Friday Dec 15, 2006

Adding this entry from StarOffice

So, I'm writing this blog entry using the StarOffice Weblog Publisher, which is an extension. Here's a page about StarOffice 8 that includes info about the Weblog Publisher extension:

Star Office Info, including Weblog Publisher extension

What I didn't catch when I first tried installing the extension was the following:

Requires StarOffice 8, StarSuite 8 (Update 3 or higher) or (2.0.3 or higher)

That would have been good for me to know. That's all been worked out now. At one point, I even went to the following page, which provides detailed information such as the version of StarOffice required to use the Weblog Publisher, but I didn't notice the “ Update 3 or higher” part:

Sun Weblog Publisher page

We'll see what works for me using Weblog Publisher and what doesn't.

Right now, I'm typing into StarOffice. I then

will add an image. But that's a bit funky. Adding an image while using StarOffice? It would seem that StarOffice wouldn't know what to do with an image that I add using Insert>Picture. I mean, it can show it in StarOffice, but how's it going to transfer it to my blog when I submit it. Won`t I have to upload the image separately?

No, I guess not. I just submitted this entry and started uploading the image separately. However, it was already there. Or I'm losing my mind. In my blog entry, it's already pointing to the image that StarOffice renamed somehow. That part is magic to me. Anyway, with StarOffice I was able to submit this entry directly to my blog. A lot of things, such as images, are just taken care of.

This arrangement with writing my entries directly in StarOffice has promise.

By the way, looking at the image above, you'll notice a Weblog menu. That gets added when you add the Weblog Publisher extension. Another "by-the-way", does the image quality seem low? I'm not sure if it's worse than usual or not. Questions, questions.

NOTE: I added this note later. The image above should look clear now. I went back and took away the height and width tags. It seems StarOffice adds those itself. It was height=”472” and width=”594.” That re-sizing to a smaller size caused the image to be really choppy. However, I'm guessing those measurements, especially the width, are good guidelines to keep in mind when creating images. I say that because after I took away those tags, the image was huge. Therefore, I deleted the image completely and created another screen shot, which is what you should see now. The first time, the screen shot was of the entire StarOffice window. This time I re-sized the StarOffice window to a much smaller size. I actually viewed it at less than 100% so it would be a lot smaller when I went to make a screen shot of it. Now, the image is just over 600 pixels in width. That should fit better.

If I had kept the original width of the image, it could easily have extended into the right column. The person viewing the blog would then need to enlarge the window, if possible. If the resolution of the person's computer was set to something not so fine, then perhaps the image would take up too much real estate no matter how big the window is re-sized to. Just things I need to keep in mind. By the way, I also renamed the image. I'm not crazy about having an image name that's just random numbers and letters.

I submitted this entry as a draft. Therefore, it didn't go directly to my blog as a blog entry. It showed up in my blog as a draft in text format with all the tags included. Then I could see how StarOffice tagged everything to see if it teaches me anything. It taught me that it spaces things in an interesting way between paragraphs. I'll have to get used to that. I had way too much space, so I just took out a lot of spaces between paragraphs. So, it seems I'll still want to be ready to edit the HTML tags.

That's that!

Tuesday Dec 12, 2006

Getting Some More Identity

I've done more to give this blog some Identity. 

In the process, I've learned more about who blogs about identity Management at Sun and I've learned more about how to customize Roller blog software.

Right now, I'm using the editor that comes with Roller . In my search for more blog identity, I learned that this blog editor (it's called Xinha) is new and improved over prior the prior editor. We'll see, I tried it before it was improved and I can confidently say it needed improving. I couldn't get the fonts to do what they said they were going to do. If you follow me. We'll see how this all looks.

I also started playing with tags and with the search. That's how I came across other Sun bloggers who mentioned Identity Management in some way. That's a big topic actually. I also found some entries about Policy Agent.

For example, though I don't  understand Japanese, I know these entries discuss things like policy and Policy Agent:

Call me a visual learner. 

 About my blog, I've a section in the column on the right: My Recent Blog Entries. I've looked at the documentation: Roller 3.0 User's Guide and Roller 3.0 Template Guide quite a bit, but still. For this I did a search and found a Sun blogger who explained how to do it.

 I went to and searched for the following:

blog customization recent entries

That search led to this entry:

I knew enough to know that I was going to have to do things a little differently for my blog in terms of customizing the templates. But it gave me the info I needed. I added the 15 most recent entries. Actually, I only had 15 entries, so that made sense.

 Keep in mind my Nov 17 entry, which explains tha t what I'm describing about my blog might not apply by the time you read this since it my be 2046 when you're reading this. A lot could change from 2006 to 2046.

 I've learned so much more recently, but that's all I have time for. Blogging, it's not bad.


Darn it! Just before submitting this entry, I did a full preview and the fonts are all messed up. Do you see how the first line is all small? That's not the way it looks in the editor. As Pat Patterson told me today, editors tend to be WYSIMOLWYG (what you see is more or less what you get). Well it's back to other methods, either doing HTML by hand or typing it in a program like Star Office (with HTML) and cutting and pasting it into my blog. By the way, Star Office has a blog editor extension. I haven't been able to use it yet. That's another story.



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