Wednesday May 09, 2007

JavaOne, Customers, Documentation, Software

I haven't even gotten to JavaOne yet, but I've already made contact with a Sun customer who has Sun JavaTM Enterprise System deployed at his organization. Some key software components of interest for him are Sun Java System Access Manager, Sun Java System Portal, Sun Java System Application Server and the Communications Suite.

So, let me provide a little background:

In yesterday's blog entry, I talked about JavaOne. I also included a bling-thing. That badge-looking thing is called "My QuickConnect Card." If you click it, it will bring you to my JavaOne profile. JavaOne attendees should have a username and password they could log in with from that page.

About the first thing I did after logging in was that I looked at the "View All Groups" page. I eventually came across the group "Sun Java Enterprise System Users." The description of this group was right up my alley. Here it is:

The biggest issue we've had is finding others using the same platform. I was hoping to find others using Sun Portal Server 7 as our deplyment platform for portlets and Sun Access Manager 7 as our Single Sign On and Sun Application Server 8 as the J2EE stack. I'd enjoy meeting others to talk about experiences.

Well that's great! I'd like to be a fly on the wall of any such discussions. Since I'm a technical writer of Sun Java System Access Manager Policy Agent documentation, the issues with Sun Access Manager 7 as the Single Sign On and Sun Application Server (since there's an agent from the Policy Agent 2.2 software set for it) are of interest to me. So, I'd like to hear where the documentation is right and wrong in that regard. The problem is that there are so many groups that it's hard to find any group at all and nobody signed up for it (well, besides me).

I'd like to think that the reason nobody has signed up for it is because they didn't know about it. Here it is a five day event and there's all this social software set up for interactions and such. Just like everything these days. It's so much info, it's too much info. Anyway, I sent an email to the group owner. He sent me an email back expressing a lot of his thoughts and experiences on Sun Java Enterprise System software.

I found it to be fantastic information: issues with patches, documentation issues, the cheatsheets he's come up with and more. Wow! All the things I should be hearing about.

In his email he also mentioned the Communications Suite and load balancers and other specifics about his organization's deployment. Okay, now we're talking: real world depolyments.

I want to hear more. I'll see if I can hook up with him today. If any other JavaOne attendees are interested, find and sign up for the "Sun Java Enterprise System Users" group.

Okay, so it's off to JavaOne!

Tuesday May 08, 2007

JavaOne and Identity Management

I'll be attending JavaOne tommorow, so I thought I'd get any info I could that has already gone on there or will go on there related to identity management.

First, while searching around, I saw I could create a profile and act like I'm a key player. That's what I've done, thusly:

Join Me at the 2007 JavaOne Conference Event Connect Tool!

Okay, I'm no cooler than I was before, probably a little less cool, but I have another bling-like thing on my blog.

Back to my Point:

There have already been some Sun blog entries that have the JavaOne/Identity Management connection going on, as such:


A few JavaOne sessions as shown in the link below are related to identity management (OpenSSO):

Identity Management Related Sessions


The JavaOne Pavilion has lots of exhibitors. The following URL lists all exhibitors, but at the bottom of the page is a list of exhibits (booths) that Sun has there.

All Exhibitors with Sun highlighted

The following link brings the description of the identity management exhibit to the top of the page:

Identity Management: 1 Identity 1 World

The following link brings the description of the OpenSSO/OpenDS exhibit to the top of the page:

OpenIdentity: OpenSSO and OpenDS

JavaOne Blogs:

Okay, the blogs listed at the following page don't necessarily have anything to do with identity management, but I liked the fact that there's a JavaOne Web page dedicated to blogs:

JavaOne Blog Page

Documentation-Related Exhibit:

There's another exhibit going on that I'll be interested in, though it has nothing to do with identity management. It has to do with creating a structured XML based documentation system. Get Java Technology Technical Publication Tools

What Have I Missed?:

Lots probably!


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