Monday Mar 16, 2015

Do I still need Exadata now I have Oracle Database In-Memory?

Over the last few weeks I’ve been meeting with Oracle customers all across Europe to discuss Oracle Database In-Memory. During these discussions there was a common concern raised by nearly everyone I spoke to, “Do I still need Exadata now that I have Oracle Database In-Memory?”. So I thought it would be a good idea to address this question once and for all here on the blog.

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Tuesday Feb 24, 2015

Upcoming Events

I'm lucky enough to be involved in a number of conferences and In-Memory workshops in March. Below are details on the sessions I will be presenting. I hope you have an opportunity to check out some of these sessions if you plan to attend these events!

  • March 13th - Oracle Database In-Memory Workshop - Ordina headquarters in Nieuwegein
    This workshop explains in detail how Oracle Database In-Memory works and will demonstrate just how much performance improvements you can expect. We will also discuss how it integrates with Oracle’s existing performance features, including the Optimizer, indexes, materialized views, and the Exadata platform.
  • March 18th - Database Innovation Online Forum
    The Database Innovation Online Forum is the perfect opportunity to attend a number of excellent database presentations without having to leave your office. I'll be presenting Oracle Database In-Memory: Top Five Things You Need to know.
  • March 19th - OUG Ireland 2015 - Croke Park, Dublin
    The OUG Ireland is a one day conference packed with interesting sessions delivered by a variety of speakers, including end users, suppliers and Oracle. I will be presenting Oracle Database In-Memory: The Next Big Thing at 4:50pm.
  • March 20th - Oracle Database In-Memory Workshop - Jury's Inn Custom House
    The OUG Ireland Oracle Database In-Memory Workshop  will cover how Oracle Database In-Memory works and will demonstrate just how much performance improvements you can expect.
I hope to see you at one of these events!

Monday Feb 23, 2015

Release of Oracle Database In-Memory Advisor

Today Oracle released the new Oracle Database In-Memory Advisor (In-Memory Advisor). The goal of this advisor is to identify analytic workloads that will benefit from Oracle Database In-Memory.

The In-Memory Advisor identifies analytic workloads by analyzing Active Session History (ASH) and AWR data. It differentiates analytic processing from other database activity, based upon SQL plan cardinality, use of parallel query, and other statistics.

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Monday Feb 16, 2015

Getting started with Oracle Database In-Memory Part V - Aggregation

When most people think about Oracle Database In-Memory (Database In-Memory), the first thing that comes to mind is super fast scanning and filtering operations. But what you may not know is Database In-Memory also includes many SQL optimizations designed to accelerate star and snowflake type queries. We refer to this collection of SQL optimizations as In-Memory Aggregation (IMA). IMA is typically 3-10x faster than ‘conventional’ plans, and that’s in addition to the improvements provided by scanning and filtering the data via the In-Memory column store (IM column store).

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Friday Jan 09, 2015

Oracle Database In-Memory Certified with EBS 12.2

We have great news! Oracle Database In-Memory is now certified with E-Business Suite 12.2.2 and higher, as part of the Oracle Database patchset certification. You can get more details on the certification on the E-Business Suite Technology blog.

Database In-Memory was already certified with E-Business Suite 12.1 along with JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Database Server. More information on Oracle Database In-Memory certification can be found on the MOS certify page.

Tuesday Jan 06, 2015

AskTom Interview on Oracle Database In-Memory

Happy New Year to all of our reads!

We have a ton of great blog posts that we are working on for the new year. While you wait for the new blog series to begin, you can check out all of the fun I had being interviewed by Tom Kyte for the AskTom column in the Oracle Magazine January issue on Oracle Database In-Memory. 

Huge thanks to Tom for inviting me to participate in this article. Happy Reading!

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