Wednesday Mar 07, 2007

Liberty Alliance: I'm gonna hafta look into that

All the indications are that I don't know enough about Liberty Alliance. Sun is a huge player in this alliance, too.

So, I get this alert for an InfoWorld article today about an outline (in PDF) put together by the Liberty Alliance.

Cool! I'm getting some good info lately related to identity management. I'm starting to get these alerts tweaked well. I notice Piper Cole, VP, Global Government & Community Affairs, is a contributor to the outline. I've met Piper Cole. I'm, like, such an insider now.

Unfortunately, I don't completely get the Liberty Alliance thing. Looks like I'm going to have to actually look into this thing. I mean, I have looked into it, but I'm going to have to get all involved and everything.

I did read the outline and it was much more legal than I had anticipated, which makes me wonder how many corporations who have set up a circle of trust have run into significant issues. It also surprised me because I didn't think the liberty alliance would make non-technical suggestions, which just points out my ignorance of the alliance.

Another Liberty Alliance thing, more than a week back, I got a comment from James McGovern here:

I'll repeat the comment:

“The Identity Governance Framework also speaks to XACML usage which is about authorization. Do you think the folks at Sun and participating members of Liberty will finally start talking about authorization and stop overhyping identity? Would be great if your next blog entry went into detail on this topic.”

Okay, so I'm not such an insider because I couldn't begin to go into detail about such a topic. Still. Perfectly still at this point, but there's hope for me that I'll get this stuff one of these days and actually be able to interact with the real players. Or maybe not.

Monday Feb 26, 2007

Oracle, Liberty Alliance, and me

Oracle has contributed to the Liberty Alliance by giving the alliance it's Identity Governance Framework. I most certainly don't get the full import of this. However, it's significant to me since I got this information automatically.

I'm still not “in,” but I'm not so far out. I'm going to create a trackback to the blog from which I got this info:

No, I'm not going to create a trackback. I just tried. Either I'm doing something wrong, or I need to register in order to create a trackback. It seems I need to register, but I'm not that interested.

Now let's see if you can understand the twisted logic that follows. Recently, I set up a ZapTxt alert (I plan to make an entry about ZapTxt one of these days) to various blogs and such trying to capture identity management-related stuff. I've played with the key words and tags and such, to get info that suits me. I have the info being emailed to me and then I have a filter which sends all ZapTxt alerts to a separate folder. Okay, I think I have a couple alerts that are actually sending me things that are useful for me.

Today, I got an alert to Ash's blog. Inside his entry was a quote from Don Bowen, director of Identity Integration at Sun. I've actually met Don Bowen. Now, suddenly everything seems more personal. So I see that as reason to celebrate. There, is that followable logic?

Truth is that information has been out there for a while:

That's almost three weeks ago. However, the quote from Sun wasn't in there. Anyway, slowly I'm figuring out how to get info I want. After I got that alert, I did a search and found that Info World article. Then I set up another ZapTxt alert to the InforWorld site. Again, I'll probably have to play with the keywords and tags to see if I can get the right amount of info.

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