Wednesday Jan 13, 2010

Zinnia Systems sees great performance of Zarada Revenue Management System on Sun Hardware with Solaris 10 and GlassFish

Recently, our ISV Engineering team in India did performance testing with Zinnia Systems' Zarada Revenue Management Systems on Sun systems, Solaris 10, and GlassFish.  These tests demonstrated excellence price performance and throughput.  See more information here.

Monday Jan 11, 2010

GlassFish ESB v2.2 now available

GlassFish ESB v2.2 is now available.  What's new in this release is:

  • Introducing the Healthcare Pack
  • Worklist Manager
  • REST Binding Component
  • Business Process Monitoring
  • POJO Service Engine
  • COBOL Copybook Encoder

You can download it at:

Updated collateral can be found at:

Friday Dec 11, 2009

GlassFish v3 Released

Yesterday, GlassFish v3 was released.  V3 is a major product release as it includes support for JavaEE 6, a new modular, OSGI-based architecture, and new sets of JCP specifications.

 If you are interested in learning more about GlassFish v3, you should attend the GlassFish v3 Virtual Conference on December 15th:  Check here for more details: 

More and more partners are moving to support GlassFish.  Check out our Partner Showcase.    Zinnia Systems was just one of the partners that participated in the launch yesterday.

Some other blogs of note on GlassFish v3 are:

Thursday Oct 29, 2009

GlassFish Enterprise Server v2.1.1 released

GlassFish Enterprise Server v2.1.1 has been released.   This version provides infrastructure support for the SailFin Application Server (Telco), contains about 170 bug fixes, and includes updates to several component packages including JSF, Grizzly, Jersey, and Open MQ.  You can refer to the GlassFish v2.1.1 page for details on the improvements that went into this release.  The bits for this release can be accessed as follows:



Monday Apr 20, 2009

Sun makes great strides with GlassFish and MySQL on SPECjAppServer2004 -- 2925.18 JOPS

Today, we released some new results for SPECjAppServer2004 that demonstrate Sun's leadership in price / performance.  Full details of the report can be found here.  The results we published achieved 2925.18 SPECjAppServer2004 JOPS@Standard using an all open source stack from Sun -- Glassfish , MySQL and OpenSolaris (with ZFS), on the new Sun / Intel Nehalem based servers.

Back in November 2008, we released a SPECjAppServer 2004 number of 1197.50 SPECjAppServer2004JOPS@Standard.This latest result, of 2925.18 SPECjAppServer2004 JOPS@Standard, is more than double that previous best.  In addition to pure performance improvements, this new results, which has a total cost of acquisition (HW + SW without support) of $38,880.00 (look here to see the full bill of materials) also has a lower price/performance than the previous result.    If you look at dollar / JOPS@Standard, the new result comes in at $13.29, while the result from November was $13.46 / JOPS@Standard.  If you include support, which factors in software costs, the dollar / JOPS@Standard is $26.95 (the full bill of materials can be found here).  In all aspects, Sun / MySQL are making strides to improve both price and performance of their stack.

Stay tuned as we will continue to demonstrate more leaps in this area.

 If you would like more specific details about this particular result, please check out Kevin and Tom's blogs.

Wednesday Apr 15, 2009

Sun and C-SAM Offer Mobile Banking Solution on MySQL and GlassFish

Recently, Sun Microsystems and C-SAM announced a mobile banking solution built on MySQL and GlassFish. Details can be found here:

Thursday Mar 19, 2009

Webinar: How to Develop MySQL-Backed Java Applications with Netbeans, JRuby-on-Rails & Glassfish

Thursday, March 26, 2009 at 10:00am Pacific, Arun Gupta, will show how to leverage Netbeans IDE to quickly and easily develop and deploy MySQL and Glassfish backed applications using the JRuby-on-Rails framework. Combining JRuby-on-Rails with the MySQL database and Glassfish application server allows developers to deliver highly scalable and robust applications for the Web in a complete and integrated stack in less time, reducing development cycles and lowering your COGS.  You can register for the webinar here.

Wednesday Oct 08, 2008

GlassFish ESB Milestone 2 available for download

GlassFish ESB is an enterprise service bus that leverages innovation from our open source community and our standards activity around both Java EE and JBI. GlassFish ESB heavily leverages three major open source communities: Project OpenESB, GlassFish and NetBeans to provide a single supported distribution suitable for enterprise deployments. To learn more about what GlassFish ESB is and why you would want to use it, go here

GlassFish ESBMilestone 2 is now available for download.  This release includes many improvements and bug fixes which are documented here.

 Expect the initial version of Glassfish ESB to ship towards the end of this calendar year.


Jennifer Glore


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