince me it's time for me to register to vote.   After watching the BBC news tonight and seeing New Hampshire and the primaries on the BBC news, I hit me.   It is time.

Now to figure out...   What party do I support?   What issues do I care about?   Which candidate do I like, and more importantly, which candidate do I BELIEVE can do the job?

But first things first.   Gotta register.

Friday Sep 21, 2007

Warner Fall Foliage Festival

Warner Fall Folliage Festival, held on the weekend of October 6th & 7th of 2007, is one of the big local events in middle New Hampshire, New England, in the Northeast USA.   A little event.   But a huge local event.

This is one of those BIG little local events that a local person, in this case ME, wishes all who are family, friends, coworkers, colleagues, and casual acquainances could attend, share, and celebrate...   assuming the weather is nice, of course.   It is an event that helps celebrate life in the country and includes oxen pulls, wood chopping competitions, the handiworks of country artisans, a fun fair carnival with rides, and so much more that you simply won't find in the heart of our great cities.

It is a little event.

It is Warner's biggest event.   And Warner..., well..., right now, that is my town, a rather small town I love in a rather big way.

Two years ago, we had friends / work colleagues / "family" from Bangalore India staying at our house during the Warner Fall Folliage Festival 2005.   The weather did not cooperate as best as it might, but still the festival was a success and a good time was had by all.   2006 weather was more generous, and I suspect 2007 will provide an example of perfect fall weather.

While it is difficult (although not impossible) to invite all of our "local" Burlington Massachusetts & Nashua New Hampshire Sun colleagues to Warner to visit during the upcoming Fall Folliage Festival, I would like to use this forum to try to do so.....

Come to Warner New Hampshire on October 6th & 7th.   So easy to find between exits 8 and 9 off of I-89.   (Sooooo easy to remember.)   Come experience the Warner Fall Folliage Festival at least once.   It is good family fun.   Truly.

For those within Sun, call me on my extension for more info, including how to get to what I like to refer to as the "Sun Warner NH Drop-In Center"...   :-)

Friday Jun 22, 2007

Our First Black Bear

Until this morning, I did not know how one should behave should one encounter a Black Bear.   It wasn't something I felt I would need to know, nor something I had even wondered about.   That was until this morning...

....At 2:45 am, one of our property alarms kicked off.   Waking but quite groggy, I debated whether to investigate.   It was probably just a coyote, some deer, or maybe a porcupine wandering past.   But soon after, the dog started growling.   Something was up.

Rolling out of bed, I went to a window to investigate.   There, only a few yards from the house, was a Black Bear.   It was very black against the lawn, dimly lit only by a distant street light, and looked big & round.   It moved slowly, but with ease and suppleness, across the lawn, over the stone wall, and out into the southeast pasture.

I was glad I did not go OUTSIDE to investigate this time.   Armed or not, I would not have wanted to come face to face with this hefty animal.   But had I, would I have known what to do?   Not really.   So, I read up on it....

The following is straight from the New Hampshire Fish & Game Department FAQ about Black Bears.

What should I do if I encounter a bear?

If you see a bear, keep your distance.   Make it aware of your presence by clapping, talking, singing or making other sounds.   If you get too close to a bear, it may slap the ground, huff, blow and chomp its teeth or rush you (this is referred to as "bluff charge") in an attempt to get you to move a more comfortable distance away.   If this occurs, maintain eye contact with the bear, speak in a soft, calm voice and slowly back away from the bear.   These actions will help appease the bear and show that you are not weak, but, at the same time, not a threat to the bear.   Do not run, avert your eyes or turn your back to the bear.   The bear may perceive weakness and enforce dominance.   The bear's bluff charge and chomping of teeth are a defense mechanism to establish the bear's dominance in an encounter with humans or a more dominant animal in the wild.   Bears can outrun, out-swim and out-climb you.   If you are attacked by a black bear, you should fight back rather than "play dead."

Aside from making noise, this advice is all completely new news to me!   So much for looking away, turning away, running away, and playing dead if he catches up with me!

I had been contemplating camping out on the front lawn later this summer, especially during the meteor showers.   Now, I'm not so sure....   Not unless I have a bazooka by my side.




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