Friday May 02, 2008

Opening Night

After an afternoon of corporate disappointment, good news / bad news Q3 results, reading lots of internal news, hearing & viewing executive words of encouragement & motivation, and learning about upcoming layoffs, Georg, had to shake off work and once again be The ActTOOR.

Yes, it was   Opening Night!   for "The Curious Savage" at the Warner NH Town Hall.   And what a performance it was!

The cast & crew did a great job!   The audience connected with the characters, enjoyed a lot of giggles and laughter, and even sniffed back gentle tears at the heartfelt ending.   Even me!

And Georg...   Well, he was   F A B U L O U S !   His acting debut was a smashing success.   And, judging from how high he was floating above us mere mortals after the fact, I'd say he thoroughly enjoyed himself as much as the audience enjoyed his performance.

Now back to work.   But again later tonight, and three more times this weekend, Judge Samuel Savage and his siblings will return to "The Cloisters" in pursuit of their $10,000,000 inheritance.

Sigh.   Life is a drama.


Tuesday Apr 29, 2008

Savages on Stage

This week, the Sunapee Kearsarge Intercommunity Theatre group present John Patrick's delightful comedy "The Curious Savage" in Warner, New Hampshire.

Performances are:

  • Thursday, May 1st - 8pm
  • Friday, May 2nd - 8pm
  • Saturday, May 3rd - 8pm
  • Sunday, May 4th - 2pm
  • Sunday, May 4th - 6pm

Tickets are $10 each and can be purchased at the MainStreet BookEnds in Warner.

There!   That's my part done.   A wee bit of advertising.

My Dahlin' husband Georg, however, Has a Lot More to Do!   Nightly rehearsals followed by 5 performances.   His acting debut.   A planned announcement regarding his retirement from acting.   His farewell speech.   Then, no doubt, maybe months from now, maybe sooner, an announcement that he is coming out of retirement.   All with dramatic flair, of course.

Life with the AckTOOR (not to be confused with a common actor) has been interesting at best.   I have witnessed a transformation.   The highly regarded & respected Sun Microsystems Senior Staff Engineer & business man has shown a new side.   He is learning stage presence.   He is applying dramatic effects and nuances to his speech & movement.   He has picked up "AckTOOR Speak" and concerns himself with "blocking", "technical reviews", notes, set & lighting, and of course getting into character and having a back story for his character.   Georg IS Judge Samuel Savage.   And, maybe because it is a comedy, Georg has been a bit more goofy than usual.

Life is a drama.   And a huge giggle.   That's cool.

Break a leg, Georg!   And have fun!

Monday Mar 31, 2008

Judge Samuel Savage

Regarding my recent blog entry about The Curious Savage auditions...

GEORG landed a speaking part in the play!   Yes, incredible as it may seem, Georg will be acting in the role of "Judge Samuel Savage", one of the three Savage children who commit their stepmother into "The Cloisters".

I don't want to ruin the story for you by telling too much.   But I will tell you that Georg's character gets a bit injured while searching for the missing $10,000,000 in bonds which his stepmother has hidden.

Now, I'm not sure how well Georg can act, but if how he behaves when he thinks he has a slight fever is any indication, he will no doubt give a Star Performance!   :-)

So, for those "local" to New Hampshire, Georg will be performing on stage in Warner, May 1 - 4th.   Ticket information will be shared as we get closer to the dates.

Wednesday Mar 26, 2008

The Curious Savage

Through the Warner's Men's Club, Georg came to hear about auditions for an upcoming amateur theatrical production of "The Curious Savage" by John Patrick.

The play will be performed at the Warner Town Hall from May 1st to May 4th.   The production is being done by the very local Sunapee Kearsarge Intercommunity Theatre.

A SKIT photo collage from "Our Town" in 2006

That's nice.   Right?   So what?

Almost as a goof, a new form of adrenaline rush, a small but fun life experience & challenge...   We BOTH auditioned!!!   And OHMIGOD!   Georg was fabulous!   A natural.   And I survived.   In fact, after the fact, I realised that I truly enjoyed it!   Yes, only a mere taste.   But already, I know I want more!

To those of you who know me, let me apologise while you try to get back into your seats.   Yes, I know it's hard to believe I would EVER get on a stage, read a part with other actors, and try to secure a role in a theatrical production.   But, there comes a time in life when you just have to say, "Why the hell not?"

While I am confident I did not secure one of the female roles, I do suspect I'll be working on the technical side, updating the SKIT website and helping with documentation.   My sideways entry into The Theatre.

And so it is done.   My first big adrenaline rush for 2008.   Now back to my regularly scheduled life.   :-)

Friday Jan 25, 2008

London Heathrow's New Runway Lights

Simply wickedly funny!

Click here.

Thanks for the giggle!

Tuesday Dec 13, 2005

Airport Security Humour

As I was going thru security at CDG Airport in Paris, I noticed that the viewing screen of the X-ray machine was easy to see. Curious as always about these things, I watched as my bag went through.

As it came through, it looked fine, but then suddenly, the dark image of an assault rifle lying amongst my belongings in my carry on baggage appeared. The security guard looked up at me and said something in French which I did not understand at all.

I was tired, having not slept on the long flight. Needless to say, I was a bit stunned to see the rifle in my bag.

Then I got it..... Security scanning humour. Sure. Must be. I said mine was smaller than that and smiled. The security guy hit another button and the image disappeared.

As passengers, it is a criminal offense to joke about carrying a bomb. Obviousy, there are no such rules for the security team.

File this one under weird experiences....

Wednesday Oct 20, 2004

Next USA President

For Americans still debating about who to vote for in November, here is a fun website, President Match, which may help you decide!




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