Monday Aug 27, 2007

Sun's Funniest Videos

Okay, I'm not sure that these are Sun's funniest videos, but I'm pointing out some pretty funny videos that I've come across here at Sun. Here, I'm just referring to videos that are on You Tube. If you know of some other funny Sun videos, please leave a comment referencing them. At this time, I am just going for the all-out funny ones (it's Monday and you might enjoy/need the laugh).

I've seen a few Solaris Cluster videos in recent months. I think they're very clever. I tried embedding them, but somehow it wasn't working out. Anyway,  I've simply provided the links: 

These following Sun videos about the "IT Guy" have been out for some time now. These are a little more Hollywood big budget, so to speak. Anyway, they're quite funny.

Wednesday Jun 20, 2007

Quick and Clean Overview of Sun Java System Access Manager and Much More

In yesterday's entry, Getting timely Sun Java System Access Manager info, I should probably have hyped (I'm using "hype" as an intransitive verb, which shows how excited I am. In normal conditions, I would never do that.) more about the site that I mentioned at that time. The following is the link to that site, the Sun's Identity Management Solutions site:

Identity Management Solutions

I've been going through that site and there's lots of good stuff about identity management. For one, I learned that Pat Patterson has added a 'stub" to Wikipedia for Sun Java System Access Manager. Here's the link to that Wikipedia entry:

Pat's blog entry was out there in the blog feed I mentioned in my blog entry yesterday. His blog entry might not be out there by the time you visit since new blog entries are fed out there (replacing the old) all the time. For example, the entry you're reading right now, yeah this one, will be out there soon (well, "soon," from my perspective).

I also came upon a very nice overview of Sun Java System Access Manager. Officially, I suppose it's called a "product data sheet." It provides a lot of key info in a succint manner. It is a marketing piece (at least in my mind it is) and it does have a little obligatory marketing spin, especially in the first paragraph. However, once you get through that, it's mostly details and specifications. Here's the link:

Product Data Sheet: Sun Java System Access Manager

If you want the complete technical overview of Access Manager, you would want to look at the official documentation, depending on the Access Manager version, as such:

  • Sun Java System Access Manager 7.1 Technical Overview
  • Sun Java System Access Manager 7.0 Technical Overview

Besides that stuff, there's plenty of other good stuff out there, such as the following:

It's all good! And there's plenty more where that came from!

Tuesday Jun 19, 2007

Getting timely Sun Java System Access Manager info

If you'd like to keep up to date on Sun Java System Access Manager related info, you might want to start from the following link:

Now, if you first came across this blog entry as you were perusing the above page, then that would be kind of freaky. "Freaky"? I'm sure there's a better word. "Ironic?" Darn it, I should have been a Lit major.

ANYHOW, that link will bring you to a blog feed related to Sun Java System Access Manager. So, it's the latest and greatest (well, it's the latest anyway). At that point, you'll be right in the middle of all kinds of official Sun Microsystems, identity management related stuff (if you don't mind my using a highly technical word, such as "stuff."

Friday May 18, 2007

Sun is way ahead of the open source curve (maybe)

I like the following quote:

"So far, it has taken Sun about three years to get to the point it’s at in the big transition. If other companies follow and it takes as long, could that lead to an advantage for Sun as a company that’s ready to get on with it?"

The quote comes from David Berlind of ZDNET in his blog. The blog entry basically explains the accompanying podcast. David interviewed (in MP3 format) analyst James Governor of RedMonk. Both of these guys blogged about the interview. You can access the interview and listen to it from both of their blogs:

  1. David Berlind's Blog
  2. James Governor's Blog

They talk about a few things, but Sun gets a decent amount of attention in the second half of the interview. I would say their attitude toward Sun is controlled enthusiasm. To me it seems they're both giddy about Sun's open source approach of late.

They throw in the appropriate disclaimers, but in their conversation Sun was sounding real intelligent.

Of course, I'm always listening for anything about identity management. That's where James said he wanted to see Sun do more. It was just one quick sentence. I'd like to know "More in what areas of identity management and why?" I mean, how is Sun lacking? I hear things like this from time to time, but I'm not sure if the analysts who say such things have ideas where Sun is missing out. In James' case, I'm sure he has very clear ideas of what Sun should be doing, but I don't know exactly what those ideas are.

Anyway, I took the interview to be very, very positive. Unfortunately, it means we have to work extremely hard now. I say that because whenever there's positive news about Sun, immediatley somebody says, "Yeah, but we still have a lot more work to do." This time I wanted to say it before somebody else did.

Thursday Oct 19, 2006

About This Blog

My name is John Domenichini. I'm a technical writer at Sun Microsystems. The Identity Writer label I'm using is supposed to be clever. Part of my identity is that I'm a writer. Moreover\*, I'm a technical writer for identity management products. Ahgh, never mind (Did I spell Ahgh right?).

Specifically, I write about Sun JavaTM System Access Manager Policy Agent, which by no surprise is related to Sun JavaTM System Access Manager, which by possibly mild surprise is part of Sun JavaTM Enterprise System.

Are you actually reading this alt tag, which accompanies an image of Sun Java Enterprise System packaging? That's wild!

This blog is a work-in-progress. It will definitely focus on identity management products. There will probably be a tremendously strong focus on documentation. When I say, "a focus on documentation," I mean both the actual documents about Sun Microsystems software products and sometimes the products and processes involved in creating those documents. One might expect that the software product documentation I blog about will be relatively closely related to the software products for which I write documents. If you can understand that prior sentence, good job. While some of the sentences in this blog might be funky, I really do try to keep the writing in my documents to the point. There's not a lot of joking around in them. I think it's best that way.

Anyway, I'll probably figure out what this blog is about as I go along. I can imagine that at first I'll often want to write about blogging. Since I'm new to blogging, I'm not familiar with the mechanics of it. And I'm not a mechanic. So, it's an open book, so to speak. I'm not really sure if that expression applies here, but it's got the whole documentation-book connection going on.

I know that at some point I'd like to investigate Policy Agent software at a micro and macro level. Therefore, sometimes I'd like to look into the details of the product, perhaps looking at details of the properties file. At other times I'd like to look at the big picture. Therefore, I might want to look into how the Policy Agent 2.2 software set works with Access Manager 7.1 and how they both work with Sun Java Enterprise System and how it relates to web services and Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). This blog might truly end up being a log; basically, a journal where I'm talking to myself, or I might be able to pose questions and get thousands of responses. Actually, two responses might be overly ambitious. But who knows what the future holds. So much to learn, so little time.

Back here on Earth, I'm a technical writer of Policy Agent Software. The Policy Agent documentation link is back there several words from here.

I'm responsible for all those books listed out there at that link. If you have anything positive to say about my documents, go ahead. No, I'm just kidding. Go ahead and say anything you want about my documents. Well, not anything. There are certain rules of conduct and such. Okay, I'll see you in the funny papers. I'm not really sure if that expression applies either. Actually, I've never understood that expression. I like it, though. This "About This Blog" section might change. Don't be offended. But, if enough people are offended by this section, I'll definitely change it, and quick, too!

\*The use of the word "moreover" is a clear indication that the person writing is supposed to be a writer. The use of the asterisk is another indication. Spelling out a-s-t-e-r-i-s-k (instead of just using the \* symbol) is yet another indication. Even the overuse of font options, such as variation in size, use of bold, italics, and color and (the most egregious offense of all) the use of an image that barely relates to the text are all clear indications of a writer with an identity crisis who's basically just saying, "No really, I'm a writer!"

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