Java Technology Fundamentals Second Life Chat

The Java Fundamentals chat within Second Life was a Huge success! We had about 25 attendees, and everyone was enthusiastic with their questions. We had a great discussion. In case you missed it, I've posted it below with minor editing. Additionally, at the end is the information from the Note card that the attendees received. Here in this blog format, we cannot share the free virtual T-shirts that attendees also received.

There were some questions I was not able to answer, and those I've passed off to co-workers so that I can answer those questions in the future.

We will be having another Java Fundamentals chat Dec 5, Wed at 7PM, PST. Please join us to ask any questions you have about where and how you can learn the Java platform through Sun's resources.

Chat from Second Life:

[9:02] Heidi SunMicrosystems: Let's get started!
[9:02] Heidi SunMicrosystems: Good morning and welcome to SDN's chat on Java Fundamentals. I'm Heidi Dailey, Web Marketing Manager for Sun Developer Network
[9:03] Java Mug whispers: cup of Java from Sun Microsystems, Inc.
[9:03] Heidi SunMicrosystems: It's my great pleasure to introduce Dana Nourie, staff writer and web manager for
[9:03] Heidi SunMicrosystems: and a personal friend!
[9:03] Dana: Thank you, Heidi!
[9:03] Dana: And thanks to all of you for coming today!
[9:03] Heidi SunMicrosystems: To help the chat run smoothly we have a few guidelines. If you wish to ask a question enter "@" in your chat line. I will note that you have a question to ask. Please type your question in the chat line and wait for me to call on you to ask the question. When called, submit your question.
[9:03] Heidi SunMicrosystems: With that I'll turn it over to Dana.
[9:04] Heidi SunMicrosystems: :)
[9:04] Dana: Thanks so much for coming. I'm really thrilled to be here.
[9:04] Dana: I've been at Sun now for almost 9 years, working on the website.
[9:04] Duffy Lomu: Thanks.
[9:04] Dana: We noticed we had a good-sized audience of new developers, people new to Java technologies, so . ..
[9:05] Dana: we now have many resources available for you to learn about the Java platform.
[9:05] FLOSSGeek Raymond: fantastic
[9:05] Dana: The first is Java Fundamentals, a newsletter you can subscribe to through RSS.
[9:05] FLOSSGeek Raymond: ok
[9:05] Dana: We also have the New to Java Programming Center, and a number of other places.
[9:06] Heidi SunMicrosystems: Okay
[9:06] Heidi SunMicrosystems: Let's open the floor to questions.
[9:06] Heidi SunMicrosystems: Remember if you have a question type @
[9:06] FLOSSGeek Raymond: Could we have some URLs of these locations?
[9:06] Heidi SunMicrosystems: and I'll call you
[9:06] Heidi SunMicrosystems: Yes, Raymond
[9:06] Dana: Absolutely
[9:06] Heidi SunMicrosystems: We'll be passing out note cards
[9:06] Heidi SunMicrosystems: good questions!
[9:06] Heidi SunMicrosystems: during the chat :)
[9:07] Dana: We have a whole list of them for you.
[9:07] Erik Leominster: @
[9:07] Heidi SunMicrosystems: Go Erik
[9:07] Erik Leominster: I notice it's not yet possible to use Java here in-world, any plans to change that?
[9:07] FLOSSGeek Raymond: What is the best way to begin getting into this web techs and Ajax with java? As a beginner perspective, should I jump into web programming straight away or just stick with command line apps to start with?
[9:08] curiousman Abramovic: @ why Sun create website about Java learning? something off something like Java?
[9:08] Dana: For Ajax we do have a good resource page for you. Ajax is a good place to start with programming if you're new. Web programming of any kind is a good place for beginners to jump in.
[9:09] Heidi SunMicrosystems: Curious, please re ask your question
[9:09] Heidi SunMicrosystems: Go curious
[9:09] curiousman Abramovic: Why did sun create a new website about Java learning?
[9:09] FLOSSGeek Raymond: I'm not totally new to programming, I do Actionscript flash stuff at work but I don't like it as it is not open source
[9:10] Dana: Well, we didn't actually create a new site, we added to the old one. . .
[9:10] Heidi SunMicrosystems: Scooter, ask your question
[9:10] FLOSSGeek Raymond: I've always liked Java though, but don't know where to start of in the web area.
[9:10] Dana: The first site addressed more advanced developers, so I put together the New to Java Programming Center for beginners
[9:10] Scooter Back: I just started a JAVA class in college. I am a proficient PHP, Perl/CGI, and Bash scripting. What complications, if any, will I face while trying to learn the syntax of JAVA? And what similarities do you think will help me?
[9:11] FLOSSGeek Raymond: @sorry about that I wasn't aware of the "@" thing
[9:11] Dana: Java goes with scripts very well now! Be sure to download JDK 6, and NetBEans as you can use Java and scripting languages together now!
[9:11] Heidi SunMicrosystems: no worries
[9:11] Dana: Also check out JRuby and Java
[9:11] Heidi SunMicrosystems: Curious, you had a follow up question?
[9:11] Scooter Back: Yes, I grabbed NetBeans and have successfully compiled my first "hello world" program.
[9:11] Dana: Great!
[9:12] Dana: NetBeans saves a lot of coding time. Do check it out.
[9:12] curiousman Abramovic: Have you ever seen the MS tutorials on MSDN or Code4fun? Why doesn't Sun make something like those?
[9:12] Dana:
[9:12] Dana: We do have quite a lot of tutorials like those on other sites.
[9:12] curiousman Abramovic: @
[9:13] Java Mug whispers: cup of Java from Sun Microsystems, Inc.
[9:13] Heidi SunMicrosystems: go curious
[9:13] Dana: We have online tutorials, and articles.
[9:13] Dana: Be sure to check the JSC front page at least weekly.
[9:13] Dana: We also send out Tech Tips for intermediate programmers twice monthly. You can subscribe through RSS
[9:13] Scooter Back: Will do
[9:13] Croft Ashbourne: Sorry to jump in without putting my hand up, but.... Curiousman, are you asking why Sun hasn't made something like those? I'm not quite clear on your question, sorry.
[9:14] Scooter Back: thanks
[9:14] Heidi SunMicrosystems: Curious?
[9:14] curiousman Abramovic: yes, something that motivate new programmer, something that is well organized.
[9:15] curiousman Abramovic: take look at here its like a paragraph
[9:15] Dana: Yes, that is what the New to Java Programming Center does . . ..
[9:15] Dana: I have it organized by steps, but I am reorganizing it as well
[9:15] Dana: We also have the Java Tutorial, have you seen that?
[9:16] Heidi SunMicrosystems: I want to turn the tables a bit
[9:16] curiousman Abramovic: Yes, I have seen it
[9:16] Heidi SunMicrosystems: and ask you all what you level of Java experience is
[9:16] Heidi SunMicrosystems: are you all new to Java?
[9:16] Dana: There is a really good Java EE tutorial as well.
[9:16] Erik Leominster: No I'm not new.
[9:16] Jhonny Claxton: @what are disadvantage and the advantage of Java?
[9:17] FLOSSGeek Raymond: I wouldn't say new, but forgot a lot off it.
[9:17] Croft Ashbourne: I'm more of a mechanic, that is sysadmin, so my programming as a whole is fairly limited in scope.
[9:17] Dana: For Ajax:
[9:17] Dana: The advantages of Java are . . .
[9:17] Dana: that it's a fairly easy language to learn . . .
[9:17] Dana: that it is object oriented so well organized and easy to create objects and use them
[9:17] Dana: It's very popular, and now just as fast as any other language, and it's FREE.
[9:17] Dana: It's now Open Source, so you guys can add to the language as you learn
[9:17] Heidi SunMicrosystems: So not brand spanking new
[9:17] BertQuijalvo SunMicrosystems: I've been programming with Java for 10 years.
[9:17] FLOSSGeek Raymond: @thks
[9:17] Genji Nakajima: I'll be in Sun's Java class next week. The class for experienced programmers
[9:17] Heidi SunMicrosystems: Oh Bert!
[9:18] Siddhartha Fonda: Personally I've been programming with the SE for about 6 years now, but I've not yet had a business reason to use EE, although I'd like to, as well as curious about ME.
[9:18] Heidi SunMicrosystems: So we have a lot of experience folks in here.
[9:18] Heidi SunMicrosystems: Go JayR
[9:18] curiousman Abramovic: About your Java Map, it`s really great good job, why don't you implement that completely online?
[9:19] JayR Cela: Am I correct that Java is a runtime and if so how did you manage to speed it up?
[9:19] Dana: I believe it is implemented online. Maybe I don't understand what you mean.
[9:19] Dana: Our engineers are working on speeding up the runtime always. That is always and priority and we've seen huge improvement in just the last year.
[9:19] JayR Cela: Let me think on a way to rephrase that ? / i will try again later
[9:20] Heidi SunMicrosystems: Okay JayR
[9:20] Heidi SunMicrosystems: Next question?
[9:20] FLOSSGeek Raymond: @How are Sun dealing with .net its taking over my Uni
[9:20] Heidi SunMicrosystems: GO Jayr
[9:20] JayR Cela: OK, I believe I meant to ask or say is it an interpreted language?
[9:20] FLOSSGeek Raymond: @Its a shame Java is so much better
[9:21] Dana: I'm not sure what you mean by taking over your UNI? We are always seeking to improve Java and get it to do what developers need.
[9:21] JayR Cela: so is not necessarily... to be compiled
[9:21] FLOSSGeek Raymond: @The university I work for seem to be not teaching as much Java now and turning to .net
[9:21] Heidi SunMicrosystems: Folks, please be sure to use the @
[9:21] Heidi SunMicrosystems: before submitting your questions :)
[9:21] Heidi SunMicrosystems: and then wait for me to call you
[9:21] Dana: That's interesting as .net seems to have lost favor hugely in the professional world
[9:21] Heidi SunMicrosystems: that way we don't miss any
[9:22] Dana: I never learned .net, so I can't compare
[9:22] Heidi SunMicrosystems: Go Floss
[9:22] FLOSSGeek Raymond: Do you have any idea of the final release of NetBeans?
[9:22] FLOSSGeek Raymond: 6
[9:22] Dana: Yes, I believe on Dec 3rd
[9:22] Dana: I'm looking forward to it myself!
[9:22] Heidi SunMicrosystems: Yes.
[9:23] FLOSSGeek Raymond: great
[9:23] Dana: I love NetBeans!
[9:23] Dana: Anyone who has used GridBagLayout, loves NetBeans:-)
[9:23] Dana: Or any layout for that matter!
[9:23] Woody Jameson: I come to Java from 'C' so the language is no problem for me, but there are so many class libraries it's hard to know where to start. Any suggestions?
[9:23] Heidi SunMicrosystems: Go Woody
[9:24] Dana: Just focus on what it is you want to do, then look up the library you need for that one thing, then move to the next . . .
[9:24] Dana: otherwise, it can be really overwhelming
[9:24] FLOSSGeek Raymond: yes the APIs are overwhelming
[9:24] Heidi SunMicrosystems: flossgeek, you had another question?
[9:24] Dana: Play in NetBeans. Drag and Drop, then put functionality in your buttons and so forth
[9:24] FLOSSGeek Raymond: Is there any tutorials on using the APIs more effectively?
[9:25] Dana: Well, you know, not really. I think that's a good Idea and I will look into that further.
[9:25] Heidi SunMicrosystems: Amadeo, go!
[9:26] Amadeo Spinotti: Would NetBeans 6 support Jboss Seam 2 projects in any way?
[9:26] Dana: That I don't know. Do a search on the NetBeans site for JBoss, and see what comes up.
[9:27] Heidi SunMicrosystems: I'll look into it further and get back to you
[9:27] Duffy Lomu: I think I have seen demos in NetBeans using seams on the web
[9:27] Heidi SunMicrosystems: Curious, your turn
[9:27] curiousman Abramovic: Can we say Java is a great platform for just Enterprise platform? And it`s loosing desktop and web platform?
[9:27] Dana: It is a great Enterprise platform, but it's also great for the desktop now too!
[9:28] Dana: The GUI runs very fast these days, and is super easy to put together.
[9:28] Heidi SunMicrosystems: Zarl, go ahead
[9:28] Zarl Wunderlich: Apple did not ship a Java 6 version with OSX 10.5. Does sun have any plans to release a Java version for OSX ?
[9:28] Dana: I don't know. I will look into it, and put a link in the New to Java Center when I find out, so keep checking.
[9:28] Heidi SunMicrosystems: Good question
[9:29] Heidi SunMicrosystems: Flossgeek, you are up
[9:29] FLOSSGeek Raymond: JavaFX, what exactly does Sun want to achieve with it, will it compete with the Flash engine?
[9:30] Dana: We are working hard on the JavaFX family. We do have tutorials out now, but as far as what it is going to compete with, I'm not exactly sure.
[9:30] Dana: It is gaining in popularity greatly and developers are having fun with it.
[9:30] Heidi SunMicrosystems: That is a good question.
[9:30] Heidi SunMicrosystems: We will be holding another JavaFX chat in the new year.
[9:30] Heidi SunMicrosystems: please stay tuned for that
[9:30] Heidi SunMicrosystems: Curious!
[9:30] FLOSSGeek Raymond: thanks
[9:31] Heidi SunMicrosystems: While we are waiting
[9:31] Heidi SunMicrosystems: ]I want to ask if you use the java forums to network with other developers
[9:32] Heidi SunMicrosystems: If not, would it interest you?
[9:32] Heidi SunMicrosystems: Or do you have another way to network that you find more appealing?
[9:33] Erik Leominster: I'm sorry, which forums are you referring to?
[9:33] Croft Ashbourne: I think that may just answer the question? ;)
[9:33] Dana:
[9:33] Heidi SunMicrosystems: Anybody else?
[9:33] Heidi SunMicrosystems: For him, yes
[9:33] FLOSSGeek Raymond: I actually prefer mailing lists
[9:33] Heidi SunMicrosystems: So newsletters?
[9:33] Dana: The Java forums are a great place for you to taking programming questions to and get answers from developers
[9:34] Heidi SunMicrosystems: bulletins/tech tips?
[9:34] Domchi Underwood: I usually ask questions in appropriate mailing list / web forum etc as my questions are usually with specific framework ... say Spring. :) Java newsgroup is great, but too much traffic mostly.
[9:34] Dana: Fundamentals teaches the basics of Java programming
[9:34] Heidi SunMicrosystems: Ah, ok
[9:34] Heidi SunMicrosystems: Curious go ahead
[9:34] Dana: Tech Tips teaches intermediate coding
[9:34] Dana: Enterprise Tech Tips teaches the enterprise
[9:35] Dana: They're really great learning tools and you can subscribe through RSS or visit the site to read online
[9:35] Dana: And they're free but worth a million
[9:35] Heidi SunMicrosystems: Curious?
[9:35] Dana: JavaFX:
[9:36] Heidi SunMicrosystems: Okay, go flossgeek
[9:36] FLOSSGeek Raymond: Is the forums available as mailing list as well?
[9:36] Dana: No, but I believe you can sign up for email notifications
[9:36] FLOSSGeek Raymond: ok
[9:36] Scooter Back: @
[9:36] Heidi SunMicrosystems: Go Scooter
[9:36] Dana: I also want to be sure you folks know about Tech Days
[9:37] Dana: It's a world traveling conference where you can learn in person for two days in certain cities
[9:36] Scooter Back: Are there forums on the site that are oriented for the new guy like myself?
[9:37] Dana: Yes, the New to Java Forum is the link I posted:
[9:37] Dana:
[9:37] Java Mug whispers: cup of Java from Sun Microsystems, Inc.
[9:37] Scooter Back: got it, thanks
[9:37] Heidi SunMicrosystems: Go JayR
[9:37] JayR Cela: all this free stuff and open source in general / what is the business model , and how does Sun Micro determine the ROI on giving all these tools away
[9:38] Heidi SunMicrosystems: Hey Rikart!
[9:38] Dana: Sun does also sell services and you can pay for online classes, CD tutorials, and in person Java courses
[9:38] Dana: And of course we sell servers!
[9:38] JayR Cela: lol / ok / good answer
[9:38] Heidi SunMicrosystems: go zarl
[9:39] FLOSSGeek Raymond: The open source model is a service one not a product selling
[9:39] Zarl Wunderlich: Is there an "official" statement from Sun about the Google Android phone project ? Its using Java as the developing language, but not the VM or the ME APIs
[9:39] Dana: There may be but I'm sorry, I don't know
[9:39] Heidi SunMicrosystems: Absolutely
[9:39] Dana: It sounds like maybe we should do a Java mobility chat one day???
[9:39] Siddhartha Fonda: Oh, I'd be interested in that
[9:39] Croft Ashbourne: - pretty solid insight into what the company is doing. From where I'm sitting it seems like Sun is going to be focusing heavily on providing services... but of course I'm just another Sun customer speculating.
[9:39] Heidi SunMicrosystems: on the calendar
[9:40] Heidi SunMicrosystems: go Erik
[9:40] Erik Leominster: Why is Sun here in SL, and is it working?
[9:40] Dana: We have a whole site on mobility if that is the area you want to focus on
[9:40] Dana:
[9:41] Fiona May is Online
[9:41] Heidi SunMicrosystems: So here's a question for you
[9:41] Heidi SunMicrosystems: would you all be interested in Java Courses taught in second life in a virtual classroom
[9:42] FLOSSGeek Raymond: yes
[9:42] FLOSSGeek Raymond: very much so
[9:42] Woody Jameson: Yep
[9:42] Domchi Underwood: YES! :)
[9:42] Scooter Back: absolutely!!!
[9:42] curiousman Abramovic: yes
[9:42] Scooter Back: raises both hands!
[9:42] Erik Leominster: sure!
[9:42] curiousman Abramovic: cool
[9:42] Heidi SunMicrosystems: Okay
[9:42] Dana: Me too!
[9:42] FLOSSGeek Raymond: lol
[9:42] Heidi SunMicrosystems: We get the picture loud and clear
[9:42] Siddhartha Fonda: \*SMASH\* OH YEAH!!!
[9:43] Scooter Back: Sheesh, I'd even build a classroom on my land! lol
[9:43] Siddhartha Fonda: me too
[9:43] Fiona May: we have the classrooms
[9:43] Heidi SunMicrosystems: Okay so we can count on y'all to show up
[9:43] Scooter Back: make a group, so we can be aware of events like that
[9:43] Heidi SunMicrosystems: Join the Sun Developer Network group
[9:43] Scooter Back: well there ya go!
[9:43] Heidi SunMicrosystems: you'll be in the loop on all chats, events, classes
[9:44] Heidi SunMicrosystems: parties, conferences
[9:44] Heidi SunMicrosystems: the whole thing
[9:44] Heidi SunMicrosystems: :)
[9:44] Domchi Underwood: Post the thing in events...
[9:44] curiousman Abramovic: great
[9:45] curiousman Abramovic: What`s your plan for WPF and Vista Platform? and how do you compete WPF?
[9:45] Dana: I'm sorry, that is out of my area. I just focus on teaching the Java platform to developers.
[9:46] Heidi SunMicrosystems: And she does a great job at it too
[9:46] curiousman Abramovic: thanks :-)
[9:46] Heidi SunMicrosystems: Siddhartha, your question
[9:46] Siddhartha Fonda: Ok I was curious if there a tool to aid in migrating up versions, like we are on 4 and I need to move to 5 and possibly 6
[9:46] Siddhartha Fonda: Like say, something I can run against my code to tell me what I need to change
[9:46] Dana: Yes, we have a whole site dedicated to that. I'll get the URL for you. . .
[9:47] Dana: Upgrade:
[9:46] Siddhartha Fonda: SE I'm talking here
[9:47] Siddhartha Fonda: sweet
[9:47] Heidi SunMicrosystems: Go curious
[9:47] curiousman Abramovic: Are you going to update the Java Map?
[9:47] Dana: What part of it needs to be updated?
[9:47] Dana: Do you have a link so I can be sure we're talking about the same map?
[9:47] curiousman Abramovic: about JavaME and Add Java FX
[9:48] Dana: Ah, I will check and make sure those are added. Yes!
[9:48] Dana: Thanks
[9:48] Heidi SunMicrosystems: Next question?
[9:48] Siddhartha Fonda: @
[9:48] curiousman Abramovic: Thanks
[9:48] Heidi SunMicrosystems: Go Siddhartha
[9:49] Siddhartha Fonda: Thanks Heidi, I'm about to embark on studying for SCJP, it's currently on java 5, what is the time line for upgrading that exam to 6?
[9:49] JayR Cela: @
[9:49] Siddhartha Fonda: ok cool, thanks
[9:49] Dana: I'll have to check on that. I don't know.
[9:49] Heidi SunMicrosystems: and I'll get you the info
[9:50] JayR Cela: how does Java compete with or can it be used together with MONO? the reason I ask this is that LL plans to integrate Mono into LSL / any thoughts on this issue?
[9:50] Fiona May: JayR we are currently in dialog with LL over various topics this is one of them
[9:50] Dana: Hmm, I'm afraid I don't know what MONO is so I can't say.
[9:51] Heidi SunMicrosystems: any comment on JayR's question?
[9:51] JayR Cela: Mono is basically a scripting language
[9:51] FLOSSGeek Raymond: I thought Mono was a language like C# from Novell
[9:51] JayR Cela: O.S. and cross platform
[9:52] JayR Cela: Fiona / thank you
[9:52] Scooter Back: I have so many questions, but I don't know how to word them. I'm so new to Java that I don't know what I can't do! lol
[9:52] Dana: Scooter, I recommend that you start by reading Fundamentals, and looking through the New to Java center to get familiar with the terminology.
[9:53] Dana: Also be sure to read through the Java forums to see the typical problems new developers have with Java.
[9:52] Domchi Underwood: Any chance of Java/Swing on a prim? O :)
[9:52] Heidi SunMicrosystems: Scooter: use the resources on the card you were given to start out
[9:52] Croft Ashbourne: Fwiw, off Wikipedia and about Linden Labs and LSL: "The new engine executing scripts uses Mono (the open source implementation of the Microsoft .NET framework) as the virtual machine for scripts running on the servers."
[9:52] Fiona May: for those of you who do not know what mono is this may help: Mono is a project led by Novell (formerly by Ximian) to create an Ecma standard compliant .NET compatible set of tools, including among others a C# compiler and a Common Language Runtime. Mono can be run on Linux, BSD, UNIX, Mac OS X, Solaris and Windows operating systems.
[9:53] Croft Ashbourne grins
[9:53] Heidi SunMicrosystems: I have one last question for you
[9:53] Heidi SunMicrosystems: If/when we do classes in world what would you want to see taught?
[9:53] FLOSSGeek Raymond: OOP
[9:54] Dana: You can always email me too, so I can point you to an online article or tutorial
[9:54] Scooter Back: agrees, OOP
[9:54] curiousman Abramovic: OOP
[9:54] Siddhartha Fonda: J2EE beginner
[9:54] curiousman Abramovic: OOP Fundamentals
[9:54] Siddhartha Fonda: J2ME beginner
[9:54] Domchi Underwood: Beginner Java - I think there's a lot of interest in that.
[9:54] Dana: We have a wonderful Java EE tutorial online
[9:54] FLOSSGeek Raymond: and Web
[9:54] Siddhartha Fonda: Java with XML and AJAX
[9:54] Dana: Yes, Java EE is great. Start small like with servlets and JavaServer Pages.
[9:54] Dana: Yes, and you can add XML and a
[9:54] Dana: Ajax
[9:55] Dana: NetBeans can build a good website now.
[9:55] Dana: I'll be writing a tutorial on that, but their site has some good tutorials too
[9:55] Scooter Back: is NetBeans WYSIWYG?
[9:55] Dana: Yes!
[9:55] Dana: But you can also go into code mode if you don't like that
[9:55] Teleport-Beam 1.1a14: Thank you for using HPC-Teleporter-System.
[9:56] Siddhartha Fonda: You're right, the tutorials are a great place to start -- I personally would get more out of a class that, say, teaches how to build a sample app, or discusses advanced aspects of some particular topic.
[9:56] Scooter Back: See how new I am! lol
[9:56] Siddhartha Fonda: I keep forgetting about the tutorials. LOL
[9:56] Dana: We do have classes, and I put that link in your Note
[9:56] Heidi SunMicrosystems: Scooter, we are here to help!
[9:56] Heidi SunMicrosystems: Folks, we are coming up on the hour
[9:56] Scooter Back: That I realize, or I would have been laughed out of here
[9:56] Dana: Also, in Fundamentals I advertise web, CD, and in person courses you can take through Sun
[9:56] Heidi SunMicrosystems: Is there any last question?
[9:57] Heidi SunMicrosystems: Burning thought?
[9:57] curiousman Abramovic: Is there any meeting?
[9:57] Scooter Back: @ last one, I promise
[9:57] Heidi SunMicrosystems: How do you mean?
[9:57] Scooter Back: Are there tutors available, so while I'm taking my class, I can ask someone live?
[9:57] Siddhartha Fonda: I just have one last suggestion -- do more of these sessions!:)
[9:57] Heidi SunMicrosystems: Go Scooter
[9:57] Heidi SunMicrosystems: Sidd...stay tuned! Two chats next week
[9:58] Heidi SunMicrosystems: One with Dana, one focus group with Me!
[9:58] Siddhartha Fonda: awesome Heidi!
[9:58] Dana: There isn't a live chat resource, but you can look stuff online on the website
[9:58] JayR Cela: I agree / more of these is a wonderful idea :_)
[9:58] Fiona May: go Heidi!!!!!!!!!
[9:58] Heidi SunMicrosystems: Domchi, go ahead
[9:58] Domchi Underwood: Anything you are allowed to say on talks with LL?
[9:58] Croft Ashbourne: I have one too, that isn't at all Java related... move all the partner training stuff in here so I can run SL at work and have a legitimate reason to do so. ;)
[9:58] Heidi SunMicrosystems: Fiona?
[9:59] Croft Ashbourne: My comment was quite tongue in cheek, so feel free to ignore it.
[9:59] Fiona May: I wish Croft
[9:59] Heidi SunMicrosystems: Can we talk about our talks with LL?
[9:59] Heidi SunMicrosystems: Time is up
[9:59] Dana: I'm really thrilled with your questions. I can take these back to my group so we can continue helping you in learning Java
[9:59] Fiona May: Actually its a much more fun environment - I wish I could
[9:59] Heidi SunMicrosystems: I want to thank Dana for joining us
[9:59] Dana: Please do join us again
[9:59] Fiona May: lobby your Sun account managers
[9:59] Heidi SunMicrosystems: I want to thank all of you for attending
[9:59] Dana: Thank you Heidi. IT was fun!
[9:59] FLOSSGeek Raymond: thanks
[10:00] Heidi SunMicrosystems: and I want to remind you to join the SUn Developer Network group here in SL
[10:00] JayR Cela: thank you Dana / and Heidi
[10:00] Heidi SunMicrosystems: We'll be heading over to Club Java for a post chat meet n' greet
[10:00] Heidi SunMicrosystems: all are welcome
[10:00] Siddhartha Fonda: thanks Dana, thanks Heidi
[10:00] Croft Ashbourne: Yes, thanks, this was a nice experience. Do it again and I'll grab a few of the real Java-heads at work and have them show up.
[10:00] Heidi SunMicrosystems: Terrific!
[10:00] Dana: The more the merrier!
[10:00] Heidi SunMicrosystems: Depending on my day.
[10:00] Heidi SunMicrosystems: LOL
[10:00] Heidi SunMicrosystems: Transcripts available in next 24 hours
[10:01] Scooter Back: I don't want to leave
[10:01] Heidi SunMicrosystems: Then come on over to Club Java
[10:01] LaureenHudson SunMicrosystems: Heidi, where's Club Java?
[10:01] Heidi SunMicrosystems: I'll tp you
[10:01] Fiona May: one moment we will send landmarks
[10:01] Scooter Back: cool
[10:01] Cygnus Theater: Requesting teleport-list... Please wait, Genji Nakajima...
[10:01] Christopher Carter: who ever needs a LM for club java just let Me know
[10:01] FLOSSGeek Raymond: me
[10:01] Yornifer Miles: Hey Fiona...hey Chris! :)
[10:01] Scooter Back: me
[10:02] curiousman Abramovic: Thanks, great experience
[10:02] Fiona May: Hey Yornifer
[10:02] LaureenHudson SunMicrosystems: Thanks RichardNg!

Note card given to attendees:

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