Wednesday Apr 15, 2009

Developing Database Applications Using MySQL Connector/C++

MySQL Connector/C++ is a MySQL database connector for C++ that ISVs and other application developers who have C++ applications can use to connect, insert, and retrieve data from a MySQL database.  The MySQL Connector/C++ mimics the JDBC 3.0 API.  The Connector/C++ preview implements about 75% of the methods of the JDBC 3.0 API.  MySQL Connector/C++ can be downloaded from here under the Connector section.  Note that it is a beta release.

Recently, Giri Mandalika, one of our engineers within ISV Engineering, wrote an article on how to develop database application using MySQL Connector/C++.  It also dives into how to install MySQL Connector/C++ from Source.  This article will be extremely useful for C++ application developers that want to connect to a MySQL database.  The full article can be found at:

Tuesday Apr 14, 2009

SugarCRM Performance on Sun X4270 Server

Today, Sun is launching a new line of Intel Xeon 5500 systems. These impressive new systems feature:

  • Next-generation flash storage technology to eliminate I/O bottlenecks;
  • Integrated networking technologies to decrease cost and complexity; and a
  • Consistent management tool (Integrated Lights Out Manager, or "ILOM") to ease manageability across the servers and blades.
What all this means is that we can deliver up to 3x the performance of the previous processor generation, and, with the integration of Sun's SSD and Flash in Sun servers and blades, customers can enjoy 65x faster response times and 38% less power/GB. And, in keeping with our open approach, these new systems can seamlessly integrate into existing Solaris, Windows or Linux systems, and can easily be managed by existing third-party tools.

As part of this launch, ISV Engineering has done a variety of ISV / open source community proofpoints to showcase how well ISV applications run on these systems with Solaris / Open Solaris.  Full details of all of the activities can be found here.

One of the projects that was done was SugarCRM performance with MySQL 5.0.67 on Sun x4270 Server.  Check out all the performance details here.

Friday Apr 03, 2009

MySQL and VMWare White Paper

Recently, ISVe teamed up with MySQL Product Management to show that VMWare is a good environment to run MySQL in.   We jointly ran tests to show:

  • Provide a comparison of virtualized instances of MySQL Server instances running on VMware ESX with non-virtualized MySQL Server instances running on an equivalent hardware server.
  •  Provide “Best Practice” configuration guidance for running MySQL Server in a virtualized VMware environment.
Our tests showed that a virtualized environment adds only about 5% overhead (in TPS).  You can read the full whitepaper here.

Tuesday Mar 31, 2009

Some MySQL Partners share their stories on Sun/Intel Groundbreaking x64 Systems

Check out this page:  Pentaho, Jaspersoft, and other talk about the newest Sun/Intel x64 systems.\\

Thursday Mar 19, 2009

Webinar: How to Develop MySQL-Backed Java Applications with Netbeans, JRuby-on-Rails & Glassfish

Thursday, March 26, 2009 at 10:00am Pacific, Arun Gupta, will show how to leverage Netbeans IDE to quickly and easily develop and deploy MySQL and Glassfish backed applications using the JRuby-on-Rails framework. Combining JRuby-on-Rails with the MySQL database and Glassfish application server allows developers to deliver highly scalable and robust applications for the Web in a complete and integrated stack in less time, reducing development cycles and lowering your COGS.  You can register for the webinar here.

Demo: Backup MySQL Database using Zmanda to Sun's Cloud

Yesterday, at the CommunityOne Event in New York, Zmanda's CEO showed how a MySQL database could be backed up to Sun's cloud using Zmanda ZRM via WebDAV API for integration.  Check out the video here.  If you're looking for an alternative to tape backups or a solution for backup archives, Sun's Cloud might be a good solution for you.  From the Zmanda team blog....In near future, our customers will be able to chose between Sun Cloud Storage or Amazon S3 as the destination of their backup archives.  You can read more about Sun's cloud here.

Wednesday Mar 18, 2009

Webinar on Improving MySQL Database Scalability

Ziff Davis Enterprise eSeminar Series is hosting a webinar sponsored by Sun Microsystems.

How to Improve MySQL™ Database Scalability

Date: Mar 25, 2009

Time: 12:00 p.m. Eastern/9:00 a.m. Pacific (60 Minutes).

Replay: A replay will be available for those who can't attend this live session.

 You can register at:

Thursday Mar 12, 2009

New ISV/OEM Track at MySQL Users' Conference 2009

This year, at the MySQL Users' Conference 2009 (April 20-23 in Santa Clara), there is a new Independent Software Vendor  (ISV) / Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) Track  This track offers in-depth technical sessions designed specifically for ISVs and OEMs, including:

    \* MySQL Embedded - Getting started with libmysqld
      Anders Karlsson (MySQL )
    \* Not So Quiet on the C++ Front
      Andrey Hristov (SUN Microsystems)
    \* Securely and Seamlessly Deploy MySQL with your Application
      Lee Stigile (MySQL), John David Duncan (MySQL)
    \* Faster Data Reduction and Smoothing for Analysis & Archival in MySQL
      Michael McFadden (
    \*  The Nitro Storage Engine: Simple Steps To Extreme Performance
      Paul Whittington (NitroSecurity, Inc.)
    \* Clickability: Scaling SaaS with MySQL and Memcached
      Jeff Freund (Clickability)
    \* The ScaleDB Storage Engine: Enabling High Performance and Scalability using Materialized Views and a Shared-Disk clustering architecture
      Moshe Shadmon (ScaleDB)
    \* Inserts at Drive Speed: Designing a Custom Storage Engine for Write-Mostly Applications
      Ben Haley (NetQoS)

These ISV / OEM sessions are  \*in addition to\* over 110 other sessions and in-depth tutorials
.  Hope to see you at the conference.

Wednesday Mar 11, 2009

MySQL Performance with Sun Flash SSD

Today, Sun officially announced Sun Flash Storage.  Why should people considers using SSDs?   Because they can improve performance, efficiency, cost, and reliability.  Find out more details here.

 As part of the announcement, some Sysbench read results of MySQL  5.1.28 (64-bit) with SSDs on Linux, Solaris, and OpenSolaris were included. Check out the highlights here (scroll down to the Database section).

Monday Mar 09, 2009

Benchmarking SugarCRM on MySQL and Solaris

Recently, one of my colleagues, Satish Vanga, gave a presentation at SugarCon 2009 on benchmarking SugarCRM on MySQL and Solaris.   Check out the presentation to get some performance tuning tips for Solaris, PHP, and MySQL with SugarCRM.

Friday Mar 06, 2009

Beta version of MySQL DB2 storage engine is released

A new pluggable storage engine has been developed specific to MySQL running in IBM i, V5R4 and V6R1 and is now available as a beta. This storage engine is The DB2 for i (IBMDB2I) Storage Engine for MySQL on IBM i. The IBMDB2I engine works with MySQL version 5.1.  Basically, the engine allows IBM i(formerly AS/400 or i5) users to run open source applications on the system i box using a DB2 backend.The beta version can be downloaded from here.  Find more information at

Wednesday Mar 04, 2009

Dolphin SuperSockets Speeds up MySQL (single node)

Recently, a Sun/MySQL engineer performed DBT2 benchmark tests with MySQL (not MySQL using SuperSockets-Linux and published the results he achieved on his blog:

Basically, he indicates that he achieved 10x speedup with DBT2 with SuperSockets loopback sockets.

Another blog entry to check out is:

The significant single node speedup results is caused by SuperSockets also being used for single node local communication. It should be noted that the same significant loopback speedup has been observed on Solaris.  So, this is a performance speedup for both Linux and Solaris.  

Friday Feb 27, 2009

Article: Using MySQL with Java

Are you a Java developer that needs help figuring out how to connect to a MySQL database using the Connector/J JDBC driver?  If so, check out this introductory article written by Giri Mandalika:

Wednesday Feb 25, 2009

Blueprint: MySQL Guide for Sun Storage 7000 Unified Storage System

Recently, Bill Aiken and Krish Shankar just published a paper on MySQL with AmberRoad:

It addresses:
- how the unified storage system can be used to share NFS and iSCSI file systems with MySQL database servers deployed on Sun SPARC® and x86 servers running the Solaris™ or Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 5.2 operating systems.
- how the built-in snapshot, clone, and rollback functionality of the Sun Storage 7000 unified storage systems can be used in conjunction with the MySQL database on these platforms.

Wednesday Feb 18, 2009

Blueprint: Running MySQL Database in Solaris Containers

Are you interested in learning more about how to run MySQL in Solaris Containers? Check out this blueprint written by Ritu Kamboj and Giri Mandalika.

 Note that the document goes through setting up containers, best practices, and special considerations.


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